Terrorism and what is Jihad?

Terrorism is just a word in English but it is a hazard for mankind. INDIA faces the problems of poverty, population ,hunger and literacy, but spread of terrorism is the most frightening to all. Be it is in the small countries like Israel and Syria but also in the mammoth ones like US and RUSSIA. terrorism has become the main challenge for most of the government today.

Terrorism is not unthinking violence. Terrorists are very specific for what they want. they posses the greatest threat to mankind.they know no friends and recognise no rules. PM Narendra Modi has pointed out that the UN, despite its existence of 70 years has not been able to arrive at a definition for terrorism the un accepted this in a paper of oct 7,2005 by sixth committee. this is just because of the fear that it might lead to “profiling and linking problems with any religious faith.” But do u really think all these ruthless hellhounds belong to any religion?? A commonly accepted definition is just a mirage. even in India we have not been able to arrive at a consensus on what constituents terrorism.

On 9 ,11 the us experienced an act of overt terrorism unparalleled in its history. the extremists terrorists group Al-Quaida attacked the us and briefly paralysed a nation. How many such examples should be given,whether its of 26/11, Paris attacks, Kashmir issues between india and Pakistan,recent Pathankot attacks,Peshawar school killing and brutal activities carried out by ISIS. everything has just disgraced humanity. The world is witnessing rise of terrorists activities in different of its part a number of groups owning alliance to some political ideology or some particular religious beliefs have chosen the path of violence and terror to achieve their satan objectives. They believe in the power of gun and want to achieve their objective overnight.


Terrorists put their lives in the gates of hell considering their devilish act as a jihad. Jihad is not a violent concept .jihad is not a declaration of war against other religion.

then What is jihad??

The arabic word jihad is often translated as a’ holy war’.but in purely linguistic sense,the word jihad means struggling and striving . the arabic word for war is ‘al harb’. In religious sense as described by the QURAN and teachings of prophet Mohammad jihad has many meanings.it can refer to internal as well as external efforts to be good muslims and as well as working to inform people about faith of islam. So jihad has nothing to do with war. When I think of this. I do always remember a very heart touching dialogue of Nana Patekar who played role of Rakesh maria for Ajmal amir Kasab in film 26,11 based on Mumbai attacks. And it was like…


I would just say terrorism is something which should be abolished from this little place called ‘earth’.people want peace but instead you get people going around killing people causing great trauma across the world.

Just think…….??

If u lost one of your loved ones in such an act .it wouldn’t be easy to take in and would leave u raged with anger with the people who cause such tragedy.this is the same passion that I have for terrorism and why it should be abolished .

I hope everyone can have the same passion as I do….. In the end I would just like to say…


Na hindu bura hai,na musalman bura hai,

Na sikh bura hai,na isai bura hai;

Are burai pe jo utar aye’

Bas woh insaan bura hai…….

Jai hind jai bharat………..

Pikachef’s – How to cook a Frittata in 30 minutes

Brunch is a time between breakfast and lunch. On a free weekend, when you are feeling lazy and wake up late. Or if you have friends over and wanna cook an early meal. There’s no reason why you can’t have all that real quick. Instead of getting food ordered you can actually create something that’s very healthy, hearty, tasty and puts a smile on your friends’ faces. So, if you think you haven’t got time to cook, then think again!


Let’s begin by reducing some confusion here. Frittata may sound like a complicated thing to make. It’s actually nothing but a very large omelette. I guess everyone has made omelettes at least once in their lifetime. The key ingredient here is bacon. And bacon ain’t bacon if it ain’t smoked! So try to get the best outta your money!

Let’s get started…

I need everything to be prepared before, pan sizzling hot, oven preheated.

Put a splash of oil on your heated pan. As soon as the oil hits the pan, it starts to make some noise. So you’re gonna have to be very quick from here onwards.
Slice your smoked bacon stripes and put into your pan. Don’t put any salt, it has already got saltiness. Put black pepper powder.
Start off on a high heat, try to get the bacon very crispy. Trust me it’s important.
After that, turn down the gas and start adding your veggies.

Chopped red peppers
Chopped green peppers
Spring onions
And roughly chopped basil leaves to give it a nice aroma
Add just a pinch of salt here

We’re looking charming here. The idea of cooking eggs is very dull. Frittata in my mind really makes eggs look alive.

Meanwhile break eggs in a bowl and season them with salt and pepper. Whisk till you get smooth consistency.

Keep things moving in the pan, it’s on high heat so we don’t want our veggies to burn. Those peppers need some love and onions will get caramelized soon. You can add other veggies also, like peas, tomatoes, beans, but I’m keeping it simple.

Now as soon as your veggies start to tenderize, put in knobs of butter over them. Also, get yourself some good quality Cheddar cheese. You can get it in any supermarket. Have the cheese dotted around your pan, later you will discover these little pockets of creamy cheese. You can do this with any other cheese as well like goat’s cheese.

After this slowly add the eggs into the pan. Fill your pan and cover all your veggies. Mix it well and try to get all that egg to the bottom of your pan. Bring it back on high heat.

Now, shave some of your cheese on the top. Use one of those small graters to grate the cheese. This will go straight into the preheated oven at 200°C for 15 minutes. This would be enough to cook the eggs through and the veggies to perfection.

IC : recipes.coles.com.au
IC : recipes.coles.com.au

The moment of truth is here! It smells outrageous. Just take your paring knife and release the frittata from the sides and edges of your pan. Tapping the pan a few times will hopefully release the frittata from the bottom of the pan. Put your plate over the pan and turn that gently onto your plate. Keep shaking the pan till the frittata is released onto your plate. This is a quick way of plating your omelette without making a mess, instead of lifting and placing.


Served with a stack of hot buttered toast and a steaming pot of coffee, this easy frittata turned our humble egg into the perfect dish for kicking off the weekend. A brunch to die for!

Would you compromise on your own happiness in an attempt to make relationship work?

The other day when I was talking to my friend, she said that it’s been a long time that I’ve come up with a relationship post. No sooner did she suggest me a topic- Compromise, than she started sharing her views. She said “A relationship demanding sacrifices of your own happiness is not worth keeping. Instead we continue to sacrifice our happiness for our loved ones. But the question is till when the relation will work….. Naah! It won’t last forever. Demands are never fulfilled… You keep on sacrificing and their demands keep on increasing. The day you realize this, it’s too late by then… In every one’s life there comes a situation when they take all your happiness, they take all of you. You aren’t left with anything with you that will make you happy (they take your heart and return it never). Because such a relation is not gonna last forever. So next time you feel sacrificing your happiness for the relation to work, better get your heart back from them and move on… The world is a better place to live even without them.”


And of course, till then, I was ready with my thoughts.

Compromise alone won’t make a relationship work no matter how great the sacrifice is. One should ALSO learn to let their partner do mistakes yet ACCEPT them for who they are. Right Balance of compromise and Acceptance will make a relationship work in a healthy way. Generally we seek for such a partner who are different from us in quite a many manners. Different manners are created from different thoughts and depths and values. Hence, it’s quite obvious that there will be clashes. And if I want my partner to change his habits then I too must necessarily change a few of my habits too which she would want me to. And this is where the relationship get its meaning. Otherwise it’s the same as being single. However one must understand the difference between compromise and sacrifice. Every relationship wants time for deeper and better understanding. Human nature has both side positive and negative, there is no one perfect. After knowing and understanding about positive and negative side, we have to work on it to improve ourselves. Improving ourselves is called very true meaning of “life”. Love is always your strong side, but sometimes is going to be weak side, depends on your understanding.



One word to say “Time” and “Understanding” makes your relationship stronger. Let free yourself to people, so they can understand you very well and even they express themselves. Trust begins with the heart, understanding begins with mind, both are equally important for relationship and life. It all depends on what makes you happy or precisely the source of happiness! If being with someone does, definitely a bit of compromise should lead to a better relationship and that in turn might make you happy! Compromise and selflessness are the basics of any relationship as per my view. But comprised happiness should result in a fruitful relationship. If someone is sacrificing his/her own happiness for someone it means something priceless and there must be something in return. Respect and love should be mutual so as the compromise otherwise until the threshold relationship will work and then the hearts will feel pain which cannot be healed easily. Compromising on the little things to save a bigger thing – your relationship – shouldn’t be such a problem, I think. But of course it has to be two way. One person can’t go on compromising on his happiness and not take consideration of his interests while the other doesn’t understand. With just the right element of understanding and a little bit of compromising, a relationship works in the long term!



Will there be any DISLIKE Button on Facebook in coming days?

Day before yesterday, Facebook launched 5 new alternatives to Facebook’s antique “Like” button to better express our emotional reaction to a post. The reactions range from “love” to “angry”.

Even though most FB users are excited about the update, but its a true fact that 90% among them are still asking, WHERE IS THE DISLIKE Button??? Are we ever going to get the dislike button we’ve been yearning for so we can properly express our negative feelings?


Unfortunately, the answer is a huge NO, according to Facebook’s director of product design, Geoff Teehan. “This might seem like a straight forward task: Just slap a thumbs down next to the Like button and ship it. It’s not nearly that simple though,” Geoff Teehan, shared about the prospect of a “dislike” button. “People need a much higher degree of sophistication and richness in what choices we provide for their communications. Features for e.g. ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ doesn’t properly reflect how we react to the vast array of things we encounter in our real lives.”

But according to a social media business, the real reason saying about the dislike button will never fly because, when it was suggested as an alternative to the like button, it was shot down immediately as it was too negative.

Sorry to the readers of PIKAPOST. It sounds like the dislike button was dead upon arrival. The “angry” reaction will just have to do. *clicks imaginary dislike button*


The City Of Tehzeeb – Lucknow

I have been travelling a lot since my childhood.been to many places…..But there are a few which settle deep in your heart forever,like they were your own and one of them is luchnow…the city of Nawabs or what we call as the city of tehzeeb which means the ‘City of Culture’.So what are you waiting for come lets take a ride….


The first place I take an out-of-town visitor is Bhool Bhulaiya, built by Nawab Asif Ud Daulah to employ the people of Lucknow when a famine had struck. People preferred to work than qualify for royal charity.

When I crave a nature walk I always go to the National Botanical Research Institute, an 1857 memorial and garden. To escape city traffic, I head to the Residency, a British stronghold from the 1857 war. If You want to browse books I go to the East End Mall, and check out the Landmark Book Store.


If you come to the city, get your picture taken with Birju Maharaj (if he is in town), the Kathak (classical dance) guru.If you have to order one thing off the menu from Chaudhary Sweet House it has to be Chola-Bhatura.Thingz Boutique is my one-stop shop for great Chikan embroidered dresses, saris, and kurta pyjamas.When I’m feeling cash-strapped I go to Bhootnath Market for inexpensive deals.

Photo ops in my city include the Imambaras, La Martiniere College, the Residency and the best vantage points are the rooftop of Bhool Bhulaiya (Bara Imambara), the cemetery at the Residency, and the sunset across the Gomti River. The most random thing about my city is the chaste language (Urdu) used by the common man.My city has the most cultured, chivalrous, romantic, and poetic men.My city has the most petite, elegant, educated, and aesthetically inclined women.In my city, an active day outdoors involves a visit to the Lucknow Zoological Garden, the National Botanical Garden, La Martiniere College, Kukrail (alligator sanctuary), or Lohia Park.


My city’s best museum is State Museum at the zoo. It features sculpture from the Kushan School and statues of Buddha discovered at Mathura. It also contains great marble statues of British royalty from the pre-independence era (before 1947). My favorite jogging/walking route is the walking plaza within the Lucknow Cantonment.For a night of dancing, go to Nashwa. Or, for live classical Indian music and theatre, check out Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium, Ganna Sansthan Auditorium, or Valmiki Rangshala.


To find out what’s going on at night and on the weekends, read The Times of India.You can tell a lot about my city by the way the taxi drivers greet you. Lucknow is known for its respectful and poetic language. You can tell someone is from my city when they open their mouth to speak–a language of poetry, tongue-in-cheek wit, and respect.In summer, savor a drink of thandhai or lassi at the Chowk market.


In fall, come to Lucknow during the rainy season and enjoy the festival of Teej during which married women get together and tattoo their palms with henna, wear green clothes, sing rain songs pertaining to the gods, and celebrate conjugal love.

In winter, celebrate Makar Sankranti with bonfires and sesame goodies. A hidden gem in my city is the Picture Gallery that has life-size portraits of all the Nawab rulers of Lucknow. For a great breakfast joint try Nihari-kulche at Akbari Gate in Old Lucknow. Don’t miss the Dussehra festival in Lucknow, a spectacle of fireworks commemorating man’s victory over evil within, symbolizing the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana.


Just outside my city, you can visit Naimisharanya, a place where yogis live. The best way to see my city is by staying as a paying guest with a local. If the city were a pet it would be a song bird.If I didn’t live in a city, I’d live in the mango orchards of Malihabad, on the outskirts of Lucknow. The best book about the city is Lucknow: The Fire of Grace by Amresh Misra.


When I think about the city, the song that comes to mind is “Aapko dekh kar dekhta reh gaya, kya kahun aur kehne ko kya reh gaya…” meaning, “I am spellbound by just looking at you! I cannot speak, I am so enthralled by you.” What more can I say?! Welcome to the Paris Of East.

Who’s the new Green Arrow in Legends of Tomorrow?

A lot of us were surprised to see another guy dawning the Green Arrow suit in the final scene of the fifth episode of the Legends of Tomorrow. It was a complete excitement to see a black guy dawning the Green Arrow suit. For a lot of us it was quite tough to digest not seeing Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen not in the suit.

The scene comes up when the Legends of tomorrow team were shot by a missile of the Bounty Hunter who’s goal is to stop RIP Hunter and his team from changing the events in the timeline. The Legends somehow manage to save themselves from the Bounty Hunter but were hit by his missile resulting in being knocked out of the time stream. The crash landing in place and time caused them to fall in the Star City but the year was 2046.

The Star City was completely into the ruins and then arrived the Green Arrow. Which was quite clear that he is not Oliver Queen as he dodges Ray Palmer by saying he doesn’t know any Legends. Then a close-up shows he isn’t Oliver but someone else. Who he could be? NO, he is not his son William. Remember we talked about the possibility of William being dead in the Arrow? If not then click here to read about it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.02.59 PM

This dude could be no one other than CONNOR HAWKE!

Yes you read it right, Son of Oliver Queen and Sandra “Moonday” Hawke from the comics. I talked about this too in my last post about William’s death. Guess I should start my own website about such predictions and fan theories… Oh! wait, that’s why I made this website Pikapost.

Stephen Amell tweeted his pics from the set of Legends of Tomorrow with the Legends and the other Green Arrow at the same time. Clearing the air of him being dead and his son Connor taking over as him.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 8.10.24 PM

Amell also tweeted this pic of him as an old dude with his trademark landing.



First appeared in Green Arrow Vol. 2 #0 in 1994, Connor Hawke followed his father’s footstep and dawned his father’s suit of the Green Arrow.

In comics, Oliver didn’t know about his son Connor and they met in an Aashram were Connor was a student and Oliver came for inner peace. Being a fan of Green Arrow, Connor helper Oliver recover and later went to be his sidekick. Their relation as father and son was later deduced by a federal agent, Eddie Fyers. Oliver didn’t take it well and stormed off.



in new 52, Oliver and Connor are not connected and Connor being someone from Earth-2. Connor having a mixed heritage of an Asian, African and American was even represented or misrepresented as son of Oliver and SHADO. Remember her from The Arrow season 1? Well as far as comics and their TV adaptations are considered, anything can happen!


Expectations.. Hurt OR Heal?

Expectations.. A twelve letter word with a very deep meaning hidden in it. The dictionary has defined this twelve lettered word as “a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., someone or something will “.
We, human beings have the tendency of going on expecting. We expect all our close ones to come up with all our expectations. We are disheartened even if a small expectation remains unfulfilled. The happiness that is obtained when an expectation is fulfilled is equivalent to the disheartedness when it is not. Merry is the time when everything around goes as per our expectations. Seemingly, our own expectations acts like a remote controller to the various emotions we go through. This twelve letter word can make you cry, make you laugh and make you lose your temper as well. (Strange ..!! Isn’t it??)


Not only emotions actually, this word even at times dominates the bonds that we share with people around. For instance let’s assume a simple case, you are into a situation wherein you are wronged and being questioned, you expect one of your friends to take a stand for you, speak for you. And he/she does the same. You feel obliged to have such a friend who takes a stand for you, who comes up with your expectations. The bond goes on strengthening. Now imagine if that friend of yours instead of going and shouting in public so as to demonstrate her action of taking a stand for you , rather asks you to cool down and ignore what is being said around. The friend here tries to be practical. The friend isn’t wrong in his/her actions. But still because she/he couldn’t come up with your expectations, you feel betrayed. The bond goes on weakening. So, this shows one single expectation causing bond strengthening and bond weakening as well. So dominating..it is..!!



We go on expecting every moment, from every person or thing around. The outcome of these expectations depends upon the intensity with which they are being expected. If the expectation is actually intense, the fulfilment of it plays a big role. Consider a case, you put in all your hard work for some competition. You do all that can be done to win the competition. You ignore all the things going around, you sacrifice your sleeps and all you do is focus upon the competition. Since you have put all your efforts into the competition, you expect yourself to win the competition. But, it doesn’t happen the way you expected it to happen. You don’t win the competition. All your expectations remain unfulfilled. All your dreams lie shattered. The fact that you lost, makes you depressed.


Well .. In the previous case it was the intense expectation that lead you to depression. It was not the failure that lead you to depression it was rather the unfulfilled expectation. The depression you gotta cope up with. Wouldn’t it have been wise if you would have limited your expectations in the first place itself? Wouldn’t it would have been wise enough if you would have put in all your hard works by keeping the thought “I will give my best.. winning or losing isn’t in my hands” in your mind. These would have at least prevented depression. Basically, what we have to make ourselves understand is to not just go on throwing our expectations everywhere. And even if we expect, we shouldn’t let the outcome to cause a great influence on us. Expecting things is not wrong, but letting them influence us greatly is not right as well. We should not let our own expectations hamper ourselves at any cost.


The best way to escape this viscous circle of expectations, is to stop expecting, the less you expect, the less you think. The less u think, the less affected you are by the outcome. Ultimately, your life turns awesome.. 🙂








It happens sometime when you deserve it, when your parents are annoyed or angry with you, like that one time you totally ignored them without calling them. But rest of the times, they get furious about acts of youngsters like us, that are totally no big deal and you just want to scream C’MON CHILLLLL

1. When you’re on the phone for long: You really can’t understand what the problem is. It’s not like they need to talk to you or anything. And as soon as the convo ends they are like ‘With whom you were talking so long? , Who was she? , Is she from same college?’ So many questions within fraction of seconds, and You are like:

2.When you drive: Though your dad never uses his indicator signal and your mom speeds all the time, if you accidentally do one wide turn, they won’t let you drive it for, like, a year.


3. When you stay up late night: Your parents have a spidey-sense that tells them when you’re lying awake in your bed-watching a new show on Hotstar. They’ll crack your door open when you least suspect it and catch you in the act. You literally feel like Harry Potter hiding the fact that you’re practicing your magic from Uncle Dursley. But no matter how many times you get caught, you’re going to keep staying up late. Even though you know they’ve got a point when they insist staying up late will make you unproductive at school.

4. When music is played loudly by you: Parents hate you blasting your music in general, but nothing annoys mom and dad when you are with earphones. “You know you’re going to go deaf if you keep listening to your music that loud!” they always shout, and you have to turn your music down to get them off your back.

5. When you throw all your clothes on the chair: Literally you know your mom well. That chair where you throw all your clothes on and say your room is clean? Your parents check to see if you did your cleaning later and they’re like, “What about that chair?” And you’re like, “What chair? Oh, that chair? That doesn’t count.” :p


6. When you go over friend’s house too often: Your parents will start under-appreciating. So they’ll start reminding you that their house isn’t a hotel and you should start spending more time with your books. And yet, they also get angry…

7. When you don’t listen to what they’re saying: Whether it’s a talk about a girl or how to deal with a friend you’re fighting with, your parents’ advice often seems out of touch and it annoys them to no end when you don’t follow it. “I’m twice your age. I think I know what I’m talking about,” they’ll insist. You’re just like:

So Yes ! Your parents are so over the top sometimes and they take things waaaaaay to seriously, but it’s only because they love you. Apart from it, sometimes they do know what they’re talking about, so you have to give them your time every once in a while.

I Wish I had Never Grown Up

As I opened my eyes and for the first time cried,

Delicately in my mom’s arms I lied.

My existence came into place.

Happiness could be seen on my family’s face.

Years jumped by and rolled.

From a baby into a young kid did my nature fold.

Innocence poured out from each word i uttered.

The joy of childhood mischief, on the top always fluttered.

Life I took as it came per day.

Who was bothered as I managed to keep tension away.

As a young girl I grew up and there came a twist,

Life got restricted into a hand fist.

Boundaries were laid at every step taken,


For every action , why was i mistaken?

The more I got to know the world around me.

Like hungry hounds, they killed my mind’s purity.

My goodness forcefully they snatched away.

Blunting me that it doesn’t exist in today’s day.

I was forced to pick the harsh world’s policy,

Truth; Commitment; Trust and Kindness seemed to be deleted from their dictionary.

My heart lost the battle against my mind,

And genuinely nice friends became rare to find.

To a person had I never harmed.

Until it seemed to be my foolishness, I got alarmed.

I am not that bad as much they always pointed out.

Circumstances made me one and the future is still a doubt.

Deep inside lies the real ‘me’,

I wish the bounds surrounding it, could someone please break free?

At the end of the day, I am occupied with guilt,

And my conscience stands on ground unstable like silt.

What have I let myself to be?

The world that attracts outwardly, in reality has a different story.

I feel like running away somewhere.

The world’s unpredictable commands are difficult to bear.

I starve to go back and relieve my childhood’s each day.

Where to laugh and smile , I didn’t have to pay.

And again could I have a perfect sound sleep listening to mama’s song ;

I wish that my childhood would have stretched long.

God! Please give my peace and happines back to me;

Because today I suffocate living as a person that the world has made me to be.