Supergirl – This season’s best superhero TV Series?

When CBS decided to scrap Supergirl with it’s poor performance in it’s first season itself. We never thought we will be able to see her ever again. Despite introducing Martian Manhunter on the show it was going no where. The show lacked from keeping it’s viewers glued up. But things turned up a little bit when DC entertainment network decided to throw in Grant Gustin’s The Flash in the show for an episode. Not only it up the episode’s rating but it also gave a life line to the show if it switches to CW network. CW played the cards, after CBS decided to not renew Supergirl for season two, CW brought here home.

The Flash experiment gone right for Supergirl!


Now the only thing they wanted was an iconic character to go with Supergirl. Calling The Flash as series regular wasn’t a good idea. So the show masters Sarah Schechter, Allison Adler and Andrew Kreisberg decided to bring in a Kryptonian which will go hand in hand with her. And that was SUPERMAN.

People resented Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman as his looks and costume were no where near to Henry Cavil’s Superman. This is again another DC-Hate story where public dislike the casting but when it airs they fall in love with it. Happened with christian Bale’s and Ben Affleck’s Batman. With Jared Leto’s and Heath Ledger’s joker. Same with Grant’s and Ezra’a flash. Well it is an all time story for some other day.

Where really things changed for Supergirl?


The airing of Supergirl season 2 did not get much attention from viewers but when the words went out things turned around for Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl and same for Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. The pilot saw some good action with the Kryptonian cousins saving the day for the Supergirl franchise. And now Tyler’s portrayal as Superman is considered “comic-book accurate” and some how better than Henry Cavil’s. Both the siblings working together with the support of Martian Manhunter is delighting the viewers and the internet is buzzed too!

What new does this Superman bring on the table?


Well nothing new but whatever is in the comic. Tyler as Superman is not only jolly and smiling all the time but also his alter-ego Clark Kent is killing it with being a messy person. He drops files in elevators, lacks formal vocab whilst talking to his boss on phone and uses slang. He is totally opposite to the nature of Henry Cavil’s Superman who is more serious and dark. A detailed analysis, click here.

I as a viewer will love to watch more of this duo working together. Both being friendly and cheerful adds characteristic to the Superman. This gives Supergirl and it’s creator a new lifeline. To carry on the good work with her is upto them, else they can spoil it like they did it in last two seasons of Arrow.