Chandler is dead and will haunt the FRIENDS!

There are 236 FRIENDS episodes and you might have watched all of them more than five times. But you still haven’t watched this one. Now you are puzzled and sprinting all your FRIENDS knowledge and trying to recall which episode is this one. When did Chandler die? Well, he never died in FRIENDS and I hope he never dies. Then you might think what is this all about? Here’s your answer. Watch this unseen fan made episode of FRIENDS in which somehow Chandler Bing dies and decides to haunt his friends.


Recently a YouTuber decided to honour FRIENDS with an alternate ending which according to him is not only senti and comic but also existential, spooky and uplifting. The Youtuber Dogfood came up with this awesome concept to kill Chandler Bing in the final episode and turn the sit-com into a horror-com. Here’s what Dogfood has to write about his mashup video on FRIENDS,

A loving mashup offering an alternate ending to Friends that’s at once very bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. All these extra storylines on FRIENDS somehow manage to recall the FRIENDS fanatic lies within all of us. Be it Chandler’s sarcasm, Joey’s charm, Rachael being a prom-queen fashionista, Monica gluing up the gang and yes being a clean-freak. Who can forget the care Ross has for everyone in the gang and of course Phoebe’s “smelly cat”, one can jingle that song all night long. Any Gunther fans out there?


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