Bihar Elections “An Indian Game of Thrones”

Bihar politics is like Game of Thrones. There are no ideologies, no principles and certainly no ethics. Its pure politics, unadulterated and unsparing to the weak. Everyone fights for that one ultimate thing, capturing the King’s Landing (Chief Minister’s Office) and sitting on the Iron Throne.

– Mahagathbandhan (The Great Alliance):

Just like King Robert, he never cared about his Kingdom and the kingdom was reeling under corruption and injustice while he enjoyed his time on the Iron Throne. And now with his conviction in the fodder scam, he has been left incapacitated to rule, and hopes that his children will take carry forward his legacy, good or bad.

Protector of the Realm & House Janata Dal United:


Meet the Cersei Lannister of Bihar politics. Nitish Kumar of the House Janata Dal United is the first of His Name, King of the Republic of Bihar and Protector of the Realm. Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar after Lalu’s rule( or misrule). He is the most smart, conniving, and shrewd politician in the Kingdom and has no hesitation in allying with the left, right or the center to keep his Iron Throne intact.

Robin Arryn & Rahul Gandhi:

And now this guy. Sonia Gandhi is trying to teach him the skills of the Game, but the fact is she herself doesn’t know anything. Her kingdom is shrinking day by day and Rahul Gandhi like Robin Arryn is heavily dependent on her mother and is new to the game. Desperately wants to rule, but is too immature for it.

Khaleesi & NDA:

Narendra Modi is the Lord Commander of the Bhartiya Janata Party and the Lok Janashakti Party and the RLSP, Prime Minister of the Great Country of India, Breaker of Stereotypes, and the Hope of Millions. He now plans to capture the King’s Landing. He started alone, started winning and making allies. Just like our Khaleesi.

Missandei & Sushil Modi:

His most trusted ally in Bihar is Sushil Modi, just like Missandei. Sushil Modi owes complete loyalty to him and is his local counsel. He understands the local politics well and reports everything to him. High chances that if Narendra Modi wins, he will rule the kingdom on his behalf and Narendra Modi will march ahead to win other kingdoms like Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

Tyrion Lannister & Ram Vilas Paswan:


No one else deserves to be Tyrion Lannister of Bihar politics. Ram Vilas Paswan, he was initially with the Lannisters and the Baratheons but now sensing the change of winds has joined Team Targaryen or the Team BJP and is now a major Advisor and has got a key position on the Narendra Modi’s Council . He has taken a solemn oath that whosoever forms the Government, he shall keep on taking oaths.

Lord Vayrs & Jitam Ram Manjhi:

This guy, Jitam Ram Manjhi once occupied a Key position in the Nitish Kumar’s Council, just like Lord Vayrs did on Queen Cersei’s Small Council . But now he has shifted his loyalty to Narendra Modi and hopes to get his reward in case team BJP wins.

Ser Jorah & Upender Kushwaha:


Upender Kushwaha, this guy was a nobody and was in exile until Narendra Modi allied with him. Earlier an ally of Nitish Kumar, he now has joined Team BJP and hopes to regain his lost respect. Just the way Ser Jorah was to Cersei and now desperately wants to reinvent himself.

Sandor Clegane & Pappu Yadav:

This gentleman, Pappu Yadav was once an ally to the Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar, the Lannisters and the Baratheons of Bihar of Bihar politics. He was till recently accused in Ajit Sarkar murder case and has been acquitted for the lack of evidence. Now, he has ditched the Alliance and is alone and wandering and wants to have some pie.

High Sparrow & Asaduddin Owaisi :

As if this was not enough, Asaduddin Owaisi has entered Bihar politics like the High Sparrow and is punishing Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav just like the High Septon punished Cersei in Walk of Shame.

Lord Eddard Stark & JP Narayan :

And yes, if you want to know who is the Lord Eddard Stark of Bihar politics. It was this guy, Jai Prakash Narayan, principled to the core. He could have gotten the throne to himself, but he did not want it. Those close to him have betrayed his ideologies and his principles.

Winter is Coming & so are the Bihar Elections

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming. Which House are you rooting for, The Targaryens or The Lannisters and more importantly who will occupy the Iron Throne? Post Idea Courtesy : Facebook!

Stuff parents say when you fall sick

Parents pay extra attention to their young ones. There’e nothing new in this statement as it is a well known truth but there are times when these affections are damn too high and you end up listening to their scolds. One of such cases occur when you get ill. Parents do their basic jobs to make you feel better with providing medicines on time, taking you to the doctor, making sure you are fine and having a perfect rest. But their are cases when these affection takes such a height that you might feel, Oh, God why? Such things occur when parents are all set to find the cause of you getting ill. Sometimes the comments go way too funny that we are forced to write down this post :

1.Must have drank something cold.

We always get that, anything happens the blames fall on our cold beverage drinking habits!

Obama gives a thumbs-up as he celebrates St. Patrick's Day in Washington

2. Don’t go out in rain

Even if it isn’t raining you may get to hear this one. Studies have shown drinking and rain-dance are the main cause parents accuse you of getting ill. Sounds legit though! Who doesn’t likes to get all wet and dance in the rain?



3.That’s why I tell you not to go out so much.

this acts simple : You step outside your house, all the germs and viruses attack you and you go sick!


4. If you listen to me you’ll never fall sick.

Keep listening to what your parents say and this will ensure you not getting ill. Parents do have some great advice to give and listening to them might not make you sick.


5. Wake up at 5 and do Yoga

Morning Yoga a day keeps all unhealthy issues away.

My story : Morning sleep a day keeps Baba Rammdev away.


5. Stop hanging out with girls/boys they will infect you and make you sick

I have no clue how this happens and I certainly don’t know why I added this point but blaming girls for you being sick is so dope!


7.because of your phone/ laptop!

True that, using mobile phones or intensive browsing on laptops might turn you sick. This is possible … NEVER!

Night time connection



Solution to everything is Chyawanprash; It increases your immunity and all such biological terms keeping you fit. Parents use Chyawanprash in each and every conversation with you involving your health.



These 8 legit points are basically what our parents say when we get ill. If your parents have some other special points for us, do let us know. Till then KUDOS!

Lal Bahadur Shastri and glorious Indo-Pak War of 1965

India’s second Prime Minister and arguably the most daring one, Lal Bahadur Shastri’s birth anniversary is also celebrated with Mahatma Gandhi on the 2nd of October. Shastri was chosen as Nehru’s successor owing to his adherence to Nehruvian socialism and so he became the Indian Prime Minister in the year 1964.

Lal Bahadur Shastri’s greatest moment came when he led India to a gigantic win in the 1965 Indo-Pak War.

Pakistani army’s Ceasefire violation were on the peak as they layed a claim to half of the Kutch peninsula. Which led to a battle between the Indian and Pakistani armed forces. In his report to the Lok Sabha on the confrontation in Kutch,India’s then PM Lal Bahadur Shastri stated:

New Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri is giving his speech - June 1964

In the utilization of our limited resources, we have always given primacy to plans and projects for economic development. It would, therefore, be obvious for anyone who is prepared to look at things objectively that India can have no possible interest in provoking border incidents or in building up an atmosphere of strife… In these circumstances, the duty of Government is quite clear and this duty will be discharged fully and effectively… We would prefer to live in poverty for as long as necessary but we shall not allow our freedom to be subverted.


Under a scheme proposed in June 1965 by British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Pakistan obtained 10%, in place of their original claim of 50% of the territory. But Pakistan’s aggressive intentions were also focused on Kashmir. When armed infiltrators from Pakistan began entering the State of Jammu and Kashmir, Shastri made it clear to Pakistan that force would be met with force. In September 1965, major incursions of militants and Pakistani soldiers began, hoping not only to break down the government but incite a sympathetic revolt. The revolt did not happen, and India sent its forces across the Ceasefire Line (now Line of Control) and threatened Pakistan by crossing the International Border near Lahore as war broke out on a general scale. Massive tank battles occurred in the Punjab, and while the Pakistani forces made some gains, Indian forces captured the key post at Haji Pir, in Kashmir, and brought the Pakistani city of Lahore under artillery and mortar fire.


During this war Lal Bahadur Shastri gave a slogan, which is still popular,

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

Meaning Hail the soldier, hail the farmer. This one slogan led to vigorous victory.

On 17 September 1965, while the Indo-Pak war was on, India received a letter from China alleging that the Indian army had set up army equipment in Chinese territory, and India would face China’s wrath, unless the equipment was pulled down. In spite of the threat of aggression from China, Shastri declared “China’s allegation is untrue. If China attacks India it is our firm resolve to fight for our freedom. The might of China will not deter us from defending our territorial integrity.” The Chinese did not respond, but the Indo-Pak war resulted in some 3–4,000 casualties on each side and significant loss of material.

Indian Army in Haji Pir Pass

The Indo-Pak war ended on 23 September 1965 with a United Nations-mandated ceasefire. By that time, India had inflicted a crushing defeat on Pakistan. In a broadcast to the nation on the day the of ceasefire, Shastri stated:

“While the conflict between the armed forces of the two countries has come to an end, the more important thing for the United Nations and all those who stand for peace is to bring to an end the deeper conflict…. How can this be brought about? In our view, the only answer lies in peaceful coexistence. India has stood for the principle of coexistence and championed it all over the world. Peaceful coexistence is possible among nations no matter how deep the differences between them, how far apart they are in their political and economic systems, no matter how intense the issues that divide them.”

Tashkent treaty
Lal Bahadur Shastri Signing the treaty of Tashkent.

After the declaration of ceasefire with Pakistan in 1965, Shastri and Pakistani President Muhammad Ayub Khan attended a summit in Tashkent (former USSR, now in modern Uzbekistan). On 10 January 1966, Shastri and Khan signed the Tashkent Declaration, which meant that both armies will drawback and both won’t interfere between each other’s external affairs. A pact which Pakistan still follows?

In conclusion to this, in a perfect reply to ceasefire violation by Pakistani army, our honorable former Prime Minister went in and captured Pakistan’s backbone, Lahore.