Addiction is usually known as bad habits. But another type of addiction is like Shivaji Maharaja addicted with good governance, Swami Vivekananda addicted to the knowledge, Mahatma Gandhi got addicted freedom for India, Dr. Ambedakar addicted with backward class safety and Newton addicted to the research etc. But now a day Indian youths addicted to the various things like Drinking, Smoking and Drugs etc.

India is second most populous country in the world with over 1.3 billion people. India has more than 65% of its population below the age of 35. Average age of Indian is 30 years where as china is 37 years. So we can call India is the youngest country in the world. Then what is the reason behind India is lacking in world growth? And straight forward reason is that addiction of Indian youths.

Various data and WHO report saying that more than 35% youths start drinking alcohol and smoking from the age of 19 years. This percentage increased in the urban area. It’s very dangerous because youths are backbone of India’s development. I personally observed that how students get habituate with such things, especially college students. They demanded money from guardians taking the issue of college expenditure, guardians easily endorse for sake of students. They expend this money on temporary voluptuary life. For this responsible points are indulge, concomitance and neglecting etc. We must be keeping this point under the control if you want bright future for this country as well as themselves.


Important thing is that “A Thousand people stop smoking every day, by dying

Smoking is a common way to cope up stress but do we need such mechanisms?

Drugs are another violence type of addiction, especially this is observed in Punjab state as measure problem of youth’s development. Government saying that they have control on drugs but in reality there is nothing. Drugs directly affect the mind. It can be distort user perception, Therefore every youth must be aware from drugs effect.

The new era introduced some special type of addictions like Whats app, Facebook and Twitter etc. we are going to mute real conversations and getting happy with virtual communication. It is unacceptable fact. I want to request please be in control for social media. Another most famous addiction is selfimenia for momentary joy. Many youths have lost their life for few comments and like on the selfie. Girls are leading to such addictions.

Addiction of selfies is way too dangerous to life. It has thrills but it definitely kills!

India is socially active country. If in a family young person is drinking then society never gives respect to that family. They lost self-respect as well. About the drinking are several superstitions like we will get good health, we can keep disease away and feel stress free etc. but no any scientific evidence can prove it. So we must be think over it and aware from meaningless canard about addiction. Another argument is that, in the foreign country no such rules and regulations. No it’s wrong because U.S prohibited alcohol for youths. Although the minimum legal age to purchase alcohol is 21. But in India political leaders boosted to such things, we observed during elections. Now youths have responsibility to change this nation into developed country.

“We can do it, but we must be aware from bad addictions”

Udta Punjab, moreover Udta INDIA?

If we really interested to make our country hegemonic then control to addiction plays vital role. Elsewhere we will remains on pages only. And control to such things is not only role of government but also pleasure of all Indian youths.