Rating this week’s DC CW shows – Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, LoT (Oct 30- NOV 5)

All the episodes of this week’s DC CW shows are out and this has been an emotional roller coaster ride for all the viewers. This season Arrow is getting more and more grittier and dark. Which of course everyone is loving. The most surprising thing this week was how Legend’s of Tomorrow turned deep and became calamitous. So here is a shot review of all your favourite DC CW shows from this week (Oct 30- NOV 5).


SUPERGIRL S02E04 – Survivors


Oh boy! We saw White Martian, and not to forget a small fight between Mr. Martian and Ms. Martian. You can thank Veronica Sinclair / Roulette for this. The Cobra tattooed villain finally showed up on the Supergirl who runs an underground Alien fightclub. The episode had a sad touch when Alex came to know that Maggie has a girlfriend. Well, we hope they both get together soon.

The episode was fine, could have been better. Lacked the touch it had in the pilot of this season. We rate Supergirl S02E04 8.2/10.


THE FLASH S03E05 – Monster

The episode begins with Caitlin Snow meeting her mother to cure herself from turning into Killer Frost. Which kind of ends messed up. Episode saw Barry Allen bonding with The Flash’s Draco Malfoy aka Julien Albert and it kind of looks things are good amongst them until he finds out Barry is the Flash.

Week point of this episode was the antagonist. There was no villain at all. No Alchemy, just a 15 year old boy running a CGI creature in few blocks. A let down. We rate The Flash S03E05 8.4


ARROW S05E05 – Human Target


THE BEST OF THIS SEASON!!! Oliver dies and comes back. Thanks to Human target. It was cool to find out that Human Target aka Christopher Chance had saved Oliver from goons even when he was in Russia. A villain for 5 episode, Church dies in this episode thanks to Prometheus. We thought Prometheus was more like bro to Oliver, Brometheus. But when we came to know who he really was , the show went dark. With Diggle back in action and Star City falling into new threat, this season of Arrow is having the spirit of Season 2. It should only get better from here. We rate ARROW S05E05 9.2/10


LEGEND’S OF TOMORROW S02E03 – Abominations


The Legends find themselves fighting for survival against Confederate zombies in the Civil War. With their being slavery existent, Richardson finds it hard to let things be how they were. The show managed to showcase the ugly part of human history delicately. This episode was not at all like other Legends of tomorrow. This was valiant. With Mick turning into a Zombie, Ray Palmer and Dr. Stein found themselves finding him. The purpose was to save him not to kill him which they did very well. As a reward for saving his life, Mick gave Ray his bestfriends toy, the Cold Gun. This gun will somehow keep Ray into the right mindset that he too is part of the team unless he figures out how to get his suit back.
This show is getting better every week and is slowly yet diligently climbing up the ratings. We rate LEGEND’S OF TOMORROW S02E03 8.9
Keep watching the Arrowverse and let us know below which was your favourite episode this week.