The next gen of gaming (Upcoming games this year that will change the world of gaming)

With so many games being launched at the E3 2014 summit, gamers all around the world saw a glimpse of what 2015 had in store for them. Over the recent years, there has been a drastic change in the way games are developed and played. There has to be a proper story, depth, high end graphics and a good player involvement to impress a fellow gamer. Here are a few games that caught our eye.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


The latest addition to the Rainbow Six series is all about tactics. Players get to play different types of missions. One can expect hostage rescues, bomb diffusing and terror hunts.


No Man’s Sky

No mans sky

This procedurally generated open universe space exploration and survival game won the best independent game at the E3 2014 conference. No Man’s Sky features an infinite number of worlds that can be explored by the user.
Final Fantasy XV

One of the most popular games for PlayStation, Final Fantasy XV has created a lot of excitement in the gaming community. The story moves in continuation to the old series and features better graphics and a bigger game environment as compared to its previous counterparts.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Taking a different approach to their usual fighting sequences, COD has ventured into the sci-fi world by introducing cyborgs and futuristic gunship in the gameplay. The new ‘Cyber Core’ tutorial is another feature which will help players use different types of powers in the game.
Dying Light

With so many games using zombie apocalypse as their main plot, Dying light mixes the fighting and violence with open world city called ‘Harran’ along with dynamic day and night cycles. Players can even enjoy different weapons in the game and parkour free running using the ruins of the quarantined zone.
The Order: 1886

the order
Set in an alternate timeline, the order focusses on a battle between humans and half breeds in medieval London. This game is the perfect amalgamation of futuristic weapons and technology and the medieval period. Though it has received some criticism for the length of the game and story, one certainly will enjoy playing this third person shooter game.

Battlefield: Hardline


Taking a step back from the usual military warfare, hardline takes to the city crime and the war between gangs and the swat teams. Like other games in the list, players can play through the different modes such as heist, gunfights, hostage rescues and crosshair but with the battlefield tag.

Wish you too are as excited as I am and keep following for more updates!




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