Things that happen only in hostel life

Hostel life is the most essential and evolving period in a student’s life. As a student one gets to encounter several situations and learns how to counter them. You are alone and away from your family to build a new home… with unknown people… this definitely builds up some great memories, the memories you will cherish throughout your life and maybe even pass it to your young ones. Let’s take on some serious yet funny things that happen only in hostel life.

1. Attendance :



Being a hostelite is itself a great deal, even though you have to walk a few steps to go to your department it takes extreme “hard-work” to leave your bed and even to the class. Your localite friends reach on time even if they are far away from your college.

2. Getting Ready:


We all hostelites are faster than “The Flash”, you know what I mean. You get ready within 5 min no matter what we will reach exactly on time without even knowing we have taken a bath(“Don’t tell anyone anyone about it. It’s a secret”).

3. The secrets:


The secrets made in between any hostelite remains between them. No matter what it is a deal for lifetime. You never know how many secrets you are carrying within your mind.

4. The mess food:


This is the worst food you have ever had in your life. It acts as a medicine as it makes you immune from every sort of diseases. Even the home made Bitter Gourd(Karela), Ladyfinger (Bhindi) etc. feels much more delicious that the mess food. The specialty of every mess and most hated by any hostelite is non other than “Pani wali dal”.



It is so boring that the same menu gets repeated every time to showed up at the mess and you feel like “Really? Dude not again. I am a human being too.”

5. The games and the feel:


The most favorite games like “NFS : Need For Speed” or “CS: Counter Strike”. or watching the football match and creating your own feel for the moment as if you are watching game live.

6. Money Honey:


The first day of every month for any hostelite is like “Damn I am so rich, feels like I can buy the whole world”. But as soon as it reaches the last 10 days of the month every hostelite switch to money saving mode. The management of money in those days are like a degree from MBA with first class with distinction. You become saint, don’t feel like spending money on anything. The target is to reach the last day of the month with some balance in your account safely. The last day of the month you make a call to your papa saying”Papa lend me money please”. As soon as the last day day gets over every month you feel like it is an achievement and say to yourself “Bhaiya all is well”. You feel like receiving an award for surviving the last 10 curatorial days of the month.

7. Jugaad:

jugad1 (1) pi

Even the management students can not beat us in this area know as “Jugaad”. You want something you need to create something. you become the Einstein or we can Newton. You observation power are at such peak level that you can make most out of it even from a simple match stick or wooden board(specially the graphics board). You become such a science genius that you can you yours laptop’s web camera as a mirror to groom yourself in the best way possible. During any events at your college you want to look at your best so you from which room number you will get the materials eg room no. 121 perfume , room no. 11 the dress etc. Even the basic needs are fulfilled by our room mates or other hostel-mates “It means anyone staying at your hostel”.

8. Cloths and cleanliness:


We all don’t mind if our shirt are little dirty. As long it is fully dirty we are ready to adjust with any type of cloth. We do not feel like cleaning our cloths every week”Damn that is so boring”.

9. The memorable nights :


The special moments are created or we say are lived during nights only. The special menu during night that everyone loves is non other that “Meri pyari maggiee”. The best soulful tea that gives you immense peace” Specially the chai tapri”. Roaming around all over the night we do not mind to travel to other part of the city to have some food. I think you must have been remembering all your night outs during your hostel life”Am I right?”.

10. The Birthday celebrations :

One of the most important day is the birthday and you are away from your home, where you are cherished and praised on this very day. Don’t worry, your mates at the hostel are not gonna let you down. They will bring you the perfect birthday cake!


That’s surely delicious with awesome named for you. Then comes the best part, the unique way of celebrating birthday. Involving chappal, belt, whatever is close to your friends hand. In this case a poll too

pikapost-bday celebration hostel

11. Hostel Events:


From freshers party to college annual function. From New year bash to Christmas party. It is celebrated as if there is no tomorrow. These events are for celebrating parties is only one side of the coin but the other side of the coin brings you something that is full of surprises such as a new charm, a new face, Oh My God “Bhabhi hai wo teri” and very commonly we say “Bhai setting karade pleaseeee..” in short we want to say a new crush, a new love for someone.

As soon as anyone enters a hostel they eagerly wait for “Hostel Premier League”. It is hosted just for fun but the main motive behind to keep all the senior an junior fellow people at one place and making their bond stronger and building healthy relationships with good understanding
With all these fun and masti we get get new talents, new possibilities and new hope to keep up the spirit of being a hostelite.

12. Going home:

Ready to rush into the hostel room, putting your clothes into your bag and only mission to reach your lovely home. The only time where you are so enthusiastic that you want to just fly away and stand in from of your parents. The homemade food(“Ghar ka khana”), the love and care you get at home, the sound sleep, the washed cloths and spending time with your school friends is like so relaxing that you hate to go to old boring monotonous routine. These days are like heaven to any hostelite. As you are leaving home and coming to hostel your bags filled with food stuff.

13. Experiences:

Every hostelite has its own story and their beautiful journey before entering into the hostel and a story after leaving the hostel. It is also know as “Experience”. This is for sure what you have learnt being as an hostelite, you have never ever learnt those during your whole school life. This is what your teachers have not taught you or not even written in any of the school/college books. As soon as you leave your home you are only person responsible for your consequences. You better at decision making. The best part is you get yo know about yourself much better. Your potential and capabilities and you fear to take risk out of your comfort zone, the only place where magic happens or the way to know what you can do beyond your limits. You learn how to deal with the situations, the people and the surrounding around you. You become more responsible and self dependent to do anything. You learn what team work is all about. Mostly you start judging other on the only basis how they talk or what you heard about them without even knowing them enough. Behind all the smiles it has a bitter past and every silence a deep thought.

14. Attachment

One day we all have to leave our hotel room, our hostel mates and all the fun comes to an end. We all met as strangers but we all leave becoming friends with all non separable moments, the stupidest jokes ever heard. The care during emotional moments and all the risk taking adventurous moments. The secrets, the madness during parties and lot of fun. We all wish these days never end at any point of time. But we know everything has its end. We do not empty while leaving, we have tons and tons of memories.


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Post credit : Kshitij Kamlakar, Mukul Pathak,Sahil Arora and The MIT-AOE boys hostel!