Ranking best DC show this week – Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow

Starting from Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of tomorrow. Where do these four episodes stand this week? First let’s take a quick recap of what happened on these shows. (RANKING IN THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST).

SUPERGIRL : S02E02 – The last children of Krypton


Melissa Benoist starrer Supergirl is right now going places. Not only she went live on CW but also the show’s rating are drastically improving. Supergirl can thank her cousin Kal-El aka Superman for this. The episodes saw both the cousins fighting against crime all together and also things improving amongst Martian Manhunter and the Superman. The episode also saw kryptonite powered villain Metallo attacking National city. With the help of gadget created by Supergirls very own Cisco, Winn Schott and help from Alex and Manhunter, the Kryptonian duo were able to save the city.

Viewers were lured by Superman to watch these two episodes and the show bosses didn’t disappoint. Now the fans want Tyler Hoechlin starrer Superman, a spin-off of Supergirl. Which according to me isn’t a good idea. DC should right now focus on making existing series even better. And as news are coming about another TV series on the home planet of Superman, Krypton. Superman is most likely not to get a spin-off anytime soon.

Rating the episode, Out of the two aired episodes this season, both have managed to grab eyeballs. With one of the all time strong rating of 8.7 on IMDb the show is moving in the right direction. The show is now getting better but so far only 2 episodes aired it is hard to predict Supergirl might have a smooth season all together.

The Flash : S03E03 – Magneta


To quote Jannis from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “Oh My GAAAAWWWD”. This episode again kind of had similar build up like Supergirl. barry’s date with Iris was going nowhere. It was all dull and both were not able to connect and with duty calls coming in their way the romance couldn’t flourish. Episode also had an antagonist Magneta with split personality and power to move metallic bodies uniformly. Though the good I’m her didn’t let the evil last and things were back to normal.

Out of all the slobbish storyline the best part was, knowing Jesse Wells does have superpower and somehow she can run as fast as Barry does despite being a novice. Jesse getting powers and Wally still being powerless made him uncomfortable. But later he was okay with it. Sneaky? Well according to one of my earlier fan theory, there are chances that Wally is seeing Dr. Alchemy to get his power.

Rating the episode, Despite bringing more speedsters and return of fan favourite Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells the show doesn’t seem to go well. One of the major reason being season 1 of the Flash was way to awesome and this is hurting the show now when they are not able to pick it up. Everything looks kind of repeated maybe because of Barry screwing up the timeline all the time (Pun intended). Episode managed an IMDb rating of 8.5 which is good but lowest of the season so far. Show also saw downfall in viewers despite Then CW launching new free apps to watch the show. But again a long way to go and the show can still turn around it’s course and be more awesome instead.

ARROW : S05E03 – A matter of trust

Arrow -- "The Recruits" -- Image AR502a_0137b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R):  Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and Rick Gonzales as Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

With Arrow losing control of it’s viewer after the massacre of season 3 and 4, this episode has somehow managed to bring back the darkness of season 2. This is giving us hope. Episode saw Oliver being once again trapped in his team management skills as Mayor of the city and also as The Green Arrow. With his team members doing taking their own calls Oliver was left to handle media and his WWE arch rival Stardust. I was kind of disappointed with the end of Stardust. With his abilities and determination to make a team of superhumans, episode made me nostalgic and all I could remember was Slade’s army from season 2. But soon Oliver gained trust of his team and was able come clean in media and able to beat Derek Sampson aka stardust again. With fans being in delimma about the death and survival of Deathstroke it was quite fun to watch him back on screen. As Diggle is jailed for falony against nation, Lyla meets Oliver asking hi for a jail break. Yes, Arrow is going in the right way.

Rating the episode, one of the best in past 2 years. Arrow is getting gritty and dark. Despite poor viewership, thanks to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential debate it can be expected from the show to do well with all these awesome buildups. But again this is Arrow, keep your fingers crossed. IMDb rating 8.7. Good job team Arrow.

Legend’s of Tomorrow : S02E02 – The justice Society of America



With one of the best concept amongst all the TV shows Legend’s of tomorrow wasn’t able to manage season one that well. Most of the time episodes in season 1 were “What the hell is this”. But season two saw new light. With S02E01 being one of my favourite, Episode 2 didn’t disappoint as well. Legends of tomorrow manages to keep one sit on the edge of the seat. With less on talking like Arrow and Flash, Legends is action packed with lots of history making and breaking.

This weeks episode also saw the infamous Justice Society of America. JSA managed to bring more excitement in the show but at the same time maybe due to low on CGA budget, didn’t utilize all the potential of it’s characters. Dr. Mid-Nite could have been used more and better. Family love was strong in this episode thanks to historian Nate Haywood and his grandfather JSA’s Commander steel.

episode also has The Flash’s all time villain Eodbard Thawne aka Reverse Flash working for the Nazis. Episode ended with the death of Rex Taylor from the shaking hands of Reverse Flash which might effect Legend’s coming to 1942. Well all this time traveling stuff is mind boggling and it confuses everyone when we watch any of Legend’s of tomorrows episodes.

Rating the episode, the episode wasn’t that good as it was last week. But again wasn’t as poorly crafted as the last season of the show. With IMDb rating indication 8.6 which will gradually fall to 8.2 soon (prediction) the show needs to up it’s game and keep it the same way. The present plot is good, characters are good, timeline mashup makes people think hard, just the storyline and connecting dots amongst the story needs to be better.


Well, all the 4 shows showing positive signs this season, I will flag them all green. Ranking the episodes (based on viewers response, critics and ratings)


Keep watching this space when I will come back next week this episodes review and ratings. Till then comment below what did you think about this weeks episodes.