When Sachin’s future was predicted by 14 year old Rahul Dravid

Let me tell you an interesting incident that I read about in the biography on Rahul Dravid written by Vedam Jaishankar.

  • Rahul Dravid was selected to represent South Zone in the inter-zonal under-14 competitionsto be held at Nagpur. During those times, Rahul Dravid and Fazal Khaleel were the best of friends and were almost always room-mates during these tournaments. The tournament had started and quite a few matches were over. Both Rahul Dravid and Fazal Khaleel were having a pretty good tournament.
  • Those times, players from all the zones lived in the same hotel and were told to stand in a queue to get their evening snacks and dinner. One evening, after all the matches were finished for the day, all the players were standing in line to get a taste of Nagpur’s famous orange juice.
  • Obviously, Dravid and Fazal were standing together and were discussing the proceedings of the day. Dravid had scored a century on that same day and Fazal too had a good match. They were also discussing about the events of other matches and what was going on at other venues.
  • There was a buzz in the line and every kid was talking about what their individual performances. That’s when Rahul Dravid pointed at a weird looking long haired boy standing quite a few feet ahead of them.

Fazal and Dravid were talking too!

Dravid: Fazal, that short, weird looking, long haired boy who is standing there, he will play for India within the next two years.

Fazal: (in disbelief) What? Are you joking? How did you come to that conclusion?

Dravid: He is representing West Zone. Just yesterday, he scored a brilliant 200 against East Zone. 

Fazal: (dismissive tone) Both me and you have scored 100s more than once in the tournament and so have many others. A 200 here does not mean one is fit to play for India. That too in the next two years. 

Dravid: Just  wait and watch, Fazal. 

Fazal: OK, let’s wait and watch.
Two years later, Dravid and Fazal Khaleel were playing for Karnataka under-16 and were on a tour, when the Indian team for the Pakistan tour was announced.

  • They were watching TV in the hotel lobby. The selection of a small boy to the team had created some media hype and the news was about that small boy. Dravid and Fazal then looked in astonishment at each other.
  • Dravid became really excited and told Fazal “Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you?”Fazal could not believe his eyes. That short weird looking long-haired boy that Dravid had pointed to in that Nagpur hotel 2 years ago had made it to the Indian National Cricket Team and within 2 years.

That short, weird looking, long haired boy, incidentally, was SACHIN TENDULKAR.
The first time you read it, you get GOOSEBUMPS! 


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