A Change: Is Inevitable

Life has been different for all the generations from ages. When many enjoyed the greatest days of the 90’s the youngsters compromise saying we are in a more digital world. When our ancestors had to fight against foreigners to free ourselves, we are in a writ to fight against the criminals who are born in our own soil and those are the ones who are creating ruckus in the society. In short a few decades back we were troubled by foreigners and now by our own countrymen

The society has now taken a wilder turn that a man who is good by heart and who will wish for someone’s well being will face more problems than anyone else. Women cannot walk out of their homes with any guarantee of she returning back home safely. In every state cases of rape are taking place every year which gets great nation wide attention by the media. To this many human rights association takes up the issues, candle light marches and many marches follows the same for another couple of months and what happens no one cares about the issue thereafter. Finally the kin of the victim who live in awe for another few years and then everything gets back to normalcy. We are now surrounded by people who wants the society to run according to what they feel. If anyone stands out will be crushed down. Common people like you and me cannot do anything about the same but we are the ones who may come in power in the coming years and if we behold our thoughts at the highest level a change is inevitable. We are now surrounded by a set of agents who tend of reinforce certain rules upon us. In the process all the human rights, all the laws and everything gets exploited but  goes unseen because these agents sound both politically as well as economically better than we conman man. We don’t want marches were common man’s life is getting disrupted, we don’t want times when people cannot walk out of their homes safely. We want the days when our children can play around houses without fear. But for the same all we need is unity amongst ourselves and honesty in our deeds. Finally everything will pay off according to our actions. In an attempt to introduce this topic in the society all I got was a Luke warm response. Only one out of  the thirty people came ahead to speak and the remaining enjoyed the silence of peace. Many had thoughts of me going insane but this topic is of national interest for we are the ones who will run this country once. If all we would gain pleasures are from dishonest and treachery what is left in life is nothing. We need Gods to take avatars and give us wake up calls like Maharshi Valmiki had got to understand the aim of our life. Truly not to write another Ramayana but to be great human beings.

Finding The Perfect Balance

Graduating out from great colleges and universities with the highest degree of honour adorning our shoulders we walk out with no clue of how truly we can tackle all the corruptions and inequalities and change life for a better tomorrow. No colleges teach lessons on being good human beings but schools did but at an immature stage when everything went with a for bye. We never think we are born with an aim in our life nor does our consciousness go beyond our family. The selfishness to be lone better and happy is the main cause. Its never safe to stay under the roof until the storm hits you. If you can build a mansion before the storm triggers by you will stay safe.

All this came by in my mind for a human mind got troubled by the actions of this world. This just doesn’t imply to a nation but also to all world nations globally. Mean while we must never forget the efforts taken by great human beings to bring about a change in the society, their efforts will pay off one day. There are many in this world working for humanity and mankind; lets respect them all. Finally my aim was just to make you people think about things which we can change. Ever in your life if you can make this world a better place please do see you try for it.



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