LISTEN – Pariyon Ki Rani, A soothing hindi song dedicated to womanhood – Visvik

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How much do we appreciate the ladies in our lives? Be it our mother or sister a friend, who is always there to support us, to guide us. Despite this much contribution to the society these ladies often get mistreated. There are these heinous crime against women, which in fact are crime against humanity. Right from girl child deaths to dowry extortions, from marital rape to rape in the open. There are many miseries. Despite these excruciating circumstances women tend to smile, they smile. We all find silver-linings, don’t we?

A friend of mine, Vishal Singh Vikram decided to embrace the womanhood in the best way he could come up with, a song. With some sleepless nights and laborious day work he was able to write down lyrics of a mesmerising song, he titled it “Pariyon ki Rani” (Queen of angeles).

With a great euphonic voice of himself what he did was stepped into a studio and recorded the song. I had a chance to hear him before the recording and GOD! I had an urgent bro-crush on him. Lyrics are this magical.


The description of his song reads :

This song is dedicated to every girl/woman around us!
According to the NCRB 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these 24,470 were committed by SOMEONE KNOWN TO THE VICTIM.

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Here is what the sensation behind Pariyon ki rani, Visivik aka Vishal Singh Vikram has to say :

I’m not a professional singer but I’m trying something for all women out there. Hope you all like this song! Follow my channel if you think this is a heart touching video song. If there is anything wrong in it then do comment in your suggestions so that I can improve my next video song with your help. Thank You!

What a humble gesture, despite making a wonder he is asking everyone’s help to make his future songs better. You go Visivik we are waiting for your next song.

Gangster Yadav – The new BHOJPURI RAP SENSATION. Yes, you heard it right.

Music has developed through hundreds of years through different flow which has seen Pop stars, Ghazal specialists, Classical, Blues, and Rock. Maybe the most prominent or slanting being Rap music which has graced its capable nearness in Film Industries, Music Videos, and Songs.

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Till now you were seeing the astounding Punjabi tunes with of Yo Honey Singh originally known as Hirdesh Singh and Badshah originally known as Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia contributing with their absolute entirety to touch the lives of their fans, however now, Bhojpuri music industry has his own star in creation.

YES! We are discussing as of late discharged a melody by Gangster Yadav otherwise known as Chandan Rai. He has gotten a tempest the Bhojpuri music industry where each huge music chief and maker is discussing him. This person has given FIRST HINDI – BHOJPURI RAP SONG to the business which got viral in a couple of hours of dispatch.

Till now individuals were streaming in the tunes of Bohemia, Honey Singh, and Badshah however now, this person is by all accounts a developing rivalry to these enormous names. OHH YES! You heard it right.

Individuals have as of now began discussing his entrance in Bollywood and are sitting tight for his hit rap numbers in Bhojpuri driven films like Dabangg, Gangs of Wasseypur, PK, and comparable up and coming tasks.

It appears to be presently Bhojpuri music beaus have deeply inhaled diminishing seeing this great looking and super rapper taking the business in another heading. It is essentially remarkable the way rap society is in effect smoothly acknowledged by genuine rap cherishing music fans who comprehend the essence of rap and Bhojpuri mix, the ideal mixed drink to give the best kick which is certain to stay and fulfill you to feel and get high.

Bhojpuri music is getting restored, and you can notice the freshness it brings to the table and the unadulterated fragrance that humours one in a sentiment satisfaction, a quest for some fine Bhojpuri rap music which is both mitigating and that specific component of warmth to flavor up your life which may somehow or another be dull and exhausting.

Yadav new Hindi Bhojpuri Rap tune is a genuine case of changing society of Bhojpuri music Industry and has set another point of interest ever.

Music has no restrictions, and it goes from the heart of the artist or rapper and to a great many souls or hearts it touches. Music is peace, and music is reflection and music are that force with which one finds their way once more into the life which all streets may seem to close. There can’t be a parallel type of delight to express the ascent of Bhojpuri society in an honor winning Bollywood motion pictures and with legends of Rap music making their wicked (addictive) commitment to make the ears go insane and appreciate moving to the rapping astounding music remix which is genuinely mind blowing.


In India as well as individuals over the world from different ethnicity are grasping Bhojpuri music wholeheartedly consequently demonstrating commentators with insights that Bhojpuri music is going to command the universe of Music and the Rap Cult soon. Appreciate the most recent in Bhojpuri Music, the Bhojpuri Rap Song Remixes and be a piece of the history in making!

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