Is Wally West The Flash season 3’s villain?

Is this even a possiblity? Well as much we have seen in past 2 seasons of Barry Allen screwing up with the timeline, anything is possible. It is a well known fact that Wally West is supposed to get his super powers. It might take few episodes but it is right around the corner. In this post I will talk about how Wally West will get his power and how he is going to turn a rogue one.

On the pilot episode of season 3 we saw an alternate timeline in which Barry’s parents were alive, he wasn’t the celebrated flash but Wally West in his dazzling yellow suit was the Flash or The Kid Flash, as Iris and others used to call him. This implies that in a Barry screwed timeline Wally has superpowers. Which he utilizes fighting against The Rival.


When Barry once again screws up the timeline in getting back on his original timeline, he changes few things. Wally is no more the Flash. Later, it is discovered that Jesse Wells, daughter of alternate timelines Harrison Wells is a speedster. She and Wally were together hit by particle accelerator explosion in the previous season. Jesse turning into a speedster triggered hopes in Wally for being one too. He recklessly came in front of a speeding car to get his power but failed in his attempts.


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How will Wally West get back his power?

To answer this we must bring into picture Dr. Alchemy. An unknown antagonist who has power to make people from this timeline realise their metahuman powers which they had on the previous timeline which Barry screw up. He resurrected The Rivals power in second episode and in third evoked that of Magneta.

Now 2 things can happen to Wally to get his power back.


First being Dr. Alchemy contacting Wally West and making him realise he had power in the previous timeline. Which he can get back if he is willing to fight against The Flash. Why will he fight against Flash? Because Barry knew Wally had super power in previous timeline and still didn’t help him out in getting them. This card can easily be used by Dr. Alchemy against the Flash.

Secondly, in later episode Wally finds out from Barry that he had power in previous timeline and knowing that Dr. Alchemy can bring him his power he might himself contact him. Now, there is a possiblity that this might already have happened. Remember one of the last scene in which Wally states to Detective Joe and Barry that “he is okay”? From being impatient to suddenly being okay sounds suspicious.

If Dr. Alchemy turns out to be the source of Wally’s power than it is quite sure that we might get to see atleast one The Flash Vs The Kid Flash fight. Anyone rooting for it?