Has the Supreme Court started acting smartly??

Put the reason on the Modi Government or the effect of the numerous so-called genuine activists in the country, the Supreme Court of India has started putting up some way new reforms, and to be frank, I’m lovin’ it!

Yes. This is the same Supreme Court that provided a free meal of butter chicken and butter naan(for some months, but still, hate you bro!) to the one and only Ajmal Kasab. He killed people, got buttery food. I came home late when I was a kid and my mom gave me nothing to eat. Lucky Terrorist(Pun intended).

But now, out of like nowhere, that same body of LLBs, has started acting smart. Its doing what needs to be done for the country right now. And I’m not talking about Swach Bharat or Make In India(sad hearing about the stage fire though). The country needs these activities, but the reforms are pivotal!

Well even though pivotal, I can only list a few. Cmon its the Supreme Court. It cant give out awesome judgements like every 5 minutes. Gotta save something for later.

1. Green Tax for Delhi


Yup. Dilwalo ka Dilli. That city was rising way too high in heinous crimes and heinous smoke. Couldn’t turn a blind eye anymore. And I’m referring to the smoke. The SC passed a law to increase the Environment Compensation Charge, shortly Green Tax from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1300. The Green Tax was something every commercial vehicle entering Delhi had to pay, so as to keep the pollution in check. Even after numerous activists groups going against the price hike, the SC stood firm.


2. Maggi Ban


Awww. Maggi!! The only dish that helps hostel students survive their pathetic mess! The only dish that can be made from a packet and water! The dish that helped girls say “I know cooking*”!

And some haters took away this leverage we had. But the darling Supreme Court brought it back. Thank You *slurps*. I needn’t say anything more about this.

3. Green Tribunal Order

Chennai Floods


Well, though still under progress and though it can be much better, the Supreme Court has ordered Tamil Nadu builders to pay fine for carrying out construction of structures that hasn’t obtained proper environmental clearance. This was in light of the massive floods in Chennai, and the difficulties faced in the rescue operations by the Armed Force because of the complications in structures, amongst which most of them succumbed to the heavy water flow.

This law was ordered by the Supreme Court to be continued in full force, ignoring enraging activists. Can be better by just destroying them. But still, Awesome!!

4. Article 377


This one law has borne the blunt of a huge amount of mixed reviews from each and every corner of the country. Everyone ranging from Imran Khan to some layman has his views on this topic. The infamous Article 377 of Indian Penal Code which criminalized Homosexuality and LGBT sexual activities. The SC has moved the following Article to a five-judge bench so as to provide a re-verdict on the same. Still under progress, the news of the plan of re-verdict itself has sparked controversies amongst the public. Still, its a ray of hope for all the activists around. Still have to see what it comes out to be.

5. Loan Defaulters


Thanks to Narendra Modi and TVF Pitchers(special mention), Indians have started thinking about startups. And they need capital. Well, we are growing in providing reasonable loans to these new entrepreneurs. But our country does have some companies, which were startups like years and years ago, and still haven’t paid back their debts to the Reserve Bank of India. And not to be boastful, our country is in one helluva debt!

Well thanks to the SC, even theres light in thsi matter. The SC recently asked RBI to submit a list of all its loan defaulters, especially those crossing Rs. 500 crore and above, so that strict action, not yet declared, can be taken against them. Nice move here too. Because theres a limit to which we can blame the government for not utilizing our tax money for the roads, pavements, gardens, offices and what not.