The Great INDIAN facebookers .. LMFO!!


Lmfo, laughing my facebook out (because you cannot really use the other word, right).

Facebooking (if you don’t mind me using that as a verb) , for them it’s a social networking site and for us, the Indians it’s everything. Everything as in it’s obviously a social network too but sometimes also a dating site, a matrimonial site , for few of us the feed looks like a newspaper and for few others it’s a platform (jugaad you know) . Lsocialindians8et me start as i tell you an epic incident that happened to me few days back. I saw this guy walking out of a rikshaw while i was looking for a pair of ear cords in a mobile store . The rikshaw guy was clad in a torn shirt, which had stains all over the collar and he looked like someone who has been living on chappati and masoor dal for like ages. So the guy proceeds to this mobile store and says ” bhaiyya facebook wala indiawhatsappsarimobile hai kya?”. This is where i realised India is evolving into something much more than IPLs and wedding ceremonies . Facebook wasn’t much in news during the early twenties. It took a snap of few years to gain pace and hell yeah, the pace never slowed down. Facebook welcomes everyone irrespective of their caste, creed, the holybook they read, gender, financial background and language(they are available in marathi too, wow).
But call it fate, every coin has two sides so does Facebook. “Hell-rider Prahlad “, “Angel Mamta “, “Heart Breaker Kishore”, “Fashionista Pinky “, i am sure you have heard of some of these 😀 haven’t you? Lol.
So if a person rides the hell how come he didn’t burn his butt.
These people are the self proclaimed yo-yo swaggers of the country. Mannnn, they are so effing swagtacular that if in case your gender is female and Mr. Heart Breaker sends you a request (how unfortunate) with a message that says “i lub ya, yo gurl”, you’re supposed to lose all the brain cells and fall in love with him (although his name says he breaks hearts). Pheww!!
It doesn’t end here, Miss “Fashionista pinky” has another account “snow white pinky” (fair and lovely works for us, yeah :D). Hold on hold on it’s not just pinky who has multiple accounts on facebook, everyone of us has (comeon now don’t be a fart, accept it). These multiple accounts are most of the time made because our original account has “chugli wali mausi”, “patna wali bua”, “mechanical wale sir” and “colony wali Aunty”. Being more polite the original account has all the ” pain in the ***” ( you know what i mean). So if you have them in your friend list and you put a picture with a human being who belongs to the opposite gender, dude you’re gone. You are the biggest pervert alive, accept it and die in peace. Amen!
Sigh, so these are some of my facebook stories. You cannot really stop blabbering when it’s facebook, i know right. You could always put in your views, share us and write us your kind of facebook tales (i am sure you have a alot of them). Till then don’t you dare stop “the Facebooking”, lol. Adios!