Give Them a Chance and They will Change . . . !

A Short Poem straight from Heart. . . . .
Every morning I wake up late with dreams in my eyes,
Only to prove this world that I can touch few skies,

But that day, an old man asked me :
“Why you youngsters sleep so long? “
I smiled and answered “Coz our dreams are big as strong”.

Young man waking up in bed and stretching his arms at homeold man

But TBH now I realize what that old man tried to mean,
Which genuinely swept my mind clean,
I never found that old-man…
May be he was a messenger from heaven.
I am not a psychology expert but it made me think,
When my left eye started to wink. 😀

Made me think so many questions…
“Who am I? What am I doing with my Life? Am I just wasting my Time? “

Made me feel I’m doing nevertheless a big crime.
I changed my mind…Yes I did!
This is a new morning and I didn’t woke up with dreams in my eyes..
But definitely with a big smile, thanking God & parents for giving me this wonderful Life….
Yes! We all can change, we just need a chance…
Just a single chance!!!!