When do we know that we have grown up?

Somewhere between crying out loudly to seek attension and crying silently to avoid attention,we have grown up.


Somwhere between believing in happy ending and accepting the reality we have grown up.

o_19run690q1rhuj49u2512vk16dtgAngry couple mad at each other in their living room

Somewhere between,”yay!I can write with pen tommrrow” and “dude do u have an extra pen ?? “we have grown up.



Somwhere between cartoons and news bulletins we have grown up.

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Somewhere between childhood crush and ex we have grown up.


Somewhere between craving for pizza and craving for home food we grew up.


Somewhere between waking up at 6 am and sleeping at 6 am we grew up.



Somewhere between we are the best friend forever and knowing that nothing truely lasts foever we grew up.


Somewhere between parents fulfilling our wish and we fulfilling our parents dream we grew up.


Somewhere between showing of number of rakhees and running away from rakhi boys grew up.

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Somewhere between ground me aaja and online aja ,we grew up


Somewhere between i want to grow up and i want to be child again,we grew up.

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Somewhere between having hundreds of friends and having few good friends we grew up

group of happy friends smiling with heads together outdoors with a blue sky in the background