“MC or BC” Which is more offensive?

We Indians have a strong urge to use abusive words.We do this when we are angry, when we are happy, when we are puzzled about losing our car keys which in fact is in our pocket and when are on it we forget the limits and speak filth out of our mouths. Due to some extent the growing up teens and other “wanna-be’s” find abusing a cool tag in their “wanna-be’s” Bio-data. We interacted with some teens on this topic and one of them had to say

“Using offensive words gives a sense of being grownup. I mean you use such words because it shows your courage.”


We also spotted a guy to whom when asked why he uses abusive language thinks abusing is an act of freedom of speech.



“I like to abuse and I should because its my personal choice. no one should be interfering in my choices as I have my rights to speak.”



The internet world and the KOOL-GEN of our likes it and laughs a lot when they here someone using offensive words. Such language is considered to be comic now. Upcoming online TV series and AIB events are an example to such. Which one way or other is funny. When Yogi from TVF Pitchers uses such language We applaud him. Come on he’s an engineer Give that to him.


Students of engineering colleges are the most affected once for sure. The hostel life plays a role in it. More often a sentence doesn’t end if u don’t have MC’s or BC’s in it.



We Pikapost, recently took a survey on the topic “MC or BC (Mad**c**d or Beh**c**d)? Which is the most offensive one.” The survey was taken from people of various age groups mostly College students and based on the survey we get to know that :




63% think MC is most offensive.


Well, to a certain limit this is true. Many had the reason in support to this as

“Behen sabki nahi hoti par Maa hoti hai” ( Everyone doesn’t have a sister but all have a mother).

“In family chart mother comes above sister. So the Mother.”

Around 9% had a say that BC is more offensive cause they love their sister the most.


“I love my sister a lot. I can’t listen an bad words on her.”

16% had a say that both are equally offensive and some even asked for a ban on such words.

“Why one has to say filth? Respect female.”

“Maa-Behen dono barabar hote. Gaali inko kyu dena?” (mother-sister are equal. Why to abuse them?).

Whereas 12% said nothing is offensive. It is the matter of how one takes it.

“We often use such words in light mood. We don’t care much as it is in light mood.”

“Gaali pyaar hai” (Abusing is way of showing love).

“We all abuse. It is good a sit adds humor in our lives.”


Such languages when used to express rage causes great harm. It is advised to SAY NO TO MC BC!