Broken Wings Of Fire

A nation like India which is on a fast track, moving with full phase; has rendered to grant the best amenities to modern life and the common man. Even in the wake of all these things we tend to harm ourselves by harming the society. Dreaming of a vision 2020 and Digital India has fast gained name with amongst the modern world and rich investors. Still we tend to forget the integrity which held our nations pride in high esteem. That integrity and sovereignty has now been lost. It was a man’s right to decide upon how he wished to live but today its the society, that tends decide how a man should grow up, how should he live, write, walk, dress, talk and all sorts of independence has now been lost in favour of the so called society. Just because our neighbour follows a trend whether good or bad I too must follow the same, is the present status. Even though the status of living has changed still our mind sets and thoughts are still orthodox. Some thoughts are real good and can favour humanity no doubt but what if people tend to bend certain rituals just for the sake of one’s own good will.


I still remember my childhood days when my friends used to come out and yell by my name to come down to play while my mother used to shout “why are your friends just howling?”. Indeed it did create a Lot of commotion and disturbance to neighbours. Then I used to think what could replace such ruckus in near future. But today I have the answer when I see my brother. His friends give him a call to ask him if he is coming to play or not. There came the technology that has made us so lazy that they can’t even get down the stairs or run down the street to give a call for a game. Indeed recent technology is a great boon it has reduced the sound pollution at least. Its wrong to criticize those things which can render a lot of advantages to us. So it has constrained a man’s capability to think or give an exercise to his brain. I am no exception to all these things.

Dell Innovation in Education Social Think Tank at MIT CSAIL

Recently I was thrown back in surprise when I asked one of my teacher how much she owes to the internet for all the productive lectures that she delivered. Her answer was storming she said I don’t use the internet. I was shocked and asked in surprise if she used the social media and she said no. I was moved back I argued, internet was very productive but she said she had enough books to solve all her doubts and clarify everything. She was a good reader indeed. She was right though now a days, we type what we want and from a bulk only the required part that is needed is provided. Well this system must have been introduced to help those who have already read that book at least ones. But it has helped tremendously in creating half learned scholars. She was the only person after my mom and my aunt who kept away from the internet but yet had a lot to donate in the field of learning just because they were good readers.

May be that’s the reason why we don’t have teachers who can grant productive knowledge. This has just made our generation a book worm and a shift in the method of learning and all. So does that mean we don’t have quality education? People would curse me if i say so. The level of education is best but we are lacking somewhere. The recent trend of innovation that has hit the nation like a wild storm but only after the death of most respected Dr. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM is making great achievements. Indeed his dreams are yet to be accomplished a few only to say. The innovation has so wild hit that even in match sticks we get to see patents.


The nation will soon get on a tide that will take the land to a far more distance much ahead of all the others that are ahead today. We just need to get on our toes to bring some reformation in our thoughts. To inspire the younger generations to think and develop, the teenagers to work hard, the middle orders to share experience and the tail enders to share memories. With all these we can build a nation, a prosperous country with vivid culture but still on top. Being on top in development is indeed possible with hard work but maintaining peace in the long run and teaching others to get along the same is a Challenge we face and need to solve. Indeed my wings of fire that are broken for now will soon recover and with much grandeur it will take a flight to higher elevation like a phoenix; where men will love and live like human beings. The splendid days are no far what is required is just a change. A change of ideology and belief with this fast changing world.