Romantic restaurants for date in PUNE under Rs. 1000

Is it time for you to go on a date? Is the month end near and you are out of options for a perfect romantic restaurant? But you have a date in Pune and you can’t disappoint your partner. So here are 10 restaurants for you to date in Pune and that too the total expenditure will be around Rupees 1000. But if you are planning your first date or want to do something fancy then check this out 10 best restaurants in Pune for first romantic date.

SO let’s begin date in Pune under 1000

1) Spice Factory

spice factory pune pikapost
Location kharadi

Ambience is rocking, rates are resonable and food is really awesome. They have two floors and you can choose the floor dependeing on the loud you want the music to be. The top most floor has extremely loud music. Roof top ambience is really amazing. They have some live shows on special ocassion. What a soothing place mate!

2) The Little Door

The Little door Pune pikapost

Location Kalyani Nagar

When the weather is good nothing beats a night out in pune and the little door with its front yard appears to be a great proposition. The space is great with casual garden style seating and a bar at the end. It’s really a cute place. Well set up and maintained. They have good music

3) By The Way

By the way pune pikapost

Location FC road

A decent place on FC road with great ambience. The place gives you a feel of european architecture as you enter and does not disappoint at all. Makes you feel happy.

4) Swig

swig pune pikapost1

Location Koregaon park

Swig is a happening little cafe-bar where one can enjoy an evening over cheap alcohol, good food and lovely music. They have indoor as well as outdoor seating. The interior is well designed and the seating is pretty cool too. Outdoor seating is called as Prem’s and indoor is swig. They play some good music too.

5) Local Gastro Bar

gustro bar pune pikapost

Location Koregaon park

Super spacious interior with so many seating options. Even the smoking zone is spacious and catered well with ample seating. Easy on pocket. The food is yum and with lot to choose from. Everything about the decor pulls you in.

6) April Rain


Location Aundh

Beautiful ambience and yumlicious food. The place is nicely lit up and decorated. Interiors are tastefully done. The presentation of dishes is beautiful.

7) Qabil-E-Tareef

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.51.36 PM

Location Pimple Saudagar

One of the best places for north indian dishes with a nice ambience. The place has awesome decor with outer rooftop seating arrangement. The look is eye pleasing.

8) Tim Luck Luck

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.55.23 PM

Location pimpri-chinchwad

Its a nice place and the ambience is awesome. Proper north indian touch which will touch any north indian heart. Place where you can spend some private time.

9) The Asian Box

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 3.55.14 PM

Location koregaon park

Admist beautiful setting. It’s a little place with character. Lovely food with pretty ambience. It’s an oriental place. Value for money.

10) Mezza 9

meza 9

Location Hinjewadi

Nice ambience including garden seating and tents which one can opt for self. The food is great and tasty. The place is posh and has a classy touch and most importantly all these places suit your pocket really very well. For a perfect first date open 10 best restaurants in Pune for first romantic date. For a perfect gift for him on any occasion. Image credits : Zomato

Remarks Every Internet Obsessed Student Have to Face !

“Tum logo ko download & upload ke alawa kuch nahi aata na ! “, comments you might be facing if you are an internet freak 😛
Well, we are the generation that literally cannot live without internet. And it is quite common now with people talking about our internet obsession. And why not, we have become so mentally engraved within the worldwide web, that we rarely notice what goes around in the real world. We might have FB friends over a thousand but we hardly know people living around us. And that is how we are – The generation who feels at the rate of megabytes & gigabytes. :p And therefore our obsession has led us into many discussions. Talking more locally, PIKAPOST bring you some awesome, embarrassing & funny remarks that every Internet Obsessed Student has faced over time.

1.When we make our huge investments on those net packs.


As we told you, this generation live @ of megabytes & gigabytes..So legally its the duty of TELECOM Companies to charge us the way we use. 😛 Waky-Waky..Here you get a message “Namaskar ! You have used the maximum benefit of your Internet. Now you will be charge 10p/10kb “ & there you go to turn off the mobile data 😀 And on asking dad for Internet Recharge..He’ll be like ” Parso hi toh recharge kiya tha..! ”

2.When we stick to our phones at all times.


“Yaar ! Kya hoga iss ladke ka..Din bhar mobile mein laga rehta hai..!” If you are this generation kid, I’m sure enough that atleast once a lifetime you have heard this dialogue from your parents. 😀
PIKAPOST survey says; “Every person has got more interest on Cell-phones as compared to Laptops or Computers coz Cell-phones are all the time with you..”..Hey Hellooooo..PIKAPOST doesn’t have to say ya..Its a common sense man ! 😀

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3.When Kids prefer Clash of Clans over playing outside.


Just one single word —- ” NO-COMMENTS ”
You must be thinking I’have used two words & said one single word..Buddy beech mein dekho “Hyphen” hai :p
Definition of CLASH of CLANS : A Game that only runs when you have got internet service.
~Boon to Obsessed Internet Users 😀

4.When we text our parents with BRB or Lol.


If you have watched the bollywood movie “Kill-Dil” can understand the depth of this point 😀 😛 If you haven’t then just go & watch this epic scene on ..I dont have to say, you know its YOUTUBE 😀
But the thing is its really embarrassing & funny too..when you are habituated to short terms like” LOL, BRB, ROFL etc” & you suddenly speak infront of your parents..They are like ” Kaunse duniya ka bhaasha hai bhai..!” :p And you speaking inside with infrasonic sound frequency dat says ” Isi duniya ka hai papa !”
Oops I just used ‘dat’ instead of ‘that’ :p


5.When we lookout for Google for everything: And our teachers will be like.


Aajkal kal ke teachers ko bhi pata hai ki there’s a site called WIKIPEDIA & WIKIHOW…jaha Bomb banane se leke Bomb ko fodne tak saare guidelines diye hote hai.
So, teachers on giving Assignemnts like ” Beta! direct copy mat karna..Kuch apne shabdon mein likhna “.
& we be like Yessss Sir….and the next scene flashesh we are in the INTERNET CENTRE searching for our Assignments.

6.And if we happen to complain about the net speed.


“Humare time pe Internet-Winternet nahi tha..Phir bhi humne kitni mehnat se kaam kiya..” ..”Ab tumhe sab kuch Google Devta se mil raha hai Fir bhi net speed ka Complain karte ho..”.
And we’re like theek hai papa..jaane do..
And like always your idea to upgrade the internet plan fails..

And those are some of the ways our generation is being mocked and discussed. To some extent, we are actually obsessed with the whole internet thing. But that cannot deny the positive sides of the internet too. The trick is to keep a balance. So that, you have a life outside the logins and logouts. And be interactive more on a personal level than just the likes and comments. So, take out time for family and friends but do keep sharing and liking our posts !

10 awesome Birthday Party Plans

Birthdays are special and these days are meant to be celebrated in a special manner. We all get excited just with the thought of celebrating this memorable day with our family and friends. Every birthday is a landmark in our life and a reality check of how much we have moved forward, how much new friends did we make, how much friends we lost and and what all efforts are we making to keep our little world intact. Another awesome part about birthdays is that we are not only excited about our birthday but we are equally pumped for our friends birthday too. Friends mean a world to all of us so it’s our responsibility to make our friends feel special on their day.

Giving our friends a special birthday gift is as important as setting up a perfect party. Surprise or no surprise is upto you but the purpose must be loads of fun and creating something this kickassly awesome that it stays with them forever. So here is the list of 10 awesome birthday party plans you can setup with an ease just like icing a cake! (yeah birthday metaphors).

1. 12’o clock surprise


Any bells ringing with the title? Yeah, be there with the birthday boy/girl when the bells ring at mid night. To accomplish this you can do both surprise and planned. For planned, spend the birthday eve with them. Go shopping, watch movie or better sit with all your friends and do chit-chat. Then as the clock shows 12 take out the cake and just wipe the cake over their face or you can just cut the cake and celebrate by singing or dancing like old fellas.

FOR SURPRISE : Now to make this a surprise all you can do is don’t inform the luck chap about you guys coming to their place. Don’t even midnight call them to wish birthday. Just show up unannounced with a big cake and just cake face them when they open the door or you can wait for them to digest this surprise and cut the cake peacefully.

2.early morning waking up


What? this sounds hard to you? come on, this is for your friend who was there for you when you didn’t have courage to talk to your crush or when you didn’t know the answer of 4th question in exam. If you can’t wake up early morning for them and reach there before they get up then it’s a shame. Now as I have cleared the idea, this is a surprise only stunt. Don’t inform them about you coming home. Contact their roomie or parents and plan this with them. Make your whole gang surround the birthday chap and when they wake up, creep the hell out of them with surprise and cake on bed. To make this more adventurous for you all just wake the lad by kicking him. Yeah, that’s what we do.

IMPORTANT : If you are able to pull this off then I promise you, you’ll always have an upperhand in your friendship. You can always play the “I fuckin woke up at 5 to celebrate your birthday” card. Cheeky, I know. 😉

3. Treasure hunt for gifts


Now executing this plan needs you all being highly creative and planning all these in a secret manner. A bit of puzzle smelled by the lucky one can spoil this plan for you. As the name suggests, you plan a treasure hunt game by hiding the gift somewhere. This somewhere could be in their own room or some other place which will make him/her filled with anxiety and suspense. For those who don’t know what treasure hunt is just Google it or… or… wait for me to explain you. So you will wait for me to explain rather than google it? such a lazy fella.

Treasure hunt is a game in which you hide something (in this case birthday gift) and create multiple clues which will redirect them to the gift. example, give them a chit with a riddle on it, they crack the riddle to reach the person or place where you are hiding another chit. Keep this running as it is upto your creativity. What didn’t understand yet? Google it. Just Google it but first read the whole post.

4. Children’s theme party


What could be better than throwing a 90’s themed children’s birthday party? The whole room decorated with swirls, cutouts, balloons, cheeky number candles on cake. Plan this and make everyone dressed like 90’s kids too. Girls in frogs and guys with usual stripped tee shirts with some useless graphics on them. You can pull this one off? COOL, then also play 90’s games like musical chairs, throwing coin in bucket full of water, donkey tail etc.

A successful execution of this mesmerising plan will ensure the birthday chap to be emotional and touchy. Not only for them but for each one of you, reliving your childhood goals will be an amazing experience, a childhood experience won’t be complete without 90’s colourful yet cheesy songs. “Tunak tunak Tun, Tunak tunak Tun, Da Da Da”. 😀

5. Personalised gifts in sum number of their age


So she’s getting 21 this year? How about 21 separately packed gifts which you give them at different time of the day. One in the morning, on in next half an hour or so. One when you cut the cake, one from the hands of some stranger or their crush. A little bit of foreplay before giving up all the gifts is not at all a bad idea. You can torture them for the gifts (in a light mode) because it’s their birthday they want all the gifts and personally speaking a tiara won’t be useful for you if you are a guy. So make sure you give them all the gifts but try to enjoy the moment.

6. Outing


An outdoor birthday plan has it’s own charm. Arranging passes for a musical concert or going for a sports match can never be unmatched. Just plan it perfectly, BUY, BORROW OR STEAL the tickets but keep this a surprise till the last moment. Pull this up, no matter their favourite team wins or loses you have perfectly scored in friendship.

7. Prank surprise


This one is my favourite. I won’t explain you this one but infact give you an example of how cleverly we pulled this out on one of our friends. So what we did was, we made a stranger call the birthday boy (Mayur) few days before his birthday and give him a fake invitation of a gathering on his birthday. Which we informed him was thrown by the company he got placed in. Excited to meet his future employees the birthday boy, Mayur dressed officially reached the venue to find out there was nothing going on related to gathering. Out of the box we all stepped out and surrounded him with the cake and yes we laughed. To pull this off make sure you leave no trails. In our case Mayur called his other placed colleagues to confirm about the event. Which we covered by including them in the plan too.

SO A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO THIS WILL BE HONYPOTTING. Make a hot chic set a date with him and later crash the date with surprise.

8. Hide n seek of friends



So this one is another crazy one. This celebration is kind of a mix of the treasure hunt with multiple gifts. In here each of your gang member will have a gift for the birthday chap but they are only supposed to give them when they find out that friend in the game of hide and seek. Childish? The whole concept of birthday is childish, be a part of it. You can make this interesting by taking this to new level. Don’t give up the birthday boxes easily. Few empty boxes won’t hurt the fun.

9. Family n friends combined celebration


Well this is an alternative in which you have to be careful. Juggling friends and family of the birthday boy/girl is a great idea as it brings all the loved ones of the special person together but at the same time you need to be careful on selection of words, phrases in front of their family. Here partying hard won’t be an option but it will mean a lot to the special one and at the end of the day we should care about the special one.

10. Emotional memories birthday plan


Now this one is for those who are planning the birthday party of a friend with whom you weren’t in contact with long time. So this kind of happens when you meet an old friend after a long time or you guys maybe apart from each other and this is your last birthday together. Apart? Because face it, you have grown up, you guys will move on with new jobs, new life in different cities. SO make this birthday memorable and emotional.

This can be done by reliving all the fun you guys did in past together. Visit that old college canteen, the empty roads in midnight where you guys used to rome after you were drunk. Do something different this time. Create a video tape of the messages recording of all your friends in it. Throw in pictures of all your crazy road trips, Goa visits maybe. This one is meant to be touchy and simply strengthen the bond between you and your friends. Go for it.


So, these were 10 awesome kickass, cake-facial, ballon in the air, drinks on the floor birthday party plans. YOU CAN ALSO READ OUR OTHER POSTS RELATED TO CELEBRATIONS LIKE :- BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR HIM AND HER. Will also take a moment to thanks Amrutha Nair for suggesting these party plans, take a bow girl. Till then stick with, this is Mukul Pathak signing out. CHEERS!

10 awesome birthday gifts for guys!

Birthdays are one such occasion that doesn’t come with any kinds of terms and conditions. Its that one day where the person deserves to enjoy his day! And you know what the best part of any birthday is: its the BIRTHDAY GIFT!

Here follows a list of birthday gifts that are considered to be the best to give to your male friends. Just friends 😛

1. Superhero Stuff


Any guy is crazy about one or more superheroes. And trust me when I say that. If he hears the name somewhere, this guy will go crazy about it. Hence, give him something regarding that, he’ll adore you for the rest of his life.

And as far as the gifts go, you have a wide range in that category from merchandise, like the mask, a logo, a lifelike model of the hero himself; to tees of that hero.

P.S.: Me personally, I love Batman, just saying!

2. TV Seasons


If superheroes weren’t enough, guys are also crazy about seasons. Friends, Breaking Bad, Castle, Game of Thrones, Big Bang , Sherlock. Just strike up the name, the guy is open for any kind of discussion.

Toss him up a tee that says some awesome quote from his fav show, or a poster about it, man that’s gonna be his favourite shirt or either the first thing you see when you enter his room. A coffee mug with that person on it would also be a striking gift. Or even think of him opening up his present to a set of vintage Pokemon cards!!!

3. Sports Gear


Skip back the reel stuff and enter the real world, guys are crazy about sports. And you even have a wide variety in them. It can be cricket, football, basketball, tennis or even F1 racing.

A limited edition football, basketball or cricket ball/bat, a jersey of his favourite player, and if indoor game is his thing like chess, a classy chess set, such can be some of the gifts that he will keep in his locker forever and remember you everytime either he plays it or his player comes out to play it!

4. Watches


Watches are every man’s weakness. And girls dig that too! Each guy has his own taste in watches. It can b a sturdy leather strapped watch or a classy metal one. And even there are choices among them.

Get into the guy’s mind, try his hand out in watches secretly, google the best one and gift him that. Its awesome for both the parties when he wears that watch.

5. Video Games


Every guy has a thing for games. Its fun to just sit in front of a laptop, hands on the keyboard, or controlling a console on a PS3 and live in that fantasy world where he plays Ronaldo, or a bazooka-holding freak shooting heads off zombies.

Hand him over a game, limited edition and the un-pirated version of one he couldn’t find over torrents. Damn, he’s gonna waste a fair amount of his life playing it, but its gonna be worth it. If the machine to play ain’t there then,

6. PlayStation


Pool in money over the years, and gift him a Sony PS3. He’s gonna treasure it for his life and it will be fun for you to see him sit in a beanbag and just see him enjoying the game! That’s precious!

7. Match Passes


You know, this is the best gift. Passes to a cricket game where he gets to see his legends, or to a football game of his fav team if there’s a chance, its going to be legen… – dary!! And trust me when I say that. There’s no greater fun than to see his favorites play live!

8. Gooaaa!!


Everyone at one point in their life has dreamed of a trip to Goa. Trust me, it rarely happens. So, gear yourselves and give him a surprise trip to Goa. You’ll have some memories to live for and so will he. C’mon its Goa, for Goa’s sake!

9. Sweet Suite


Well, this one comes with terms and conditions. If your friend has a girlfriend/wife, then you can book a beautiful and romantic 5-star suite in a serene spot like Shimla, Manali, etc. for the guy and his partner. He won’t be celebrating his bday with you people, but he sure as hell would be enjoying! #IYKWIM

10. Finally, Alcohol


If your friend is an occasional/non-occasional drinker, then alcohol is a option of ‘high’ standards! Get his thing and order either an expensive, exquisite bottle of wine, beer, vodka, etc. or fill his room with many of them. And imagine him waking upto that!!

Trust me. He’s gonna share his life problems with you like never before!

Now, don’t say that you don’t know what to gift a men. For awesome birthday party surprises check this out.

10 best restaurants for first romantic date in Pune

Ever been in a situation when you have to take a girl out on a special date and you are stuck with thinking which place to select? A fancy place which will make her feel special and at the same time will suit your pocket? Then worry not my friend, Pikapost is here to guide you in selecting perfect romantic date venue in Pune. Check out these restaurants and get ready for the special night.

1)Addah – The O Hotel


Located in Koregaon park

Its a lovely rooftop restaurent. The ambience is superb. Its a terrace seating and the place is just lovely to sit out with your special someone and have a good dine in. The soft breeze and coldness add to flavour. The pool side dining option does have a soothing and calming effect. There were seperate tables placed on water where you can dip your legs in the water and have your time/moment with your partner. The water is clean and maintened well. No odour from the water as well. Awesome ambience, music, food. Its candle light all time so great for a romantic eve.

2)Stone Water Grill

Located in Mundhwa.

This place is ideal for a quiet dinner. It is a luxury/romantic place. The ambience is lovey and the service is prompt and has a calming effect cause of the water around . Perfect place for the lavish date night. The ambience is perfect for a romantic evening. They have a seperate area for formal dinner.The food is different, but so good. They has a variety of wine for a perfect night.

3)Paasha- JW Marriott Pune

PC: Zomato

Located at the roof top of JW Marriott, SB road

Paasha is a very luxurious experiences for all the people in Pune. This the perhaps the most ostentatious restaurant in the city. Authentic, classy and romantic would describe the place perfectly. Located on the top floor of JW Marriott in Pune and serves authentic food they have a proper bar and has an excellent view of the city-line at night. Its a no brainer that this place could be your all time go to places for the most cherished and memorable occasions of your life. Its divided into two parts, lounge area, which lies indoors and an open roof area which includes the bar and lavish white coloured chic sofas. The place helps to initiate the conversation with your loved ones over here.


Koregoan Park

This place gives you a nice classic feel of old times. The interior are designed so well. Music is soft and soothing. A perfect place for a romantic date. A good place for drinks and food. Ambience of the place is very nice, with indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement and classy decor. Gets a fine dine touch. Calm and quite place


Located at Bavdhan main road

Nice rooftop restaurant at Bavdhan main road. Easily seen from far the big name. Its on 3rd floor of building and has both inside and outside sittings. Outside sitting has separate sitting for couples and separate for family which is quite nice and has partitions between all tables which maintains privacy. Ambience is mesmerising, food is damn delicious.

6)Atmosphere 6

Located in Vimannagar

Rooftop restaurant. Ambience is really great. You can have all your personal time upside. Food is tasty and you can have some different and new stuff. They have three categories of sitting. A top two amazing places, one lit with floor lights and one side Red touch, Amazing ambience.A funky ambience. They have some really nice sitting for couples and some separate place for private time. A lot of space between two tables maintains the privacy.

7)Evviva Sky Lounge – Courtyard by Marriott

skyl ounge
Location Bund Garden road

Best rooftop options in Pune. A perfect food, drinks and ambience. A perfect kind of setting for romantic evening. Rooftop on the 9th floor is pure delight. Music is really good and soft. They have just an Indian food menu bear a strong resemblance to Mughalai cuisine.

8)Exotik Family restro

Located in Kondhwa

Open air terrace restaurant with colourful lights has a pretty cool ambience. The food is delicious. The restaurant is bliss for the ones who are looking out for some nice romantic dinner. Seating area is nicely decorated.


exotica zom
Located in Yerwada

Food is authentic and tasty. They serve both buffet menu abd alacarte. Delicious food and an amazing ambience. The place is perfect for a romantic date . The place is really nice. Place is calm and ambience is really good. You can spend some private time.

10)Baan Tao – Hyatt pune

Located in Kalyani Nagar

Good place to be with your loved pines for a nice romantic and lovely dinner. The food is fabulous and the place is beautiful. Stunning ambience in the evening with the lighting effect on the waterfall in the background and the alfresco seating. It also has a very vibrant atmosphere indoor. Candle light ambience, waterfall ,artificial pineapple in the water floating. Perfectly lit arena.Best place to spend with loved ones.

So now you have an idea on what all places to look out for your next big date. Written and researched by Kshitij Kamlakar. Editing by Mukul Pathak. Image courtesy : Zomato, stone water grill, JW Marriot, Hotel O.

[INSPIRATION] 3 Ways to do anything you want to..!

Is success more important in life or to keep trying and making efforts to get there? Is the destination more important than the pursuit? It very much depends on your view of success.
Some ascribe to the view that one must have goals and to achieve those goals is success.
Others are of the view that success lies in the journey taken rather than at the point of goal attainment. Remember – for those of you that just read something and thought, “AH HA! Awesome point”, the key is to do something with it. Even if it’s a small, somewhat silly, step forward, something is something.

1. Try


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
~ Samuel Beckett

Imagine how you would feel if you are on try number 100 with no end in sight in creating the next big thing.The lesson is not the amount of tries but to keep on trying to find your success. No one can be successful without trying and without believing in own capacities and labor. Keep trying and success are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes even our biggest failures are crucial for our greatest successes.

  • Bill Gates’s first company, Traf-O-Data, failed.
  • 3 times Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of South California, after which he dropped out to become a director
  • 30 times Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie, was rejected before it was published.
  • 162 times the author of this info graphic made searches for this data
  • 400 times Richard Branson launched companies before he founded one ‘out of this world’ [Virgin Galatic]
  • “I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan
  • 1009 times Colonel Sanders who just started KFC was turned down when he tried selling fried chicken recipe
  • 1500 times Sylvester Stallone was rejected when he tried selling his script and himself as the film ‘Rocky’
  • Thomas A. Edison tried 10,000 times to build a light bulb that could work.inspirational-quote-keep-trying-william-hickson

These are just a few examples of incredible people that were able to overcome a great many disappointments to accomplish their dreams.

2. Do your best


As Chuck Palahniuk once said: “The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.” Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit. If you’re doing your best, you won’t have time to worry about failure. Do your best work by challenging the way you did things yesterday, by allowing your passion to see the light of day, by expecting nothing less than you playing at world-class. Life is about failing and learning from your mistakes. If you want a truly happy and successful life, you have to be willing to stand up and never give up. Truly successful people are positive and they know that each failure gets them closer to their goals. Failures are nothing but mere stepping stones to success.


3. Do whatever it takes


Marvelous Marvin Hagler, a tremendous fighter in the 80’s and the middleweight champion for seven years, once said, “When I wake up, I train as hard as I can. But when I wake up weary, unmotivated, and I don’t feel like training, I work twice as hard. That’s what separates me from my competition.” Everyone who enters an athletic contest practices self-control in everything. They do it to win a wreath that withers away, but we run to win a prize that never fades. Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.



So, the next time you don’t get the result you were hoping for, take courage. Every failure or disappointment we experience is merely another signpost to our success.Action trumps inaction every time. So, as long as you are moving, know that you are moving forward.


20th century Vs 21st century students

Student’s lifestyles have varied outlooks from generation to generation.Here are 10 points which will help you compare the 20th and 21st century student’s lifestyles.

1. We used to walk 5 kms and cross a river


“In our times we used to walk for 5 kms to reach school.” Is the most annoying statement many Indian students must have tired listening to their parents. More salt is added in some cases when they say, “and in between there was river which we had to cross.”

Far different from those days, 21st century students can’t deal transportation without their geared bicycles, racing bikes, Activa’s. No doubt, this is a fact that, struggle they do to convince their parents to satisfy their demands are so high that parents are tired of hearing. None the less this has become fashion statement of today’s generation.

2. Center of focus in teaching-learning process


In our parent’s time of learning, classroom activity used to focus more on teachers as presenters and students as an audience. Unlike 20th century, in our generation classroom activity focuses more on students as participants and agents while teachers just as guide or mentor.

May be the goal in teaching for teachers should not only be to completely blow their student’s mind but also to provide sometimes them opportunities to blow teacher’s mind. In short 21st century focuses more on personalised learning in education.

3. Uniforms and clothing.


20th century students were disciplined, humble and well mannered. They used to respect teachers and wear neat and clean uniforms. 21st century student’s fashion statements can even be seen in their uniforms. Loose tie knots with top two shirt buttons opened, folded sleeves and trousers down the west.

4. Hairstyles


One of the most prominent inspiration of 20th and 21st century students is cinema,be it values or styles ,movies and film personalities have been the most influential in spreading it.In the journey 20th century students were found following hairstyles of Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore. 21st century students have their own stats regarding fashion and hairstyles.

5. Lovel-Letters to Whatsapp proposes


Love and romance has always been an integral part of student’s life. How to propose or impress a girl is a question. Every guy thinks a lot before proposing his girl. 20th century students used to opt sending love-letters to their girls sometimes using even their own blood as an ink to show their love and desire for her.

Our generation has better tools, no doubt they are Whatsapp and Facebook. Proposing a girl sending her love messages have been made easier by all these social networking sites. They make u connected for longer time. In some cases love-stories starts and ends even on social networking sites. That’s why it is said Internet connects but doesn’t touch.

6. Consistency vs smart work.


20th century students were very sincere and hardcore in their studies.They always used to get themselves stuck in their books and methods of opting traditional study techniques .Unlike them 21st century students are skilled smartasses. Internet and digital technology has given us access to unlock whole world with just one click.Our generations depends so much on technology that here after we can’t even survive without it. And of course our generation believes much on last night studies for exams and the evergreen memorising techniques.

7. Encyclopedia to Wikipedia.


Those were the days when even small sort of information and queries were also handled with the help of bible sized books and references. It was said that books are our best friends ,still they are. But today internet has reduced their value by introducing various search engines and video interface engines providing us quick access to digital world’s information vault.

8. Outdoor games to computer gaming.


Those were the days when cricket, kabaddi, badminton and many more desi games used to entertain and kept the 20th century generation fit and fine. Opposite to this scenario, today all these games occupied their existence just on computer screens. First video games and then computer gaming has a full fledged blame for vanishing all these traditional games leaving various psychological and physical problems for our generation. If these were not enough the newer generation are busy on their android phones playing games like Temple run 2 or Clash of clans.

9. Hangout places


Earlier hangouts places were often temples ,lake sides, chai ki Dukaan and at most gardens. Our generation believes more on cafeteria, KFC’s, MCD’s and malls for short hangouts.

10. Fitness outlooks


Fitness has become a sensitive issue of today’s generation. 20th century students barely used to care about their body shapes and fitness. Our generation believes more on being fit and fine to enhance our overall outlook. And of course impact of cinemas can never be denied on this.

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How celebrities got their names

Well this is internet and from past few years we all have an extraordinary quality when it comes to lampooning the celebrities. So I decided to take it to another level, this time by deriving how these celebrities got their name. Won’t be a brain scratcher but funny.


















Summer, the warmest season of the year lies between the spring and the autumn season. Summer season has the longest and warmest days of the year. The summer season is the period wherein most of the schools and colleges are off and also most of the offices remain inactive and hence this is the perfect time to relax and refreshen up yourself.

The ten ways in which you can enjoy the summers the best are as follows:-




Since this period of summer season is also the holiday season, the season can be best enjoyed by planning trips. Trips help in refreshing the mind and energising the body as well. This is the best time when you get a chance to spend time with family and friends. You can go to resorts, hill stations etc. You can explore new places as well.


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Water parks are best enjoyed in summer. Gather all your friends, form a group and just get into a water park. The enjoyment at water parks is guaranteed. Water sports are one of the best ways to enjoy summers. Water rides will give you and your friends a thrilling experience.


Staff Photo by Jill Brady, Saturday, June 26, 2004: Isis Orchard, 4, of Somersworth, N.H., doesn't let the rainy weather keep her from getting a lick of chocolate ice cream at La Kermesse in Biddeford Saturday. Isis was with her grandfather, Ron Perreault.
Staff Photo by Jill Brady, Saturday, June 26, 2004: Isis Orchard, 4, of Somersworth, N.H., doesn’t let the rainy weather keep her from getting a lick of chocolate ice cream at La Kermesse in Biddeford Saturday. Isis was with her grandfather, Ron Perreault.

At times the hot weather around becomes frustrating, the best way to cool down in this situation is to grab your favourite flavour of ice-cream. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, black current..which one will you choose?( I love chocochips though..:-D)




Shopping is always fun. You can visit malls or you can even go for street shopping. Summer is the most awaited season for the shopaholics out there. This is the perfect time to update your wardrobe as well. Some of the stores have their season end sale with very huge discounts. While a few stores become the center of attraction for customers with their new arrivals.




Summer season = mango season. The moment we find the temperature on the temperature scale rised up, the first thing that we look for in the market is MANGO. Different people have their different choices and tastes as well. Some may like Maharashtra’s alphonso while the others may like Uttar Pradesh’s dasheri. Mango shakes, aam-ras, aam-panna etc. are what people enjoy the most this season.




If you wish to escape the hot weather outside, the best thing you can do is sit and read novels , novels increase your imagination power and also it serves as a great past time. Novels will also increase your vocabulary as well.



This is the perfect time wherein you can increase your knowledge. Reading newspapers, magazines will make you aware of the current scenario. Get some general knowledge books available at stores to boost up your knowledge. You can even surf web in case you wish to accumulate information on certain topic.





Throughout the year your busy schedule doesn’t let you spare time for your favourite hobby. You can pursue your hobbies in the best way during this time since this is the only time when you don’t have loads of assignments, a number of projects and exams on your head lined up.




You can also make your summer vacation worth by spending time with the elderly people or small children around. Spend a quality time with your grandparents, take them to walk, ask them to share their experiences. A little time you spare with them, will bring a smile on their face. And that curvature of theirs will make your day. You can also visit old age homes, orphanages and hence make a memorable vacation.


10.Do Something New!


Try something that you would have never done before or something that you always wanted to try. You can try upon something really adventurous like paragliding or bungee jumping. Or maybe if you had this dream of learning guitar, you can join guitar classes. This won’t only make you learn something new but will also add up a talent in your list.

So these were a few ways in which you can revel in your vacation time. Ultimately , it you who has to decide how to spend it. 🙂