Stuff parents say when you fall sick

Parents pay extra attention to their young ones. There’e nothing new in this statement as it is a well known truth but there are times when these affections are damn too high and you end up listening to their scolds. One of such cases occur when you get ill. Parents do their basic jobs to make you feel better with providing medicines on time, taking you to the doctor, making sure you are fine and having a perfect rest. But their are cases when these affection takes such a height that you might feel, Oh, God why? Such things occur when parents are all set to find the cause of you getting ill. Sometimes the comments go way too funny that we are forced to write down this post :

1.Must have drank something cold.

We always get that, anything happens the blames fall on our cold beverage drinking habits!

Obama gives a thumbs-up as he celebrates St. Patrick's Day in Washington

2. Don’t go out in rain

Even if it isn’t raining you may get to hear this one. Studies have shown drinking and rain-dance are the main cause parents accuse you of getting ill. Sounds legit though! Who doesn’t likes to get all wet and dance in the rain?



3.That’s why I tell you not to go out so much.

this acts simple : You step outside your house, all the germs and viruses attack you and you go sick!


4. If you listen to me you’ll never fall sick.

Keep listening to what your parents say and this will ensure you not getting ill. Parents do have some great advice to give and listening to them might not make you sick.


5. Wake up at 5 and do Yoga

Morning Yoga a day keeps all unhealthy issues away.

My story : Morning sleep a day keeps Baba Rammdev away.


5. Stop hanging out with girls/boys they will infect you and make you sick

I have no clue how this happens and I certainly don’t know why I added this point but blaming girls for you being sick is so dope!


7.because of your phone/ laptop!

True that, using mobile phones or intensive browsing on laptops might turn you sick. This is possible … NEVER!

Night time connection



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These 8 legit points are basically what our parents say when we get ill. If your parents have some other special points for us, do let us know. Till then KUDOS!