10 awesome birthday gifts for guys!

Birthdays are one such occasion that doesn’t come with any kinds of terms and conditions. Its that one day where the person deserves to enjoy his day! And you know what the best part of any birthday is: its the BIRTHDAY GIFT!

Here follows a list of birthday gifts that are considered to be the best to give to your male friends. Just friends 😛

1. Superhero Stuff


Any guy is crazy about one or more superheroes. And trust me when I say that. If he hears the name somewhere, this guy will go crazy about it. Hence, give him something regarding that, he’ll adore you for the rest of his life.

And as far as the gifts go, you have a wide range in that category from merchandise, like the mask, a logo, a lifelike model of the hero himself; to tees of that hero.

P.S.: Me personally, I love Batman, just saying!

2. TV Seasons


If superheroes weren’t enough, guys are also crazy about seasons. Friends, Breaking Bad, Castle, Game of Thrones, Big Bang , Sherlock. Just strike up the name, the guy is open for any kind of discussion.

Toss him up a tee that says some awesome quote from his fav show, or a poster about it, man that’s gonna be his favourite shirt or either the first thing you see when you enter his room. A coffee mug with that person on it would also be a striking gift. Or even think of him opening up his present to a set of vintage Pokemon cards!!!

3. Sports Gear


Skip back the reel stuff and enter the real world, guys are crazy about sports. And you even have a wide variety in them. It can be cricket, football, basketball, tennis or even F1 racing.

A limited edition football, basketball or cricket ball/bat, a jersey of his favourite player, and if indoor game is his thing like chess, a classy chess set, such can be some of the gifts that he will keep in his locker forever and remember you everytime either he plays it or his player comes out to play it!

4. Watches


Watches are every man’s weakness. And girls dig that too! Each guy has his own taste in watches. It can b a sturdy leather strapped watch or a classy metal one. And even there are choices among them.

Get into the guy’s mind, try his hand out in watches secretly, google the best one and gift him that. Its awesome for both the parties when he wears that watch.

5. Video Games


Every guy has a thing for games. Its fun to just sit in front of a laptop, hands on the keyboard, or controlling a console on a PS3 and live in that fantasy world where he plays Ronaldo, or a bazooka-holding freak shooting heads off zombies.

Hand him over a game, limited edition and the un-pirated version of one he couldn’t find over torrents. Damn, he’s gonna waste a fair amount of his life playing it, but its gonna be worth it. If the machine to play ain’t there then,

6. PlayStation


Pool in money over the years, and gift him a Sony PS3. He’s gonna treasure it for his life and it will be fun for you to see him sit in a beanbag and just see him enjoying the game! That’s precious!

7. Match Passes


You know, this is the best gift. Passes to a cricket game where he gets to see his legends, or to a football game of his fav team if there’s a chance, its going to be legen… – dary!! And trust me when I say that. There’s no greater fun than to see his favorites play live!

8. Gooaaa!!


Everyone at one point in their life has dreamed of a trip to Goa. Trust me, it rarely happens. So, gear yourselves and give him a surprise trip to Goa. You’ll have some memories to live for and so will he. C’mon its Goa, for Goa’s sake!

9. Sweet Suite


Well, this one comes with terms and conditions. If your friend has a girlfriend/wife, then you can book a beautiful and romantic 5-star suite in a serene spot like Shimla, Manali, etc. for the guy and his partner. He won’t be celebrating his bday with you people, but he sure as hell would be enjoying! #IYKWIM

10. Finally, Alcohol


If your friend is an occasional/non-occasional drinker, then alcohol is a option of ‘high’ standards! Get his thing and order either an expensive, exquisite bottle of wine, beer, vodka, etc. or fill his room with many of them. And imagine him waking upto that!!

Trust me. He’s gonna share his life problems with you like never before!

Now, don’t say that you don’t know what to gift a men. For awesome birthday party surprises check this out.