An India with Independent thoughts

As we all celebrate 70 years of independence, I would like to make you all think “How much Independent are we actually?” By being independent here I mean to have an independent mind and thoughts. Thoughts which are for our nation, thoughts which will change our nation in a good way. I have seen people getting influenced by their friends, family members and then have a perception about our society, culture and our nation. People revolt because they see others doing it. What I feel is that each and every individual should have their own thoughts and ideas; unbiased.

It’s very easy to blame our leaders. I don’t say that they are good or for that matter I don’t have any opinion for them. Who are we to blame others? We blame them for corruption, crime, inflation and every other thing possible but trust me it all starts with us! We need to ask ourselves that as a citizen what have we done or what are we doing? By saying this I obviously don’t expect anything great from us but gestures as small as

switching OFF lights and fans when not in use
saving water
not wasting food
not having any kind of hatred towards any caste or creed
And above all loving all our fellow citizens.

2016 - 1
I know this all sounds very cliché but I also know that not all of us are doing it on a daily basis. We need to be an ideal citizen first and then only we have the right to expect from others or blame others. Always remember that a better India starts from you and changing yourself is the first and the biggest change that you can bring. Our nation is the largest democracy with over 100 languages being spoken in our country everything becomes difficult but not impossible. Every change which you want will happen, it’ll take time and trust me all our efforts are worth it.

So, lets just stop cribbing about the things which we don’t have and start taking proud in what we are. Let’s be proud of our diverse culture and let’s stand united; let’s be so strong and united that no force in this world can bring us any harm and let’s fight against all the odds together. Let’s be good and do good to our nation in every way possible.
India has my heart. I was born here and I’ll die here and I’ll do everything I could for my nation. I am a proud Indian!
Happy Independence Day! ????

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