Hindu Gods in DC comics! #1 (Rama, Kali, Hanuman)

(This is the first edition of Hindu Gods in DC world)

Pretty excited to see something Indian in DC comics? Well here are Hindu Gods who made into DC Comics. Some did it amazingly well where as some… NAMASTEY!

1. Lord Rama



Wonder Woman #148 series 2, (September 1999)
created by Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette.

Powers and abilities :

  • Superhuman strength
  • Immortality
  • power of flight
  • wields a sword and the bow of Vayu
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • shoots flaming arrows
  • When in danger – Able to enter a Berserker rage that heals all his wounds, cures all toxins, at the expense of him destroying his surroundings and killing any nearby humans.
  • While berserk, removes crown to expose his third eye and grows two extra arms (taking on the superficial features of Kali).

Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. Born a prince on Earth in ancient times,Although the power of Vishnu flows through Rama, something which his blue skin tone suggests.


hindu God Rama got a new mythological story when he was teamed up with Wonder woman after Cronus, a Titan of Myth ransacked olympus and attempted to destroy the Hindu Gods. The Hecatonchire known as Oblivio trapped Wonder Woman and Rama in a dream relm where these two were married.

The false memories were later shattered by Diana after she defeated Oblivion but Rama remained infatuated.
Affection between Rama and Wonder Woman was evident, but nothing more could happen the character of Rama was not further used.


So in short Rama helped Wonder Woman thwart the mad Titan Cronus’ scheme to become the master of all creation.

Character of Rama was left after he went hysterical and to fight against Human mutated arachnoid bt Doctor Poison’s Pandora virus.




Other references :
Judomaster’s former sidekick, Tiger, when turned evil, claims to be using Rama’s axe in his guise as the Avatar, but the truth of this has yet to be substantiated.
We would love to see Rama back in action in DC comics but this time for a longer duration!

THAT’S all for now Folks! we will come up with other Hindu God refernces from the DC WORLD!
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