10 things you didn’t know about Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa has turned out to be a big sensation over the internet, all thanks to her simple, sweet and innocent looks and lifestyle… JK. If you are reading this then for sure I don’t need to introduce her. She is well known around not only because of her profession but also for being bold and a rebel who came out breaking stereotypes in the porn industry. So, here are 10 things which you didn’t know about Mia Khalifa.

1.She was rumoured to be part of  Bigg Boss 9.


Very few people know that she was rumoured to be a part of the hit Indian reality show Bigg Boss. The Lebanese star later clarified that she won’t be a part of the reality show and everything reported in Indian media were just a hoax created by the show for popularity.

2.She hates India!


Yes, You read it right. Mia Khalifa hates India. Infact she had this tweeted that she won’t ever step her feet in India. We don’t know from where she got this much hate for India but we do know she tweeted this furiously after people started linking her with Indian reality show Bigg Boss.

her tweet read :  “Let’s get something clear: I am never stepping foot in India, so whomever said I have “shown interest” in being on Big Boss should be fired”.



How common is friends with benefits in India
How common is friends with benefits in India


3.She is famous in India because of Sunny Leone


Hard to digest but the whole Bigg Boss fiasco gave her lots of fans in India. From people not even knowing her name to discussing about her videos, you have come a long way girl. Actually, after Sunny Leone participated in Bigg Boss and made a huge career out of Bollywood movies, it was expected the same thing to happen with Mia. Sunny had all the stereotypes broken for her and everything was well set for her here in India. Who knows, she could have been in few Bollywood movies by now.

4. From Burgers to sausage

b564rmucqamf1dy src : twitter

It is said that she was first approached by adult movie industry producers when she was working for a burger joint in Miami. It’s a burger to sausage story, IYKWIM *WINK WINK*


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5. Mia is a patriot.

c4f5840da9d8c26affd071523a9acccd img source

When it comes to country, Mia is a nationalist by heart. The Lebanses star has the opening line of the Lebanese National Anthem inked on her body. And another of the Lebanese Forces Cross. Both tattoos have come under the scrutiny of her detractors.


6. She is MARRIED!

jasonmain image source

Lot’s of you single guys might have died after reading this, but this is true. She got married to an American guy right after she turned 18.

7. She is from Lebanon and is not at all related to India


Despite general publics interpretation, she is not Indian at all. None of her family members are related to India or Punjab.

8. Her parents don’t talk to her anymore


Well, what else do you expect from them? eh?

9. She might have to face a jail time or public prosecution in her Country


This is because of her being too bold and daring, In few of her clicks, she is spotted wearing Hijab(traditional Muslim clothing). Which according to her country and her culture is disrespect towards the religion.

10. She is cute.

Well this is not a fact, but then again, look at this picture of her.



Let us know down in comments of what do you think about her.


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