Why people like Game of Thrones. Explained

Game of thrones falls in the perfect niche. It has something everyone likes. It has so many elements to it that somehow, it caters to everyone’s imagination of a great fantasy show.


  • Magic and Mystery

    The key element in any fantasy show is maintaining an element of magic and mystery. No contemporary TV show can top game of thrones in this department. While being central to the show, magic is quite tasteful and minimalistic.

  • Magical beasts

    ​Realistic graphics and great storytelling have brought these haunting creatures to life. Also, who doesn’t like dragons!

  • Politics and Corruption

    As the name suggests, this show is all about the games the highborn play to acquire the throne. This display of gruesome politics and rampant corruption is strangely appealing to watch.

  • Action and Violence

    The portrayal of action in this show is flamboyant, while managing to stay in the realms of reality. That is a commendable achievement in itself. The scenes, be it wars or individual battles, are beautifully portrayed.

  • Sex

    ​ This show has become synonymous with TV nudity. But these scenes, although more than most of the shows surprisingly don’t feel out of place. In fact, most of them are crucial to the plot of the overall story. This is a huge win.

  • Scenery

    The beautiful castles, the marching armies, green rolling fields are a real treat to our eyes which are accustomed to seeing random buildings and skyscrapers. The show visually transports us to the beautiful lands and surroundings of medieval Europe.



  • Depth

    The directors have made an exceptional attempt to bring the immense depth and complexity of this story to life. The number of characters and past events stretching back thousands of years which influence the current happenings is alarming. At the same time, it gives the viewers a chance to marvel at this well thought out fictional universe.

  • Distinct lack of stereotypes


​ This is not the usual good-vs-evil story where we get a clear idea of the good and bad guys, right from the first episode. Every character has multiple shades to his/her personality. This gives the individual characters a new level of depth, lacking in other shows. This makes them human.


  • Dialogues
    when-you-play-the-game-of-thrones-you-win-or-you-die-there-is-no-middle-ground-quote-1 game-thrones

    Finally, the part which appeals to every viewer are the crisp and ground breaking dialogues this show has to offer. One can not help but be amazed at the creative genius of George R.R. Martin.


  • And of course :- Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion Lannister, a dwarf from the Lannister family is the only loved character from the Lannisters. everyone enjoys his presence on the screen. He’s one of the reasons to watch Game of Thrones for.


There are many more reasons to love Game of Thrones. Let us know yours and if you do not watch this show then this is the time to re think where your life is going.