Weather report in Hyderabadi


We all know how a Hyderabadi slang sounds. It is fun and blissful to here and we all got this share of knowledge from our friends or from movies like “Well done abba”.

We have brought for you an epic Weather report in Hyderabadi. The expert reviews by this local news channel reporters in Hyderabadai are gonna crack you up!


Hyderabad is know a part of Telangana state and Hyderabadi Biryani is what we all love! This makes no sense though I am typing…I should stop now..

(This video is from the local channel REAL TELANGANA and this thing is funny! )

Taylor Swift meets Phoebe Buffay!


When Phoebe Buffay met Taylor Swift and Smelly cat was sung at the Staples Center

A goosebumps moment for sure! loved by fans and what not!

Check this out and go back watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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When New Zealand craved a new flag

Recently New Zealand government conducted a nation-wide event for a new flag design for the nation. This thought popped up in their minds when they observed their flag is much similar to that of their neighbors Australia. The panel reviewed a total of 10,292 flags and sorted out 40 flags. While selecting the flag they almost missed these flags which would have definitely made NZL people proud! Take a look on the “OH! GOD WHY?” suggested flags.


1. Te Pepe

This is when you color your kiwi union-Jack!

Te Pepe 1
THINKING : “That feel when our eyes gaze upon the flightless and majestic rare-Kiwi bird is a classic icon of NZ’s deep relationship with our ancestors, their spirit, land and culture. Te Pepe Tamariki, Te Papa Aotearoa.”


2. v1.1

Such flags are conspiracy against the kids to destroy their childhood.

THINKING : flag features the QR code / Southern Cross with red stars rotated 45 degrees and the left star has been increased in size. New Zealand Aotearoa has a long tradition of displaying identity and our stories through Tukutuku panels, and what better way of carrying this forward in the digital age with an embedded code.’


3. true nature

This Children’s art-book entry got the attention of satirist John Oliver and he quoted “”How did this one not make the cut? The title is New Zealand’s true nature and it looks like a very confused child’s depiction of where they think babies come from.”



4. Flag-bearing kiwi

for (flag=1;flag>kiwi;star++)

printf(“Still a better programmer than the flag designer”);

It represents kiwis, stars, and flag.


5. Bicycle of NZ

Lance Armstrong surely saw this coming and decided to go dope!

‘I believe it accurately represents the NZ people as hard working people from today on into the future.’
THINKING : ‘I believe it accurately represents the NZ people as hard working people from today on into the future.’


6. Sheep and Hokey Pokey

Hokey pokey, bros?

THINKING : ‘This design represents all of NZ because we have lots of sheep and love hokey pokey ice cream. I even included the blue and red to keep all of you naysayers happy. Kiwi as bro.’


7. Snapper Quota Unicorn
We should come up a movie on the heroics of this UNI-HORNED kiwi taking on an Ultra-Giant fish! Surely will have a better ending than 300!

THINKING : ‘New Zealanders are very interested in Snapper quota, and what better way to bring it to the people than this country’s native bird – the Unihorned Kiwi bird.’

8. One which is red and another which is blue!

School kids are gonna love this! Red ones got Dragon and Ninja shi**!

EASY THINKING : "Red is cool. Looks fast and easy to make. Dragons and Ninjas like red."
EASY THINKING : “Red is cool. Looks fast and easy to make. Dragons and Ninjas like red.”
EASY THINKING : "Keep it simple Bro! Everyone has a blue sheet at home they can cut up, Bam! 12 flags from one sheet."
EASY THINKING : “Keep it simple Bro! Everyone has a blue sheet at home they can cut up, Bam! 12 flags from one sheet.”

This guys surely got a million NZDollar savings idea! Hash tag respect


9. Eggsplosion

So a new flag and a new word in the dictionary? This guy got some charm!

To which satarist John Oliver says : “Please New Zealand, I’m begging you, when it comes time to vote for your new flag write ‘Eggsplosion’ down because that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”


GREAT THINKING : Because New Zealanders like eggs and explosions are cool


Here are some more to crack you up!

Screenshot from 2015-08-27 21:43:06
We feel onr more shoe! and NZeas could have their own Show-Swastik!
Soft kitty warm kitty litle dream of NZL Fish!
GOOD FLAG, Thinking : “Animals, nature, blah, blah, blah.”

New Zealand is surely a beautiful country with their people being so good at “Internet of Trolls”. No offense intended! Hope NZL finds their true flag soon!

(all images shown are properties of NZL Govt and are owned by them).

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#2 Hindu Gods in DC comics! (Ganesh)

Here we are with second edition of our post Hindu Gods in DC comics! This time we will cover Lord Ganesha and the character based on Ganesha. So hold on in the devotion of Blue Lantern Corps…? Nevermind.

1. Ganesh (New earth)

Wonder Woman #149 series 2, (September 1999)

Powers and abilities :

  • Probability Manipulation(Ganesha is the hindu god of fortune.
  • Enhanced Intellect)
  • Decelerated Aging
  • Unique Physiology: four arms, elephant head.
  • Superhuman Strength

Seen along with other Hindu Gods when Cronus, a Titan of Myth ransacked olympus and attempted to destroy the Hindu Gods. Character was kept alive for 2 editions.
Later the Ganesha were redeveloped with a new alias an were in Blue Lantern corps. (That sounds so COOL!)

2. Brother Warth

The new alias of Ganesha as a lantern corp from Space Sector 0002 and was the second person to be initiated in Blue Lantern Corps. He was brought to Odym (planet of Blue Lanterns)by Saint Bro’Dee Walker of sector 0001.

WarthpreblWarth has abilities like HOPE and PURGE and a never ending Blue lantern Power Battery.


Warth was teamed up with Saint Walker and Hal Jordan to rescue Sinestro.On their journey a nearby planet’s sun was on verge to be Supernova and Jordan’s attempt to call Backup failed due to interference of Warth’s and Saint’s power rings.

Later warth and saint joined together to use their powers to heal the sun and make it young blue star.



After some later unhappening events Hal joined Red lantern and was against the Blue Lanterns. The Blue lanterns needed Green’s to be powerful and intact. After Hal going red power level of Warth and Saint went low.



Though by Saint placing his ring on Hal’s head saw him turning Blue lantern and kicking some Red Lantern arses. Meanwhil Warth was shocked seeing so much transformation.


Brother Warth also participated in a battle against Black Lantern corps during the Blackest night.


Warth also stopped a fight when Bleez attacked Green Lantern’s Guy gardner on Odym who wanted a recovery from Warth. Later on Brother Warth managed to contain and incapacitate Bleez after stating that there was no fighting allowed on Odym.


Brother Warth was strong enough to easily put Bleez in a choke hold and still carry on a conversation with Guy Gardner.

Brother Warth bid farewell to Guy Gardner after Guy expressed concerns over future threats from Unknown Sectors and warth told him that “All will be well.”

Warth even had a taste for humour and did pass some witty comments.

Warth_New_EarthSo this appearance of Ganesha as a Lantern might have made you kinda PROUD OF!

Will be back with further more Gods in DC universe soon! till then spread the word of Pikapost!

Hindu Gods in DC comics! #1 (Rama, Kali, Hanuman)

(This is the first edition of Hindu Gods in DC world)

Pretty excited to see something Indian in DC comics? Well here are Hindu Gods who made into DC Comics. Some did it amazingly well where as some… NAMASTEY!

1. Lord Rama



Wonder Woman #148 series 2, (September 1999)
created by Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette.

Powers and abilities :

  • Superhuman strength
  • Immortality
  • power of flight
  • wields a sword and the bow of Vayu
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • shoots flaming arrows
  • When in danger – Able to enter a Berserker rage that heals all his wounds, cures all toxins, at the expense of him destroying his surroundings and killing any nearby humans.
  • While berserk, removes crown to expose his third eye and grows two extra arms (taking on the superficial features of Kali).

Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. Born a prince on Earth in ancient times,Although the power of Vishnu flows through Rama, something which his blue skin tone suggests.


hindu God Rama got a new mythological story when he was teamed up with Wonder woman after Cronus, a Titan of Myth ransacked olympus and attempted to destroy the Hindu Gods. The Hecatonchire known as Oblivio trapped Wonder Woman and Rama in a dream relm where these two were married.

The false memories were later shattered by Diana after she defeated Oblivion but Rama remained infatuated.
Affection between Rama and Wonder Woman was evident, but nothing more could happen the character of Rama was not further used.


So in short Rama helped Wonder Woman thwart the mad Titan Cronus’ scheme to become the master of all creation.

Character of Rama was left after he went hysterical and to fight against Human mutated arachnoid bt Doctor Poison’s Pandora virus.




Other references :
Judomaster’s former sidekick, Tiger, when turned evil, claims to be using Rama’s axe in his guise as the Avatar, but the truth of this has yet to be substantiated.
We would love to see Rama back in action in DC comics but this time for a longer duration!

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2. Hanuman

Wonder Woman Vol 2 #149 (October, 1999)
created by Eric Luke and Rick Burchett.

Powers and abilities :

  • Superhuman strength
  • Immortality
  • power of flight
  • Advanced combat skills

Hanuman is a member of the Devas, an extra-dimensional race of beings worshipped as a deity by the Hindus. With the aid of the Amazon known as Wonder Woman, Hanuman rallied his followers in a campaign against the ambitious Titan known as Cronus.
In the comics, Hanuman is mistakenly pictured as a African chimp; in Hindu myth, he is usually pictured as a langur monkey.


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Wonder Woman Vol 2 #149 (October, 1999)
created by Eric Luke and Rick Burchett.

Powers and abilities :
Superhuman strength
Advanced combat skills
Kali in DC Comics is depicted as a Goddess to whom there are several followers. These followers are a thug by nature.

DC CHARACTER RAMA, gets Kali powers when he is in rage mode.

Other references


Kali was seen in Justice leagues 3000 edition as a member of the five, an evil team up to conquer the world. It is no clear that the two above refernces of the Kali are that of same or different characters named Kali. If an evil Kali, then grow up DC you don’t want Raged Fans!


THAT’S all for now Folks! we will come up with other Hindu God refernces from the DC WORLD!
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Top 10 developments in military technology

Our generation has seen a tremendous growth in tech world. Be it computers, automobiles, mobile phones or even our watches, everything we encounter everyday has changed in some way or another. The military has also caught up with technology. You can either call these scary or awesome, but these recent developments or projects by militaries around the world have brought us one step closer to the future.


  1. Robotic Exoskeletons


We all loved the big suit of armor worn by Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow or the super cool tech suits in GI Joe. Companies like Ekso Bionics have already started developments of exoskeletons to aid rehabilitation clinics around the world and soon military applications of these exoskeletons may begin.

  1. Guided Bullets


Dodging a bullet might become difficult in the future as US Gov. has already begun working on self-guided bullets to engage the enemy. DARPA has successfully tested smart bullets in Feb this year and even novice shooters could hit their targets.

  1. Boeing’s Phantom Drone


This futuristic drone is hydrogen powered, can keep flying for 10 days and can carry more than 900 kg, reach the altitude of 4000 feet and doesn’t need a pilot. Need we say more?


  1. Microwave Ray Gun


The Chinese have already developed a portable version of microwave ray gun that can make the victims feel like they are on fire.

  1. Space-Based Laser


Yes we haven’t left the space from any militarization plans. Though there is no existing space laser, scientists have proposed a laser based in outer space that will be able to take out missiles in their orbit.

  1. Flybot



The USAF has been working on miniature drones for a while now and flybot is an example of the future drones that will be the size of a housefly and will be helpful in reconnaissance and gathering intelligence without coming under notice.

  1. Super Drone

The British tested their new super ‘Taranis’ this year. Known as the biggest and most advanced unmanned aircraft, Taranis is the same size of a Hawk fighter and is designed to fly faster than the speed of sound. Now that’s the future of drones.

  1. Coronet- The Future of Internet


The future of internet lies in fiber optics. Planning to connect cloud based systems and transfer terabytes of data within minutes, DARPA scientists have already begun work on this project.

  1. Visibuilding Program

24-02-08-visibuildingDo you remember the scene for Dark Knight where Batman is able to see through the building using infrared and know where all the enemies and victims stand? Visibuilding Program is exactly like that only this time a soldier would be viewing through buildings.

  1. HEL MD photon cannon


This Directed Energy Weapon is able to take out mortar shells and incoming missiles through a concentrated laser blast towards the intended target.

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The next gen of gaming (Upcoming games this year that will change the world of gaming)

With so many games being launched at the E3 2014 summit, gamers all around the world saw a glimpse of what 2015 had in store for them. Over the recent years, there has been a drastic change in the way games are developed and played. There has to be a proper story, depth, high end graphics and a good player involvement to impress a fellow gamer. Here are a few games that caught our eye.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


The latest addition to the Rainbow Six series is all about tactics. Players get to play different types of missions. One can expect hostage rescues, bomb diffusing and terror hunts.


No Man’s Sky

No mans sky

This procedurally generated open universe space exploration and survival game won the best independent game at the E3 2014 conference. No Man’s Sky features an infinite number of worlds that can be explored by the user.
Final Fantasy XV

One of the most popular games for PlayStation, Final Fantasy XV has created a lot of excitement in the gaming community. The story moves in continuation to the old series and features better graphics and a bigger game environment as compared to its previous counterparts.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Taking a different approach to their usual fighting sequences, COD has ventured into the sci-fi world by introducing cyborgs and futuristic gunship in the gameplay. The new ‘Cyber Core’ tutorial is another feature which will help players use different types of powers in the game.
Dying Light

With so many games using zombie apocalypse as their main plot, Dying light mixes the fighting and violence with open world city called ‘Harran’ along with dynamic day and night cycles. Players can even enjoy different weapons in the game and parkour free running using the ruins of the quarantined zone.
The Order: 1886

the order
Set in an alternate timeline, the order focusses on a battle between humans and half breeds in medieval London. This game is the perfect amalgamation of futuristic weapons and technology and the medieval period. Though it has received some criticism for the length of the game and story, one certainly will enjoy playing this third person shooter game.

Battlefield: Hardline


Taking a step back from the usual military warfare, hardline takes to the city crime and the war between gangs and the swat teams. Like other games in the list, players can play through the different modes such as heist, gunfights, hostage rescues and crosshair but with the battlefield tag.

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When temple run 2 trolls LIKE A BOSS!

We all share the joy of making Guy Dangerous and Scarlett Fox run for their life from three weirdo monkeys ( who’s existence in this world is only possible when ….. ). This endless running game made sure that we get addicted to it’s great graphics and gameplay.
But what if these Guy fand Scarlett foxx decide to go YOLO? This is gonna be hard but let’s give it a try.

1. Game over?
Why settle for save me gems when you can go all the way collecting those coins!


Oh wait! Check out score boards running too!


2. Why run or swim when you can fly?

Yeah you read it right! Why to run when you can fly? My game got an awesome (self-made) update which gave Dangerous Guy to fly high and achieve scores!


Checkout Dangerous guy, Scarlett fox too can fly!


3. Tour de temple
When you are thinking how actually the temple would be like?
And suddenly gameplay decides to take you in the mystic land of the temple that too with a bird-eye view!


Look at the bridge now!


Great eh?


And then we go far-far away 🙂


4. Tired? Get a cab!
When you are running down and are Tired then simply grab on to the next cab you see and don’t let it go.


Sorry Gola or Buber cabs, Temple run 2 offers a better ride.

5. No cab? Hold the magical cable.
Sure you cant leave the cable if you dont want to. An invisible rope made up of Harry’s cloak is always there to help you out.
PS you get added benefits while using ropeway.


6. So kids this is how you get a good score.


Meanwhile UNO be like… “I got bugs too!”

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