10 amazing sports facts

INDIA is the country with crazy people who would love sports to the core of their heart.
Here you will find some really interesting facts about Indian sports which will amazed you for sure.

1.Hockey is the national sports of INDIA.



yupp,Its a sarcasm and one would find nothing new in this fact but with an advent of time and its recent offhanded outing hockey in India has lost its shine. However it’s a game that took India on to the world stage.From 1928 to 1956 the Indian hockey team won six straight olympic gold medals while winning 24 consecutive
matches.During this golden era india scored 178 goals conceding only 7 in the process.Also has won the
hockey titile a maximum of 8 times.In today’s date how hockey is being treated as our national sports in
india is sheer inglorious.

2.Prakash Padukone’s amazing record



Although today whole nation is praising PV Sindhu for her silver victory in olympics but Prakash Padukone is the first indian to win All England Badminton Chamionship.He won all the England
open title in 1980 with a victory over Liew Swie King of Indonesia.After his match against his idol Rudy
Hartono at the 1980 Swedish Open,he said:”I could have beaten him with15-0 in that last game but I
couldn’t do that to my idol ,I conceded a point and finished the game.”

3.The Indian National Kabaddi team has won all world cups held yet.


India has won all 5 men’s kabaddi world cups held till now and have been undefeated through these
tournaments .The Indian women’s team has also won all kabaddi world cups held till date.These efforts
of indian kabaddi players have flourished Indian sports entertainment with popular tournaments like

4.Richie Rich IPL

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According to the Forbes magazine IPL is 2nd richest sports league after the National Basketball
Association (NBA) of USA.

5.India-only nation who has grabbed all forms of cricket world cup.



INDIA is the only nation to have won the 60 over ,50 over and 20 over world cup.
60-overs – 1983
50-overs – 2011
20-overs – 2007

6.I M VIJAYAN scored one of the fastest goals in international football history.


The three times Indian player of the year and Arjuna award winner scored A GOAL in 11seconds against
BHUTAN in the 1999 SAF games .It is one of the fastest goal in International Football.

7.Mary Kom’s parents came to know about her boxing interest through a newspaper Mary-Kom-5-Time-World-Champion-Women-Boxer-1

As boxing was not considered to be an appropriate sport for a women in her family, Mary Kom tried her
passion for the sport. But after she won the Manipur states championship a local newspaper published
her photo which her father saw and this is how he came to know about her boxing interests.

8.SACHIN TENDULKAR once happened to play for Pakistan.

Oct 1989: Portrait of Sachin Tendulkar of India.

Yes its strange,but true, that Sachin Tendulkar has onced played for pakistan before he started playing
for India!! This incident took place during a practise match between the rival nations INDIA and
PAKISTAN at the Brebourne stadium in 1987.Tendulkar came onto the field as a substitute fielder for

9.104 years ago,Mohan Bagan’s real life lagaan moment changed Indian history . mohunbagansportskeeda700_1438173025

This is one of the greatest achievement of Indian Football that most people don’t know about. This is
fascinating story of how Mohan Bagan had their lagaan moment on july 29,1911 against the East
Yorkshire Regiment ,a major British team. 80,000 Indians had gathered in and around the stadium to
witness this moment. Mohan Bagaan’s barefooted Bengalis defeated the British Army’s East Yorkshire
Regiment to win the Indian Football Association(IFA)shield .This IFA shied victory is one of the most
commented upon events in the indian histories.

10.Yes,these games have their origin in india.

Polo_At_the_Kentucky_HOrse_Park_(5995905109) 12868849-Vaus-board-games-of-ludo-halma-chess-and-fox-and-geese--Stock-Photo (1)5-Benefits-of-Martial-Arts

Chess,Snakes and ladder ,Carrom, Card games, Polo,Martial arts,kabaddi all these popular sports have

their origin in India. Since ancient ages of Indian civilization various sports have been entertained on
Indian land,some of those are now being played across the globe and has become an active part of International
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