Expectations.. Hurt OR Heal?

Expectations.. A twelve letter word with a very deep meaning hidden in it. The dictionary has defined this twelve lettered word as “a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., someone or something will “.
We, human beings have the tendency of going on expecting. We expect all our close ones to come up with all our expectations. We are disheartened even if a small expectation remains unfulfilled. The happiness that is obtained when an expectation is fulfilled is equivalent to the disheartedness when it is not. Merry is the time when everything around goes as per our expectations. Seemingly, our own expectations acts like a remote controller to the various emotions we go through. This twelve letter word can make you cry, make you laugh and make you lose your temper as well. (Strange ..!! Isn’t it??)


Not only emotions actually, this word even at times dominates the bonds that we share with people around. For instance let’s assume a simple case, you are into a situation wherein you are wronged and being questioned, you expect one of your friends to take a stand for you, speak for you. And he/she does the same. You feel obliged to have such a friend who takes a stand for you, who comes up with your expectations. The bond goes on strengthening. Now imagine if that friend of yours instead of going and shouting in public so as to demonstrate her action of taking a stand for you , rather asks you to cool down and ignore what is being said around. The friend here tries to be practical. The friend isn’t wrong in his/her actions. But still because she/he couldn’t come up with your expectations, you feel betrayed. The bond goes on weakening. So, this shows one single expectation causing bond strengthening and bond weakening as well. So dominating..it is..!!



We go on expecting every moment, from every person or thing around. The outcome of these expectations depends upon the intensity with which they are being expected. If the expectation is actually intense, the fulfilment of it plays a big role. Consider a case, you put in all your hard work for some competition. You do all that can be done to win the competition. You ignore all the things going around, you sacrifice your sleeps and all you do is focus upon the competition. Since you have put all your efforts into the competition, you expect yourself to win the competition. But, it doesn’t happen the way you expected it to happen. You don’t win the competition. All your expectations remain unfulfilled. All your dreams lie shattered. The fact that you lost, makes you depressed.


Well .. In the previous case it was the intense expectation that lead you to depression. It was not the failure that lead you to depression it was rather the unfulfilled expectation. The depression you gotta cope up with. Wouldn’t it have been wise if you would have limited your expectations in the first place itself? Wouldn’t it would have been wise enough if you would have put in all your hard works by keeping the thought “I will give my best.. winning or losing isn’t in my hands” in your mind. These would have at least prevented depression. Basically, what we have to make ourselves understand is to not just go on throwing our expectations everywhere. And even if we expect, we shouldn’t let the outcome to cause a great influence on us. Expecting things is not wrong, but letting them influence us greatly is not right as well. We should not let our own expectations hamper ourselves at any cost.


The best way to escape this viscous circle of expectations, is to stop expecting, the less you expect, the less you think. The less u think, the less affected you are by the outcome. Ultimately, your life turns awesome.. 🙂