Pune Facts – historical and architectural beauty!

Pune, arguably one of the best cities to live in is not only the city for youth but also has it’s own historical values. After successfully defining beauty of Pune in our previous posts, here we are with these facts about Pune which will make you proud.

  • The Ambil Odha, on which the Upper and Lower Katraj dam were built for drinking water purpose, used to flow all along what is present day Bajirao Road and meet the Mutha river near the Amruteshwar Mandir in Shaniwar Peth. Nanasaheb Peshwe diverted its course by damming it near Sarasbaug.

    PC: dhaami.wordpress.com
    PC: dhaami.wordpress.com
  • Pune has not 1, but 4 underground aqueducts. The most famous being the one from Katraj to Shaniwar Wada. This system consisted of some 18 houds. Others are from Ambegaon to Sadashiv Peth Houd. Others being from Kondhwa to Shukrawar Peth and Wanorie to Rasta peth/Somwar Peth.These were built by Nana Phadanvis, Rupram Chowdhary and Sardar Raste respectively. The most famous was built by Nanasaheb Peshwe.



  • Pune was a city of 18 Peths. Two of the original 18 are now merged into other peths- these being Nihal Peth (merged into Rasta and Somwar peth) and Peth Narsimhapura(Merged into Sadashiv Peth. Named after the Laxmi Narsimha Mandir opposite Pune Vidyarthi Gruha)
  • Pune’s numerous Maruti temples actually represent the boundary of a peth. It is customary to have a Maruti temple at the boundary of a settlement, and as such, each peth is marked by its particular Maruti temples- and hence their relatively small size.

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  • Maruti names in Pune are unique and each has a story assisted with it. Some that are at the top of my head are:
    • Sonya Maruti- Located in an area dominated by sarafs or jewellers, hence Sonya Maruti
    • Patrya Maruti- Was initially in a small tin shed (Patra) hence Patrya maruti.
    • Jilbya Maruti- A nearby sweet merchant used to offer a garland of jalebis to the idol hence the name.


  • There is a temple dedicated to Narad in Pune. This is located at Madiwale Colony, near Ranapratap Udyan.


  • Like Vishrambag Wada, there were Budhwar Wada and Shukrawar Wada which were residence of the Peshwa. These were probably deliberately, or accidentally, burnt down in British times.


  • The Khunya Murlidhar temple is so named, because when it opened, there was a clash here between the britishers and the Arab guards sent on duty to protect the temple. Around hundred people were killed here, hence the name.


  • The Shivaji Bridge- opposite Shaniwar wada has two distinct types of arches- The central one of the original design is of a Bijapur style design. Others are curved arches of British style.


  • There is a huge collection of Classical Music Bandishes and other archives at Mujumdar Wada in Kasba Peth. However, entry is restricted.
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pc : i.ytimg.com
  • The Peshwa Bakhar – Peshwa diaries are kept at Nana Wada in Budhwar Peth.

Things You Go Through Just a Week Before the Board Exams !

Studies are so not our cup of tea. We always get bored of the word “padhai”. And, so, when it comes to board exams, we hope to get good marks without even studying. Exams ke 1 week pehle syllabus dekha toh yaad aaya, “Kuch toh hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai” and exams ke din paper dekhkar realize hua, “Sab kuch alag hain, sab kuch naya hain”. Isn’t it? Ha-ha! Okay, tell me guys, do you remember those days when we had to go through a streak of pleasant and scary experiences just a week before the exams? Let’s see if you can relate to them and become a little bit nostalgic! Here we go, back in time!



This is for those ‘padhakus/ book worms’ who get nightmares before the exams. You are sleeping soundly and suddenly, the ‘exam tension’ jolts you out of your sleep. The very next moment, you find yourself at your study table.



Whole year “Disco deewane aaha aaha”. Before 1 week, “Sirdi waale sai baba, aaya hoon tere dar pe.
This is something every students does, hardly matters he is padhaakku type or just a casual out freat who have no idea whatever is going around him/her. Every student study before exam, but somebody on asking “How’s the preaparation ?”,..Answer comes out to be “Upar wale hai na! :p :p ”


Pikapost Survey says “85 % parents are like, when you in class 8,..Beta bas do saal achhe se padhle..”
When you are out with awesome grades in class 10, They are like, this two years are the most important part of your life and the decision making starts among SCIENCE, COMMERCE & ARTS. Finally, when you an awesome %tage in 12th, they are like Now ENTRANCESSSSS….:p :p #Trust me there is an infinite loop of list hanging to expecters.



When you are tired of studying and about to take some break..There you hear a call on your landline “Kring Kringgg” ..Its none other than your relatives who are so much about your preparation and for god sake if topic of Sharma ji’s son’s success starts , its never going to end unless you sacrifice your half and hour break and start studying sgain.



Oh, remember those pens? How can we forget them, right? All our well-wishers pay us a visit, hand over a gift-wrapped pen to us and say “Exams achhe se dena beta !” And, we just go with the flow and nod our head in affirmation. Well, we don’t have much of an option. Do we?



Ha-ha! Not everyone but it definitely reminds me of those ‘naughty ones’ (in a good way) who get on with the cheats commonly termed here as “Farre” as the exams knock harder at our doors.

We always thought thousands of yesterdays are gone and millions of tomorrows will come. So, ‘kal se pakka padhenge’. But, now, when we look back, we realize that those were the easiest courses which we won’t get back ever.

I’ll be delighted to know your experiences too, So readers of PIKAPOST..Do comment your experiences before Exams. Till than Stay Happy, Stay Calm.