Indian movies which made into global bottom 100!

IMDb has this feature of letting the users rate the movies which let’s users to review and rate movie themselves. This helps in getting true review of movie despite of whatever the producers spent on promotions. We now took a look on the IMDb’s bottom 100 list and found out these Indian Gems making us proud. Though the credit shouldn’t be given to IMDb. It’s the movie which found itself in the mess.


#99 Khan the Con (Tees Maar Khan)


Rating : 2.5/10

Pikapost gives : 3


The Akshay and katrina starer was supposed to be next big thing. Though with a cheap item number movie could not pull-out and made the viewers push-out of the theater.



# 99 Joker



Rating : 2.5/10

Pikapost gives : 2


Another Akshay starer shares the same rating as that of Tees Maar Khan. with a rating of 2.5 movie somehow managed to get out of the list of 100. come on! we are not he only ones who make terrible stuffs.Joker’s trailer was the first thing giving the idea of how terrible this is going to be.



#55 The Legends of DRONA (Drona)


Rating : 2.2/10

Pikapost gives : Ghar pe aur bhi kaam hai.


What? can’t he even fancy himself being a hero? Poster says it all. please work on costumes and affects. Starring Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra is on number 55 in the global list.

I have not seen the movie yet and I have no such hatred towards myself.


22. Ram Gopal Verma’s INDIAN FLAMES (RGV ki Aag)



Rating : 2.0/10

Pikapost gives : 2

So this is what happens when you want to recreate Sholay’s Gabbar or say use the name Sholay. RGV’s flick was first named as “RGV ki SHOLAY” and Amitabh Bachchan was caste as “Gabbar” (Irony?) after copyright issues RGV was forced to change the name to AAG and “Gabbar Singh” became “Babban Singh”. You can change the name RGV but not the faith!



#20 Gunday


Rating : 1.9/10

Pikapost gives : 1.5 (1 for Irrfan)


Thank you for destroying Valentine’s day 2014. Yash Chopra produced and Ranveer and the ‘other guy from AIB’ starer Gunday is a complete package. Listing from poor Storyline, poor acting, poor… oh! come on we know the movie is in the list it can’t be good at all. -_-




#17 Doublegangers (Humshakals)



Rating : 1.9/10

Pikapost gives : 0.333


I have a strong urge for dislike. This movie? the producers themselves call it as “oh! God why?” kinna movie, The Sajid Khan movie staring 3 people who are 3 more people is too much maths for a day.







Rating : 1.8/10

Pikapost gives : 2

The movie’s tag line was to bring back 80’s and after the movie strikes in the theater, all the sane people quit watching movies. It brought an era with itself. An era which screamed in fear of its existence. The Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah Bhatia starer was a disaster and the insane thing is movie is still played by TV channels. Sajid Khan no doubt knows the art of making disaster movies!



Oh come on! we are not that good but for now these 7 are enough. Indian cinema does make some pretty good movies but these are the pearls which should never be taken out of the ocean.

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