10 famous but egoistic celebrities

Quite often celebrities lose their tamper and do crazy egoistic stuffs. Here are 10 famous but egoistic celebrities :-


1) Katrina Kaif:

She’s known for arrogance and attitude. Not behaving well with the airport authorities. Not treating her fellow passengers nicely. She has an ego problem. Being too proud of the movies she makes.

2) Jennifer Aniston:

Yes,our beloved Rachel as we know her. Jennifer Aniston is too self-centred. There was an article about her saying that David Schwimmer has broken his friendship with her because she didn’t remember the name of his fiancée. She didn’t help Matthew Perry with his Tv show and apparently expects to be treated like a diva. Plus she was always late on the set of Friends for which the cast of the sitcom held an intervention for her.

3) Katy Perry:

The very popular pop singer katy perry. She is rude and obnoxious. She is rude to her staff and treats them like shit.

4) Kanye West:

He is not very talented and he constantly compares himself to Jesus or a god. disrespectful and narcissistic.Most conceded people at least have reason to justify their attitude. Kanye is an exception. Despite a complete lack of talent he still has a massive ego and even has the audacity to call himself an artist.

5)Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez has a gig ego problem. She would never talk to people directly. Whatever she wants would be told to her manager and her manager has to convey the message. If someone tries to talk to her she loses her mind and behaves rudely.

6)Nicki Minaj:

Rude behaviour with her staff and sometimes her fans. Her songs are meaningless and don’t make any sense. Stardom has struck her so hard that she can’t even behave properly to the people around her.

7) Shahrukh Khan

The self-proclaimed ‘Badshah of Bollywood’ is also known for his tantrums and excessive ego. From abusing pitch curators at Wankhede to slapping his best friend’s spouse, the list is almost endless. He has however managed to raise a band of mediocre associates, who rule the roost in India’s largest film Industry.
Shahrukh khan is also known for having an opinion on almost all phenomenons of life; even things he is not even remotely aware of; Politics, Cricket, International Relations and so on…
8) Aamir Khan
Mr. Perfectionist as known in the industry is known both for his top-notch acting and uncanny promotion skills. From showing his egoistic and ruthless behaviours towards Shahrukh Khan by calling his dog SRK to speaking up against tolerant nation and instead of apologizing calling the nation intolerant again. Looks like Aamir has his own share of egoism.
9) Salman Khan
Salman Khan is the least egoistic person in this list but yet he is in. From committing multiple prison worthy crime to bashing out on boyfriends of your ex. Salman Khan has done it all. He could have stayed humble but his ego of being a big star came in and some how ruined some good part of his life.
10) Kim Kardashian
Well no doubt she deserves a spot in this list She’s a Kardashian, you can expect this from her. The Kardashians are the last ladies standing in reality TV because they’ve simply always believed they were celebrities – endlessly amused with themselves, endlessly oblivious to one another.