Rating this week’s best DC CW show – Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, LoT (Oct 23-29)

So here’s this weeks DC TV SHOWS ON CW analysis. Out of the four episodes, Arrow was on the top last week and Legend’s of Tomorrow at the bottom. Let’s first quick recap the episodes and rank them accordingly.

Supergirl S02E03 : Welcome to Earth


Superman is gone and here comes Lynda Carter as president of United States. Still packed with her Wonder Woman charm and teases she does a good job standing for the aliens on the earth. Though at the end it turns out that she too is one of them. I’m keen to see where the writers take Lynda’s alien. Is she a good one or a rogue. Episode also saw other aliens like the antagonist of the episode Scorcher, the fire lady. In this episode we also came to know about the alien in the pod, Mon-El from a parallel planet of krypton. The final revelation was of Lady Green Martian.

Coming to the rating, The episode not being the best out of all this season managed to do firmly well. Still the episodes rating is higher than that of previous seasons, the show has a long way to go and should improvise and perform better even without Superman. Welcome to Earth managed an IMDb rating of 8.4 by the users, the show still has a good mouth on social network and adding all these, the show gets 8.4/10 on Pikapost.com

The Flash S03E04 : The New Rogues


We finally have our Mirror man! One go the best Flash villain is now on the show. And yes, Jesse is one of the most beautiful being on the show right now. Her costume suits her and despite being a tyro she helps The Flash to beat heck out of Mirror Man and his love Top (Rosalind Dillon). The best The Flash episode of the season, finally takes things on the right path. Interviewing multiple Harrison Wells from different earths was a good idea and was properly executed.

Coming to the rating, yes this was the best episode of this season, With Killer Frost gradually coming into her appearance the show is now sprinting to another level. IMDb users give The New Rogues an 8.8. With social media buzz and my analysis, the show gets 9.0 on Pikapost.com

ARROW S05E04 : Penance
Arrow -- "Penance" -- Image AR504b_0002b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): David Ramsey as John Diggle and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Arrow — “Penance” — Image AR504b_0002b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): David Ramsey as John Diggle and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jail break Oliver is one unbeatable guy. The show was another sitting on the edge wonder. Despite being little slow the show managed to pick up at the peak points and ended well. The Russian flashback saw a confused but cold Oliver who finally became a Brouthva.

Coming to the ratings, Ragman and DA chase are winning hearts around social media. Though the show currently lacks a fearsome villain, which I suppose will come when Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke will be back on show. till then the badass TV show is rated 8.8 on pikapost.com

Legends of tomorrow S02E03


Is this another DC masterpiece? I personally loved this episode. It gave chills and released some good Adrenaline into my body. With Ray and the newly formed superhero in crisis STEEL, trapped in 17th century Japan. The show only uplifted it’s game by letting the Japanese ruler have his hands on Ray’s Atom suit. Heatwave had his fanboy moment when we finally saw and was able to beat Ninjas. And he did not hesitate burning this moment Vixen’s face. The sad part was Ray losing his suit and Dr. Stein & Jefferson finding out a hidden room with an audio message from old Barry Allen from the year 2056. The same year crisis struck and Barry lost his life. This surely indicates this season we might see an Older Barry Allen.

Coming to the ratings, well the show gives a good challenge for the top spot this week but The Flash and Arrow gave it a good run for it’s money and Legends will manage a combined score of 8.9 on pikapost.com.

Despite Arrow getting better and better, this week it won’t be on the top. Grant Gustin starrer is back on track and will take the top spot. With a promising Legend’s on number two, sharing the spot with Arrow.


Why we won’t see a Superman spin off with Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin had a similar kind of story like every other successful DC star. Just like Ben Affleck, Heath Ledger, Gal Gadot, Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller he too wasn’t a fan favorite. Most likely due to his immature facial expressions and a poorly made costume. With a virtuoso already playing Superman in movies, Tyler’s superman didn’t stand a chance in front of Henry Cavill’s.

But the things changed. Like other DC stories, when Tyler first appeared on TV’s Supergirl season 2 episode 1. He became a fan favourite. Internet was now flooded with memes praising him. There’s a section of fans even demanding for a supergirl spin-off on Superman starring Tyler Hoechlin. Things changes for him quite easily.

His charming face, eyes filled with humour and sarcasm brought an all new Superman, rarely seen before. This tyro was now getting recognition. But is his personal success as Superman enough to get him his own spin-off? The answer most probably is NO. Here are few reasons why this isn’t happening any time soon.

  1. Tyler’s Superman is complete opposite of Henry Cavill’s Superman


Which we all though was going to be his positive point could turn out to be a dismissive factor. With DC already being preservative about it’s character and not letting them be in both cinematic and TV universe, it is unlikely that Superman will get a cut for long. With opposite charactered supermans out there people will tend to desire more from the other one. It won’t be a good idea to make Henry’s Superman light and funny.

2. Krypton is on it’s way!


Yes, with per Batman Gotham doing well on TV, DC bosses are all set to bring Pre Superman era in a TV series names “Krypton”. Which will be based on life and politics of Krypton, starring Cameron Cuffe as Superman’s Grand father Ser-El. The shows pilot has already been shot and Syfy network is most likely to telecast the series. Again, with Krypton running and Supergirl doing fine, Superman is less likely to get a TV slot.

3. DC should focus more on making the existing shows better.


Rather than adding one more TV series in our “TO WATCH LIST”, DC should focus on making the existing shows better. With Arrow failing to make an impact in past 2 season, The Flash also losing it’s viewership, SUpergirl from being almost cancelled to DC’s Legends of tomorrow being an under achiever. WB, DC and CW have a lot on their plate already. They should focus more on regaining it’s viewers trust and providing the fans what they really want to watch.


wally_west_gone_rogue Ranking best DC show this week – Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow pikapost supergirl_superman_cover

Ranking best DC show this week – Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow

Starting from Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of tomorrow. Where do these four episodes stand this week? First let’s take a quick recap of what happened on these shows. (RANKING IN THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST).

SUPERGIRL : S02E02 – The last children of Krypton


Melissa Benoist starrer Supergirl is right now going places. Not only she went live on CW but also the show’s rating are drastically improving. Supergirl can thank her cousin Kal-El aka Superman for this. The episodes saw both the cousins fighting against crime all together and also things improving amongst Martian Manhunter and the Superman. The episode also saw kryptonite powered villain Metallo attacking National city. With the help of gadget created by Supergirls very own Cisco, Winn Schott and help from Alex and Manhunter, the Kryptonian duo were able to save the city.

Viewers were lured by Superman to watch these two episodes and the show bosses didn’t disappoint. Now the fans want Tyler Hoechlin starrer Superman, a spin-off of Supergirl. Which according to me isn’t a good idea. DC should right now focus on making existing series even better. And as news are coming about another TV series on the home planet of Superman, Krypton. Superman is most likely not to get a spin-off anytime soon.

Rating the episode, Out of the two aired episodes this season, both have managed to grab eyeballs. With one of the all time strong rating of 8.7 on IMDb the show is moving in the right direction. The show is now getting better but so far only 2 episodes aired it is hard to predict Supergirl might have a smooth season all together.

The Flash : S03E03 – Magneta


To quote Jannis from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “Oh My GAAAAWWWD”. This episode again kind of had similar build up like Supergirl. barry’s date with Iris was going nowhere. It was all dull and both were not able to connect and with duty calls coming in their way the romance couldn’t flourish. Episode also had an antagonist Magneta with split personality and power to move metallic bodies uniformly. Though the good I’m her didn’t let the evil last and things were back to normal.

Out of all the slobbish storyline the best part was, knowing Jesse Wells does have superpower and somehow she can run as fast as Barry does despite being a novice. Jesse getting powers and Wally still being powerless made him uncomfortable. But later he was okay with it. Sneaky? Well according to one of my earlier fan theory, there are chances that Wally is seeing Dr. Alchemy to get his power.

Rating the episode, Despite bringing more speedsters and return of fan favourite Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells the show doesn’t seem to go well. One of the major reason being season 1 of the Flash was way to awesome and this is hurting the show now when they are not able to pick it up. Everything looks kind of repeated maybe because of Barry screwing up the timeline all the time (Pun intended). Episode managed an IMDb rating of 8.5 which is good but lowest of the season so far. Show also saw downfall in viewers despite Then CW launching new free apps to watch the show. But again a long way to go and the show can still turn around it’s course and be more awesome instead.

ARROW : S05E03 – A matter of trust

Arrow -- "The Recruits" -- Image AR502a_0137b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R):  Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and Rick Gonzales as Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

With Arrow losing control of it’s viewer after the massacre of season 3 and 4, this episode has somehow managed to bring back the darkness of season 2. This is giving us hope. Episode saw Oliver being once again trapped in his team management skills as Mayor of the city and also as The Green Arrow. With his team members doing taking their own calls Oliver was left to handle media and his WWE arch rival Stardust. I was kind of disappointed with the end of Stardust. With his abilities and determination to make a team of superhumans, episode made me nostalgic and all I could remember was Slade’s army from season 2. But soon Oliver gained trust of his team and was able come clean in media and able to beat Derek Sampson aka stardust again. With fans being in delimma about the death and survival of Deathstroke it was quite fun to watch him back on screen. As Diggle is jailed for falony against nation, Lyla meets Oliver asking hi for a jail break. Yes, Arrow is going in the right way.

Rating the episode, one of the best in past 2 years. Arrow is getting gritty and dark. Despite poor viewership, thanks to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential debate it can be expected from the show to do well with all these awesome buildups. But again this is Arrow, keep your fingers crossed. IMDb rating 8.7. Good job team Arrow.

Legend’s of Tomorrow : S02E02 – The justice Society of America



With one of the best concept amongst all the TV shows Legend’s of tomorrow wasn’t able to manage season one that well. Most of the time episodes in season 1 were “What the hell is this”. But season two saw new light. With S02E01 being one of my favourite, Episode 2 didn’t disappoint as well. Legends of tomorrow manages to keep one sit on the edge of the seat. With less on talking like Arrow and Flash, Legends is action packed with lots of history making and breaking.

This weeks episode also saw the infamous Justice Society of America. JSA managed to bring more excitement in the show but at the same time maybe due to low on CGA budget, didn’t utilize all the potential of it’s characters. Dr. Mid-Nite could have been used more and better. Family love was strong in this episode thanks to historian Nate Haywood and his grandfather JSA’s Commander steel.

episode also has The Flash’s all time villain Eodbard Thawne aka Reverse Flash working for the Nazis. Episode ended with the death of Rex Taylor from the shaking hands of Reverse Flash which might effect Legend’s coming to 1942. Well all this time traveling stuff is mind boggling and it confuses everyone when we watch any of Legend’s of tomorrows episodes.

Rating the episode, the episode wasn’t that good as it was last week. But again wasn’t as poorly crafted as the last season of the show. With IMDb rating indication 8.6 which will gradually fall to 8.2 soon (prediction) the show needs to up it’s game and keep it the same way. The present plot is good, characters are good, timeline mashup makes people think hard, just the storyline and connecting dots amongst the story needs to be better.


Well, all the 4 shows showing positive signs this season, I will flag them all green. Ranking the episodes (based on viewers response, critics and ratings)


Keep watching this space when I will come back next week this episodes review and ratings. Till then comment below what did you think about this weeks episodes.

Chandler is dead and will haunt the FRIENDS!

There are 236 FRIENDS episodes and you might have watched all of them more than five times. But you still haven’t watched this one. Now you are puzzled and sprinting all your FRIENDS knowledge and trying to recall which episode is this one. When did Chandler die? Well, he never died in FRIENDS and I hope he never dies. Then you might think what is this all about? Here’s your answer. Watch this unseen fan made episode of FRIENDS in which somehow Chandler Bing dies and decides to haunt his friends.


Recently a YouTuber decided to honour FRIENDS with an alternate ending which according to him is not only senti and comic but also existential, spooky and uplifting. The Youtuber Dogfood came up with this awesome concept to kill Chandler Bing in the final episode and turn the sit-com into a horror-com. Here’s what Dogfood has to write about his mashup video on FRIENDS,

A loving mashup offering an alternate ending to Friends that’s at once very bleak, but also existential, spooky and uplifting.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. All these extra storylines on FRIENDS somehow manage to recall the FRIENDS fanatic lies within all of us. Be it Chandler’s sarcasm, Joey’s charm, Rachael being a prom-queen fashionista, Monica gluing up the gang and yes being a clean-freak. Who can forget the care Ross has for everyone in the gang and of course Phoebe’s “smelly cat”, one can jingle that song all night long. Any Gunther fans out there?


Taylor Swift meets Phoebe Buffay!

Is Wally West The Flash season 3’s villain?

Is this even a possiblity? Well as much we have seen in past 2 seasons of Barry Allen screwing up with the timeline, anything is possible. It is a well known fact that Wally West is supposed to get his super powers. It might take few episodes but it is right around the corner. In this post I will talk about how Wally West will get his power and how he is going to turn a rogue one.

On the pilot episode of season 3 we saw an alternate timeline in which Barry’s parents were alive, he wasn’t the celebrated flash but Wally West in his dazzling yellow suit was the Flash or The Kid Flash, as Iris and others used to call him. This implies that in a Barry screwed timeline Wally has superpowers. Which he utilizes fighting against The Rival.


When Barry once again screws up the timeline in getting back on his original timeline, he changes few things. Wally is no more the Flash. Later, it is discovered that Jesse Wells, daughter of alternate timelines Harrison Wells is a speedster. She and Wally were together hit by particle accelerator explosion in the previous season. Jesse turning into a speedster triggered hopes in Wally for being one too. He recklessly came in front of a speeding car to get his power but failed in his attempts.


superman_supergirl_pikapost_cw How Superman saves Supergirl franchise




How will Wally West get back his power?

To answer this we must bring into picture Dr. Alchemy. An unknown antagonist who has power to make people from this timeline realise their metahuman powers which they had on the previous timeline which Barry screw up. He resurrected The Rivals power in second episode and in third evoked that of Magneta.

Now 2 things can happen to Wally to get his power back.


First being Dr. Alchemy contacting Wally West and making him realise he had power in the previous timeline. Which he can get back if he is willing to fight against The Flash. Why will he fight against Flash? Because Barry knew Wally had super power in previous timeline and still didn’t help him out in getting them. This card can easily be used by Dr. Alchemy against the Flash.

Secondly, in later episode Wally finds out from Barry that he had power in previous timeline and knowing that Dr. Alchemy can bring him his power he might himself contact him. Now, there is a possiblity that this might already have happened. Remember one of the last scene in which Wally states to Detective Joe and Barry that “he is okay”? From being impatient to suddenly being okay sounds suspicious.

If Dr. Alchemy turns out to be the source of Wally’s power than it is quite sure that we might get to see atleast one The Flash Vs The Kid Flash fight. Anyone rooting for it?



Supergirl – This season’s best superhero TV Series?

When CBS decided to scrap Supergirl with it’s poor performance in it’s first season itself. We never thought we will be able to see her ever again. Despite introducing Martian Manhunter on the show it was going no where. The show lacked from keeping it’s viewers glued up. But things turned up a little bit when DC entertainment network decided to throw in Grant Gustin’s The Flash in the show for an episode. Not only it up the episode’s rating but it also gave a life line to the show if it switches to CW network. CW played the cards, after CBS decided to not renew Supergirl for season two, CW brought here home.

The Flash experiment gone right for Supergirl!


Now the only thing they wanted was an iconic character to go with Supergirl. Calling The Flash as series regular wasn’t a good idea. So the show masters Sarah Schechter, Allison Adler and Andrew Kreisberg decided to bring in a Kryptonian which will go hand in hand with her. And that was SUPERMAN.

People resented Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman as his looks and costume were no where near to Henry Cavil’s Superman. This is again another DC-Hate story where public dislike the casting but when it airs they fall in love with it. Happened with christian Bale’s and Ben Affleck’s Batman. With Jared Leto’s and Heath Ledger’s joker. Same with Grant’s and Ezra’a flash. Well it is an all time story for some other day.

Where really things changed for Supergirl?


The airing of Supergirl season 2 did not get much attention from viewers but when the words went out things turned around for Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl and same for Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. The pilot saw some good action with the Kryptonian cousins saving the day for the Supergirl franchise. And now Tyler’s portrayal as Superman is considered “comic-book accurate” and some how better than Henry Cavil’s. Both the siblings working together with the support of Martian Manhunter is delighting the viewers and the internet is buzzed too!

What new does this Superman bring on the table?


Well nothing new but whatever is in the comic. Tyler as Superman is not only jolly and smiling all the time but also his alter-ego Clark Kent is killing it with being a messy person. He drops files in elevators, lacks formal vocab whilst talking to his boss on phone and uses slang. He is totally opposite to the nature of Henry Cavil’s Superman who is more serious and dark. A detailed analysis, click here.

I as a viewer will love to watch more of this duo working together. Both being friendly and cheerful adds characteristic to the Superman. This gives Supergirl and it’s creator a new lifeline. To carry on the good work with her is upto them, else they can spoil it like they did it in last two seasons of Arrow.

Broken Wings Of Fire

A nation like India which is on a fast track, moving with full phase; has rendered to grant the best amenities to modern life and the common man. Even in the wake of all these things we tend to harm ourselves by harming the society. Dreaming of a vision 2020 and Digital India has fast gained name with amongst the modern world and rich investors. Still we tend to forget the integrity which held our nations pride in high esteem. That integrity and sovereignty has now been lost. It was a man’s right to decide upon how he wished to live but today its the society, that tends decide how a man should grow up, how should he live, write, walk, dress, talk and all sorts of independence has now been lost in favour of the so called society. Just because our neighbour follows a trend whether good or bad I too must follow the same, is the present status. Even though the status of living has changed still our mind sets and thoughts are still orthodox. Some thoughts are real good and can favour humanity no doubt but what if people tend to bend certain rituals just for the sake of one’s own good will.


I still remember my childhood days when my friends used to come out and yell by my name to come down to play while my mother used to shout “why are your friends just howling?”. Indeed it did create a Lot of commotion and disturbance to neighbours. Then I used to think what could replace such ruckus in near future. But today I have the answer when I see my brother. His friends give him a call to ask him if he is coming to play or not. There came the technology that has made us so lazy that they can’t even get down the stairs or run down the street to give a call for a game. Indeed recent technology is a great boon it has reduced the sound pollution at least. Its wrong to criticize those things which can render a lot of advantages to us. So it has constrained a man’s capability to think or give an exercise to his brain. I am no exception to all these things.

Dell Innovation in Education Social Think Tank at MIT CSAIL

Recently I was thrown back in surprise when I asked one of my teacher how much she owes to the internet for all the productive lectures that she delivered. Her answer was storming she said I don’t use the internet. I was shocked and asked in surprise if she used the social media and she said no. I was moved back I argued, internet was very productive but she said she had enough books to solve all her doubts and clarify everything. She was a good reader indeed. She was right though now a days, we type what we want and from a bulk only the required part that is needed is provided. Well this system must have been introduced to help those who have already read that book at least ones. But it has helped tremendously in creating half learned scholars. She was the only person after my mom and my aunt who kept away from the internet but yet had a lot to donate in the field of learning just because they were good readers.

May be that’s the reason why we don’t have teachers who can grant productive knowledge. This has just made our generation a book worm and a shift in the method of learning and all. So does that mean we don’t have quality education? People would curse me if i say so. The level of education is best but we are lacking somewhere. The recent trend of innovation that has hit the nation like a wild storm but only after the death of most respected Dr. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM is making great achievements. Indeed his dreams are yet to be accomplished a few only to say. The innovation has so wild hit that even in match sticks we get to see patents.


The nation will soon get on a tide that will take the land to a far more distance much ahead of all the others that are ahead today. We just need to get on our toes to bring some reformation in our thoughts. To inspire the younger generations to think and develop, the teenagers to work hard, the middle orders to share experience and the tail enders to share memories. With all these we can build a nation, a prosperous country with vivid culture but still on top. Being on top in development is indeed possible with hard work but maintaining peace in the long run and teaching others to get along the same is a Challenge we face and need to solve. Indeed my wings of fire that are broken for now will soon recover and with much grandeur it will take a flight to higher elevation like a phoenix; where men will love and live like human beings. The splendid days are no far what is required is just a change. A change of ideology and belief with this fast changing world.

The Best Lip Balms You Need in Your Life

Here is a list of 10 lip balms which will not only look good on you, but also heal your lips!



Any enthusiastic lip scrubber would know that exfoliation is the reason behind a soft pout. This is where, an idea of combining a scrub and balm struck in a single chaos-free pencil struck Tarte’s mind. First, the sugary scrub bogs off the flakes. Secondly, these lip balms provides moisture to the skin till it becomes baby soft.



You should not judge these sheep-based lip balms, until you’ve put a hand upon it. Developed from the wax secretion of sheep also known as Wool grease, it is a thick ointment which is soaked by the lips. It proves to be a magic trick for your dry skin and even the cracking cuticles.



With these coconut scented lip balms put on, you can go on a vacation for one year. This product utilizes the coconut oil for providing moisture to your lips.


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Don’t think that this lip balm will provide only the elementary advantages. It is an oil based treatment which brings shine to the lips and can prove to be more glossy when compared to our dearest lip color.


Young woman applying lip balm, close-up

This balm not only comes in an easy on the eye packaging but also has a smoothing effect on the dry spots, starting from your pasty white elbows to damaged lips. It contains nourishing elements such as beeswax, lanolin and castor seed oil, which keeps the skin soft to the day end.



This balm has been made so gentle by the RMS’ natural beauticians that you can use it even around the eyes. This non-sticky dual-task ointment comes in two delicious flavors, vanilla and chocolate.



You might consider buying the Aquaphor Lip balm from the stores. Its moisture locking phenomenon repairs the damaged skin due to the presence of gentle elements like the chamomile and shea butter.



The Smith’s retro rosebud ointment is Beyoncé’s favorite because of its multi-purpose demand. The finely colored balm can be used in keeping the wandering off eyebrows in their place and in providing some over the top glow.



Having eatable ingredients can provide your lips a delicate color in different shades that range from red to coral and honey.



The natural vitamins and butters present in Jack Black’s lip balm are the credential elements. In addition to this, the SPF protection makes it an ideal wearing choice while going in the sun.

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5 Denim Look That Will Make You Stand Out In This Fall

Since ancient times, clothing with unique styling has become a part of fashion trends. Whenever we talk about style, it is such fashion trends that come into our mind. It’s a distinctive and a constant change to develop style in an innovative manner. It is the influence of existing style, which creates different ways and direct new designs. The first fashion industry developed in Europe and America and was later spread in a globalised manner. Similarly denims have also been a successful exchange of fashion which has benefitted people worldwide since a long period of time.

Added versatility

With the presence of denim products you can change your personality and get an awesome look to stand unique. And when it comes to fashion, jeans are well known for the trends. Be it young children, men or women, they are hardly anybody who are not influenced by the comfort of denims. Denim is also offered in innovated varied jeans designs and cuts and added versatility to such collection. Avid fashion followers and buyers have also been benefitted to a great extent. Here are five of the best denim looks that are popular and never runs out of trend. They are bound to make you look your gorgeous best.

Denim vintage jacket:


Denim has launched new trend vintage jackets which at present is quite impressive and offers a confident look. This will enhance the overall personality of the dresser. As women are already beautiful naturally, this trendy jacket has just given a fine line to define your beauty.

Denim pencil skirt:


This is a pencil structure skirt which will give a bold and awesome look. While choosing this pencil skirt, you can pair it up with a pencil heeled shoe. It will glorify your attitude and make you look stunning.



Jumpsuits is a very easy and comfortable dress to wear. They are one of the trending style trends in recent times and are loved by all.

Patched work Denim:
PC : AOL.com
PC : AOL.com

You can pair it up with an old cotton dress or a vibrant top. Such patch work or slit denim material is a common favourite among youngsters. There are often seen on jackets and comfortable jeans. They are offered in different and creative styles for buyers.

Flare jeans:

Regarded to be an old trend and back in vogue, flared jeans is the first choice for most dressers. They are so versatile that anybody can flaunt it in style.

Styling with Denim

Denims are always in fashion. Women can definitely go with denim clothing, if they are willing to look trendy and stand out from the rest. If you are a little on the healthier side, then go with flare jeans or jumpsuits. For leaner figures, skinny jeans and shirts are highly recommended. This season has brought back denim skirts and jackets. They have been offered even in accessories in this fashion trendy season. Denim always brings in creative designs for most dressers in every season. Conventional denims are also being transformed and offered in varied colors. If teamed up with trendy accessories, such denim looks are regarded to be quite popular and makes the dresser even more stylish.

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Tragic Story Of Dhoni’s Friend Who Taught Him The Helicopter Shot – Santosh Lal

History will know Mahendra Singh Dhoni as one of India’s best Cricket captains and a true legend of the game. Dhoni’s fan following has reached a level where a film is made on his life while he is still playing in the Indian team.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story spilled a lot of beans from Dhoni’s personal life. The most interesting of which was about his cricketing buddy who taught Dhoni how to play the helicopter shot or as it was earlier called, the “thappad shot”.


Santosh Lal was a fellow cricketer and a friend of Dhoni’s during his early years in the cricketing world. The two would travel around their state for Cricket tournaments, honing their skills with the tennis ball.

As is shown in the movie, Dhoni’s friend introduced him to the “Helicopter shot”. As expected, a young Mahendra Singh Dhoni was taken aback by the shot and expressed his desire to learn it.

PC : Indian express

Santosh Lal helped Dhoni to learn and perfect the “thappad shot” all the way back in the 90s.

Little did anyone know that this “thappad shot” perfected in the streets of Ranchi will take India to international victories around the globe and make the “helicopter shot” a trademark in the world of Cricket.

PC :India today

According to testimonies of Dhoni’s other friends, Mahi didn’t lose touch with Santosh Lal even after becoming a big star.

During a later stage in his career, Santosh had gone on to play Ranji Trophy for his home state of Jharkhand. However around this time, Santosh suffered a bad case of Pancreatitis which caused him to miss most of his matches.

As Santosh’s condition grew critical, Dhoni arranged for Santosh to be brought to Delhi from Ranchi for treatment but Santosh couldn’t make it and ultimately passed away in 2013.

Being Indian