LISTEN – Pariyon Ki Rani, A soothing hindi song dedicated to womanhood – Visvik

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How much do we appreciate the ladies in our lives? Be it our mother or sister a friend, who is always there to support us, to guide us. Despite this much contribution to the society these ladies often get mistreated. There are these heinous crime against women, which in fact are crime against humanity. Right from girl child deaths to dowry extortions, from marital rape to rape in the open. There are many miseries. Despite these excruciating circumstances women tend to smile, they smile. We all find silver-linings, don’t we?

A friend of mine, Vishal Singh Vikram decided to embrace the womanhood in the best way he could come up with, a song. With some sleepless nights and laborious day work he was able to write down lyrics of a mesmerising song, he titled it “Pariyon ki Rani” (Queen of angeles).

With a great euphonic voice of himself what he did was stepped into a studio and recorded the song. I had a chance to hear him before the recording and GOD! I had an urgent bro-crush on him. Lyrics are this magical.


The description of his song reads :

This song is dedicated to every girl/woman around us!
According to the NCRB 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these 24,470 were committed by SOMEONE KNOWN TO THE VICTIM.

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Here is what the sensation behind Pariyon ki rani, Visivik aka Vishal Singh Vikram has to say :

I’m not a professional singer but I’m trying something for all women out there. Hope you all like this song! Follow my channel if you think this is a heart touching video song. If there is anything wrong in it then do comment in your suggestions so that I can improve my next video song with your help. Thank You!

What a humble gesture, despite making a wonder he is asking everyone’s help to make his future songs better. You go Visivik we are waiting for your next song.

Gangster Yadav – The new BHOJPURI RAP SENSATION. Yes, you heard it right.

Music has developed through hundreds of years through different flow which has seen Pop stars, Ghazal specialists, Classical, Blues, and Rock. Maybe the most prominent or slanting being Rap music which has graced its capable nearness in Film Industries, Music Videos, and Songs.

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Till now you were seeing the astounding Punjabi tunes with of Yo Honey Singh originally known as Hirdesh Singh and Badshah originally known as Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia contributing with their absolute entirety to touch the lives of their fans, however now, Bhojpuri music industry has his own star in creation.

YES! We are discussing as of late discharged a melody by Gangster Yadav otherwise known as Chandan Rai. He has gotten a tempest the Bhojpuri music industry where each huge music chief and maker is discussing him. This person has given FIRST HINDI – BHOJPURI RAP SONG to the business which got viral in a couple of hours of dispatch.

Till now individuals were streaming in the tunes of Bohemia, Honey Singh, and Badshah however now, this person is by all accounts a developing rivalry to these enormous names. OHH YES! You heard it right.

Individuals have as of now began discussing his entrance in Bollywood and are sitting tight for his hit rap numbers in Bhojpuri driven films like Dabangg, Gangs of Wasseypur, PK, and comparable up and coming tasks.

It appears to be presently Bhojpuri music beaus have deeply inhaled diminishing seeing this great looking and super rapper taking the business in another heading. It is essentially remarkable the way rap society is in effect smoothly acknowledged by genuine rap cherishing music fans who comprehend the essence of rap and Bhojpuri mix, the ideal mixed drink to give the best kick which is certain to stay and fulfill you to feel and get high.

Bhojpuri music is getting restored, and you can notice the freshness it brings to the table and the unadulterated fragrance that humours one in a sentiment satisfaction, a quest for some fine Bhojpuri rap music which is both mitigating and that specific component of warmth to flavor up your life which may somehow or another be dull and exhausting.

Yadav new Hindi Bhojpuri Rap tune is a genuine case of changing society of Bhojpuri music Industry and has set another point of interest ever.

Music has no restrictions, and it goes from the heart of the artist or rapper and to a great many souls or hearts it touches. Music is peace, and music is reflection and music are that force with which one finds their way once more into the life which all streets may seem to close. There can’t be a parallel type of delight to express the ascent of Bhojpuri society in an honor winning Bollywood motion pictures and with legends of Rap music making their wicked (addictive) commitment to make the ears go insane and appreciate moving to the rapping astounding music remix which is genuinely mind blowing.


In India as well as individuals over the world from different ethnicity are grasping Bhojpuri music wholeheartedly consequently demonstrating commentators with insights that Bhojpuri music is going to command the universe of Music and the Rap Cult soon. Appreciate the most recent in Bhojpuri Music, the Bhojpuri Rap Song Remixes and be a piece of the history in making!

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10 amazing sports facts

INDIA is the country with crazy people who would love sports to the core of their heart.
Here you will find some really interesting facts about Indian sports which will amazed you for sure.

1.Hockey is the national sports of INDIA.



yupp,Its a sarcasm and one would find nothing new in this fact but with an advent of time and its recent offhanded outing hockey in India has lost its shine. However it’s a game that took India on to the world stage.From 1928 to 1956 the Indian hockey team won six straight olympic gold medals while winning 24 consecutive
matches.During this golden era india scored 178 goals conceding only 7 in the process.Also has won the
hockey titile a maximum of 8 times.In today’s date how hockey is being treated as our national sports in
india is sheer inglorious.

2.Prakash Padukone’s amazing record



Although today whole nation is praising PV Sindhu for her silver victory in olympics but Prakash Padukone is the first indian to win All England Badminton Chamionship.He won all the England
open title in 1980 with a victory over Liew Swie King of Indonesia.After his match against his idol Rudy
Hartono at the 1980 Swedish Open,he said:”I could have beaten him with15-0 in that last game but I
couldn’t do that to my idol ,I conceded a point and finished the game.”

3.The Indian National Kabaddi team has won all world cups held yet.


India has won all 5 men’s kabaddi world cups held till now and have been undefeated through these
tournaments .The Indian women’s team has also won all kabaddi world cups held till date.These efforts
of indian kabaddi players have flourished Indian sports entertainment with popular tournaments like

4.Richie Rich IPL

images (33)

According to the Forbes magazine IPL is 2nd richest sports league after the National Basketball
Association (NBA) of USA.

5.India-only nation who has grabbed all forms of cricket world cup.



INDIA is the only nation to have won the 60 over ,50 over and 20 over world cup.
60-overs – 1983
50-overs – 2011
20-overs – 2007

6.I M VIJAYAN scored one of the fastest goals in international football history.


The three times Indian player of the year and Arjuna award winner scored A GOAL in 11seconds against
BHUTAN in the 1999 SAF games .It is one of the fastest goal in International Football.

7.Mary Kom’s parents came to know about her boxing interest through a newspaper Mary-Kom-5-Time-World-Champion-Women-Boxer-1

As boxing was not considered to be an appropriate sport for a women in her family, Mary Kom tried her
passion for the sport. But after she won the Manipur states championship a local newspaper published
her photo which her father saw and this is how he came to know about her boxing interests.

8.SACHIN TENDULKAR once happened to play for Pakistan.

Oct 1989: Portrait of Sachin Tendulkar of India.

Yes its strange,but true, that Sachin Tendulkar has onced played for pakistan before he started playing
for India!! This incident took place during a practise match between the rival nations INDIA and
PAKISTAN at the Brebourne stadium in 1987.Tendulkar came onto the field as a substitute fielder for

9.104 years ago,Mohan Bagan’s real life lagaan moment changed Indian history . mohunbagansportskeeda700_1438173025

This is one of the greatest achievement of Indian Football that most people don’t know about. This is
fascinating story of how Mohan Bagan had their lagaan moment on july 29,1911 against the East
Yorkshire Regiment ,a major British team. 80,000 Indians had gathered in and around the stadium to
witness this moment. Mohan Bagaan’s barefooted Bengalis defeated the British Army’s East Yorkshire
Regiment to win the Indian Football Association(IFA)shield .This IFA shied victory is one of the most
commented upon events in the indian histories.

10.Yes,these games have their origin in india.

Polo_At_the_Kentucky_HOrse_Park_(5995905109) 12868849-Vaus-board-games-of-ludo-halma-chess-and-fox-and-geese--Stock-Photo (1)5-Benefits-of-Martial-Arts

Chess,Snakes and ladder ,Carrom, Card games, Polo,Martial arts,kabaddi all these popular sports have

their origin in India. Since ancient ages of Indian civilization various sports have been entertained on
Indian land,some of those are now being played across the globe and has become an active part of International
If these facts really amazed you ,then plz like,share and give your views in comment box….


How Google made profit by buying Motorola for $12.5 Billion and selling at $2.91Bn

Google made a strategic move by buying Motorola at a price of $12.5 billion but later only sold it for $2.91 billion. How this move helped google to establish itself as a power source in smartphone industry is quite impressive and will make you respect Google’s cunning business policies.

The main motive behind acquiring Moto was to establish itself as a virtuoso in smartphone industry by acquiring a chunk of patents owned by Motorola and the second one being teach Samsung a lesson to not mess with Google anymore.


Samsung shares 81% of Android’s marketshare by making it reach the users and keeping Google as a pioneer position also went a ambitious thinking it can take credits for Android’s success and meanwhile also develop a platform of it’s own and hence replace market by it.


Samsung started hiding most of the native android apps and taking credits for a successful smartphone by hiding out Android. Pushing Google on the backfoot, Samsung started a company called TouchWiz, whose purpose was to modify the Android (apps) in such a way that it was unrecognisable. Remember native Samsung apps? Yes those.

Later, Samsung also started to modifying basic softwares like e-mail, calendar, voice control, notifications, dialers etc which somehow resulted in downfall of Android and devices getting slower and dysfunctional. TouchWiz was a sinking ship which was also taking Android with itself. If this wasn’t enough, Samsung decided to put Touchwiz in TVs. Being a pioneer in television section, Samsung started building Tizen, Android’s counterpart but for SmartTVs. Using the same interface as that of TouchWiz Samsung had strategy to further replace Android in handsets with Tizen. By this time Google understood that if it goes like this, Android will fail and it had act, in such a way that it will teach it’s competitors a lesson for life.

Top 15 Video Games which will remind you of 90’s


Answer to this issue was buying Motorola for $12.5 billion. Not only the hanset manufacturing units, but also 20,000 patents which came with it. Also giving statement that this won’t compromise it’s relationship with other business partners. WINK WINK. Though, partners didn’t believe into this and started reacting. They were afraid Android OS with a Motorola handsets under Google will result in their sales loss.


Google launched Moto phones with stock Android OS and implemented a policy for others to use the same stock OS rather than modifying them. Google gave permissions to modify stock ROM, but at a very large price. Which wasn’t that feasible for any smartphone giant. Not even Samsung. Hence, forcing everyone to use standard Android OS. Google’s AdSense (Advertising business) revenue was enough for it to save it’s expenses in promoting Moto devices, which gave fears to Samsung. Thus, no one wanted to challenge Google this time.

When Vijay Mallya had to deposit his Ferrari for $5000

To prove others that Google/Android doesn’t need any other manufacturers support, Google launched Motorola Moto X and Motorola Moto G. The success of Moto X and Moto G was enough to make others sweat As a result, in 2014 Samsung signed many contracts with Google that it will not modify Android apps and rather work on it’s development. This treaty will last for a decade and made Samsung tone down TouchWiz.

To restore faith in other handset manufacturers, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo within 2 days of deal with Samsung. Making it look like a simultaneous deal. The sale did not included the 20,000 patents Google had bought earlier. Google kept those patents and Moto Labs worth $3.5 billion.



10 steps to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

A computer that runs on water

5 Pen Computer : When 5 pens become your computer

How to get Reliance Jio Sim cards – Free 4G internet and calling

How to get Reliance Jio Sim cards – Free 4G internet and calling

Jio sim cards are in trends right now, be it any social networking websites. Giving hopes to Indian population of free superspeed 4G internet and free calling Jio sim cards are going to break the market. How much you try you failed to get one from the Reliance stores?

Here’s the list of how you can get Jio sim cards :-


1 Buy a LYF SMARTPHONE starting only at ₹3,000


Buy a LYF smartphone from and get a JIO sim card free!

You can select from a wide range of LYF phones starting from Rs. 3000. Select a phone from below and what are you waiting for? get your JIO sim cards. Buying a phone of arounf Rs. 4000 to get a Jio sim card will still be a fair deal.

LYF Earth 1 (White, 32 GB)



2 Ask your friends working at RELIANCE to help you out!

PC : Hindustan Times Mukesh Ambani
PC : Hindustan Times Mukesh Ambani

Anyone working at Reliance is getting one and can also refer his friends/relatives to get one. These recommendation codes help and ease the process of getting a sim card.

3 Reliance Jio Sim cards preview offer (For selected handsets)


You can attain a preview for Jio sim card if you have one of the following phones and given steps to get the offer

Here’s the list of phones supporting Jio sim cards preview feature.

Samsung phones
Grand Prime 4G, Galaxy J1, Galaxy J2, Galaxy J7, Galaxy J5, Galaxy S5 Plus, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy Core Prime 4G, Galaxy S6, Galaxy J3 (2016), ON7, Galaxy A8, Galaxy S6 Edge, ON5, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 4 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 Duos, Galaxy S5 Neo, S7, Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A7 (2016), S7 Edge, A8 VE, J5 (2016), J7 (2016), ON5 Pro, ON7 Pro, Galaxy J2 (2016), J Max, Galaxy A9, Galaxy A9 Pro, Galaxy C5, Galaxy C7, Galaxy J2 Pro, Galaxy Note 7.

HTC smartphone

Desire 626 dual SIM, Desire 628, Desire 630, Desire 728 Dual SIM, Desire 820, Desire 820Q, Desire 820S Dual SIM, Desire 825, Desire 826, Desire 826 DS, Desire 828 DS, Desire 830, Desire Eye, HTC 10, HTC 10 Life style, One A9, One E9 S dual SIM, One E9+ Dual SIM, One M8, One M8 Eye, One M9 Plus, One M9e, One ME Dual SIM, One X9

LG phones
K332 (K7 LTE), K520DY (Stylus 2), K520DY, H860 (LG G5), K500I (X Screen), K535D (Stylus 2 Plus), LGH630D (G4 Stylus 4G) & LGH 442 (LGC70 Spirit LTE)

Micromax phones
Bolt Selfie, Canvas 5, Canvas 5 Lite, Canvas 5 Lite Special Edition, Canvas 6, Canvas 6 Pro, Canvas Amaze 4G, Canvas Blaze 4G, Canvas Blaze 4G Plus, Canvas Evok, Canvas Fire 4G, Canvas Fire 4G plus, Canvas Fire 6, Canvas Juice 4G, Canvas Knight 2, Canvas Mega 2, Canvas Mega 4G, Canvas Nitro 4G, Canvas Pace 4G, Canvas Play 4G, Canvas Pulse 4G, Canvas Sliver 5, Canvas Tab, Canvas Unite 4, Canvas Xpress 4G, Unite 4 Plus, Unite 4 Pro

Yu phones
Yu Yureka, Yu Yutopia, YU Note, Yu Yuphoria, Yunicorn, Yunique, Yuphoria, Yureka Plus, Yureka S

Asus phones
ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL), Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML), Zenfone Max (ZC550KL), Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 (ZE500KL), Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML), Zenfone Selfie( ZD551KL), Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE601KL), Zenfone Zoom(ZX551ML), Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE (T500), Zenfone 3 ZE552KL, Zenfone 3 Laser( ZC551KL), Zenfone 3( ZE520KL), Zenfone 3( ZS570KL), Zenfone 3( ZU680KL)

Gionee phones
E8, F103 Pro, F103(1GB), F103(2GB), F103(3GB), M4, M5, M5 Lite, M5 Lite CDMA, M5 Plus, P5L, S Plus, S6, S6s, S7, V6L

Karbonn phones
Aura 1, Aura Power, Quattro L45 IPS, Quattro L50 HD, Quattro L51 HD, Quattro L52 VR, Quattro L55 HD

Lava phones
A71, A72, A76, A76 Plus, A88, A89, A97, Ivory s 4g, Lava V5 M, Pixel V2, V2s, X10, X11, X12, X17, X28, X38, X41, X41 Plus, X46, X50, X50 Plus, X81


Sony smartphones
Xperia X A, Xperia X A Ultra, Xperia X(F5122), Xperia Z5 Dual(E6883), Xperia Z5 Premium Dual

Videocon smartphones
Graphite1 V45ED, Krypton 3 V50JG, Q1, V50FA3, V50FG6

Sansui smartphones
S50 FD45S


Xolo phones
Black-1X M, era 1X, era 2X, era 4G, era 4K, era X

Panasonic phones
ELUGA L, ELUGA Switch, ELUGA Icon, T45, ELUGA I2 ( 1GB ), ELUGA L2, ELUGA Mark, ELUGA Turbo, ELUGA Arc, ELUGA I2 2GB, ELUGA I2 3GB, ELUGA I3, ELUGA Icon 2, ELUGA A2, ELUGA Note, P55 Novo 4G, ELUGA Arc 2, P77

TCL phones
FIT 5.5, Pride T500L, TCL 560, TCL 562

Alcatel phones
OneTouch X1, Pixi 4 -5, POP Star, POP3, POP4

Vivo smartphones
vivo V3, vivo V3Max, vivo Y21L, vivo Y51L

Intex smartphones
Aqua 4G, Aqua 4G Star, Aqua 4G Strong, Aqua 4G+, Aqua Ace, Aqua Ace 2, Aqua Ace Mini, Aqua Craze, Aqua Eco 4G, Aqua GenX, Aqua Music, Aqua Power 4G, Aqua Raze, Aqua S7, Aqua Secure, Aqua Shine 4G, Aqua Strong 5.1, Aqua Super, Aqua Trend, Aqua Turbo 4G, Aqua View, Aqua Wing, Cloud 4G Smart, Cloud 4G Star, Cloud Crystal 2.5D, Cloud Fame 4G, Cloud Flash, Cloud Glory 4G, Cloud Jewel, Cloud String HD, Cloud String V2.0, Cloud Swift


  1. Download & Open MyJio App from Play Store
  2. Tap on Get Jio SIM on the Banner
  3. Tap on Agree & Get Jio offer
  4. Select your location from the drop down
  5. Read through the steps and click on Next
  6. Offer Code can be viewed on the screen. Note down your offer code.

Once that’s done, you will get a bar code that you need to take to a Reliance Digital where you have to show your phone and you’ll get a SIM. Remember to carry a photograph for the form, and your photo ID, and the staff will do the rest. Quick tip: in our experience – and what many other people online are also telling us – the Reliance Digital Xpress Mini Stores are much more efficient about this process than the larger Reliance Digital stores.

Note that though only a few phones qualify for the Reliance Jio SIM under this offer, you can still use this SIM on other phones if you want. (SRC : NDTV GADGETS)


4 Buy a JioFi Portable Wi-Fi hotspot


Yes, you can buy a Wi-Fi Hotspot called JioFi and get your home 4G internet services for free. With 3 months free 4G you will have to pay an amount of Rs. 2999 to get it’s modem. STILL A FAIR DEAL.


SO what are you waiting for? buy a Jio SIM CARD ASAP!

Untold Stories: Duryodhana Temples In INDIA

There is One Consciousness, which is really worth of the title “God” in Hinduism. The forms are many and varied, according to the mindset of the devotees who worship this One Consciousness. Not just 330 million, there are as many forms of God in this world as there are imaginations about this One Consciousness. Lord Duryodhana too finds a place in this list of Gods.
Duryodhana a major character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the eldest son of the Kauravas of the hundred sons of blind king Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari. Despite being the first born son of the incumbent king, he was disqualified as heir to the throne of Hastinapura. Resulting in animosity towards his cousins renders Duryodhana the chief antagonist of the epic. A temple of lord Duryodhan in India caught many by surprise! But there is a reason why people worship him.
There exists one both in the northern and southern part of the Nation. One of the Duryodhana Temple exits in Tons Valley to the north of the nation which was built by the local inhabitants of Saur who worship the Kauravas as their ancestors. It is believed that the local people wept so much at the defeat of the Kauravas and the death of Duryodhana at the battle of Kurukshetra that their tears became a river named Tamas (literally meaning sorrow). Tamas is also known as Tons. According to the local populace, the tear still flows and hence, the river water is never used for drinking. Duryodhan Temple is 13 km from Sankri. Duryodhana is worshipped in the upper valleys of the rivers Tons, Yamuna, Bhagirathi, Balganga and Bhilganga. This is the biggest temple dedicated to Duryodhana in Uttaranchal and other Duryodhana temples can be seen at Osla, Gangar and Datmir. When you move to the South Of the nation you will find one there too. Less known to many people in India.
Malanada – That is a Temple (Nada) on the Hill (Mala). With the acoustic beauty of paddy farms adorning omni directions around the temple, the peacocks that once adorned the temple. The squirrels and the birds and the nature’s miracles all around it. Unlike many other temples, there is no Idol at the place of worship, nor a ‘Sreekovil’ as such in Malanada.In place we can see only a raised platform called ‘Althara’ or ‘Mandapam’. In the absence of an idol, devotees submit themselves to a divine power (of their imagination).

The Kaurava King known for his ‘Thamoguna’ driven thoughts and actions is adored as the principal deity in this temple. Enduring beliefs assimilate into personal value system. The myth unravels: Pandavas were made to live in exile in the forests as punishment for their loss in the game with the Kaurava Prince. Adding to the punishment was extension of their life in exile if the Kaurava king ever found them before the completion of 14 years. As part of Duryodhana’s efforts to trace out the ‘Pandavas’ in exile, Duryodhanan traversed the forests in the south and reached Malanada hill. By that time he was much tired and went to a nearby house on the north west of Malanada and asked for drinking water. An elderly woman gave him toddy which was customary at that time as a mark of respect. The king enjoyed the drink, but realized after seeing the ‘Kurathali’ worn by the woman that she belonged to an untouchable lower cast by name ‘Kurava’. The king consoled himself and appreciated the divinity of the place and its people who possessed supernatural powers (Siddha). Thereafter, in furtherance of his ‘Rajadharma’, the king sat on the hill and worshipped Lord Shiva, praying for the welfare of his people (the prajas). As an act of charity he gave away 100s of acres of agricultural land and paddy fields as freehold to the ‘Devasthanam’ I.e. the temple authorities. Even now the land tax of the above property is being levied in the name of ‘Duryodhanan’.

The king also ensured that Gandhari, the Royal Mother, Dussala,his sister, Karnan, his close associate and ‘Angarajan’, Dronar, his ‘Guru’ and the other members of his family were properly and adequately aboded and worshipped in the nearby places. While unlike all temples its members of the ‘Kurava’ caste who are poojaris in all such places. Kaduthamsserry Kudumbayogam among Kurava caste and ‘Kettungal Kudumabayogam’ among Ezhava caste enjoying special status in the administration of the temple. The entire village rejoices in the ocean of joy during the most famous Festival of Kerala known as Malanada Mahotsavam. Pallipana and kettukazcha amongst the most pleasing and loved part of this festival. Which includes carrying puppets of horses and bulls made of hay, wood and cloth carried upon shoulders and marching up the hill, to show their love and respect for their God. This festival also proves to be an example for the proverb. “United we stand divided we fall”.
The unsung stories of such heroes; evil turned are many and over years there are many yet which are to be revealed.