The Irritating “Occasional” Independent Patriots

The Independence day is coming to an end and you might be done with all your forward messages and be done with the one third of your patriotism of 2016. The other two third of patriotism strikes with the Republic Day and with release of some good patriotic movies.

15th of August, The Independence day. This and 26th January are indeed the proudest days for anyone as an Indian. But for most of us, they also happen to be the most frustrating. The day doesn’t even begin and you start getting those ‘forwards’. The problem begins when these forwards are just too much over exaggerated and over fantasized. Moreover, you receive them them from the most unexpected people, those, who normally won’t even stand properly for the National Anthem which hardly lasts for a minute, 52 seconds to be precise, boasting about their so called ‘love’ and ‘respect’ for the nation which lasts for just a day. Well, as you’re taking your time to read this, I’m sure there will be at least 4-5 idiots spitting, urinating in the public even when they have toilets at their disposal. Some arsehole would be trying to grope a woman. Even in the audience gathered to watch the Independence Day Parade, some douche bag would have tried his hand at molestation.


We buy flags, maybe badges or something patriotic, but are we really doing our bit towards the betterment of the nation? With time we’ll all see how much we really respect the nation. The forwards, the (pseudo) patriotism, it’s all just for the day. I guarantee there will be flags lying on the roads tomorrow, and we’d see for ourselves how we’ll do that which is our duty. By this, I’m NOT disrespecting the nation. Even today many of us don’t even know the importance and history behind the day. The day doesn’t just demand people to gather at a place, rather we need to come ahead and make resolution of making every bit of our contribution for the betterment of the country. India is what we make of it. So go out there, do what you’re good at and contribute to the nation’s progress. This is just to hit out at all those pseudo patriots and cheapos who bring disgrace to the nation even on this day. At least respect the land that gave you jobs and security, the land that safeguards your kids’ future, the land for which thousands sacrificed their lives and the land which continues to be one of the richest cultures of the world till date.


This is also the day on which we get few of republic day wishes. So there are people who seriously don’t know the difference between republic and independence. I would take a moment to thanks Hike messenger app for their annoying stickers for every occasions. The guy who you don’t know from ever strikes you with all kind of patriotic stickers this day. When you switch to Whatsapp and facebook, there are people who want the tricolor to be in each and every inbox by 26th January or may be reach a goal of 1,00,00,000 likes. If you ignore this than you deserve a place in Pakistan because India is no more a place for you.

Those who are true and abiding to their duties towards the nation, you’re doing a great job! And BTW a grand salute for the armed forces of India.


Pikapost wishes the citizens of this beautiful country a Happy Independence Day and hopes that the largest democracy in the world touches new heights.