Sister-A Friend Forever..!!

A best friend forever, a teacher at times, your secret keeper, a drama queen and so on.. The list of attributes of a sister is never ending. Lucky is the person who is blessed with a sister. She is the person whom you can trust the most. She is the person whom you can always count upon. She is the one who would listen to all your problems. However stupid your problems might be, she will always try her level best to find out a solution to them. Even if the whole word goes against you, she would be the one standing beside you, taking your side. A sister is a blessing from god and the best gift from a mother.


Now here are some reasons why you should have a sister.

All your secrets will always remain safe with her


A sister is a person you can trust the most. We share everything with our mother; still there are certain things which you at times hesitate to share. These kinds of secrets can always be shared with your sister. And believe me; they will always remain safe with her. Though she might blackmail you about leaking them out if you don’t get her favourite chocolate or ice cream. She might also ask you to accompany her to shopping..But it’s fun..!

You are best understood by her


After your mother, it is she who knows you the best. She is the one who knows and also takes care of all your likes and dislikes. However upset you might be, she will try her best to cheer you up. She is the one who knows how crazy you actually are. She is the one who not only listens but also tries to help you out of your problems because for her your problems are just not yours but also hers. A tear in your eye, will automatically turn her eyes wet. A smile on your face will make her day.


Hit her once and you are gone


Sisters are the most caring, loving and supporting ones but when it comes to fights they become actually aggressive. The fights might be over a chocolate, the last slice of pizza or watching your favourite channel on television. Sisters are known for the compromises and sacrifices they do, but dare you ask her to give you that favourite chocolate of hers.

Surprise Surprise SURPRISE!!

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When it comes over to surprises, your sister stands first in queue. She will start saving two to three months prior to your birthday. For your surprise, just to make your day special, she will compromise upon little little things to make small small savings. For example, instead of travelling by a cab or rickshaw she will travel by bus, because that will save ten or twenty rupees may be. Apart from savings, she will make you cards, she will write poems for you and so on. She will make your day special by gifting you something that you were in actually need of. After unpacking the gift that she would have got for you, the first thing that comes out of your mouth is that “how did you know i wanted this?” and to this all she does is nothing but smile.

Unlimited talks


You and your sister can go on talking without even realizing how much time has passed. A Sister is a friend forever. You discuss family matters, friends, studies, relationships, bollywood, Hollywood…and what not. She is the first person whom you will approach when you are in need of an advice. Whenever there is confusion, she is the one who will make things clear for you.

A sister is your sunshine, your angel. With her around, you will always stay entertained. She tries every possible thing to take care of your happiness and hence it’s even our duty to reciprocate her back the same feelings. Small sweet gestures from your side is all that she expects. Never ever take a sister for granted, because she is the one whom you miss the most when you are away.