No, there is no chip in Rs. 2000 note, says RBI

After PM Modi announced about fresh new Rs. 2000 note and ban on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 country went Gaga over his decision. But it also brought several rumours citing   a chip in Rs. 2000 note. This news went viral on social media and messenger apps. Which now turns out to be a rumour, confirms RBI.


The Rs. 2,000 notes that will enter into circulation from November 10, 2016 will not have any electronic chip, the Reserve Bank of India clarified on Wednesday.

“The only security features of the Rs. 2,000 note are the ones we have mentioned in our releases regarding the note,” an official in the Reserve Bank of India told The Hindu. “The release is also on our Twitter account and it does not mention any chip.”

The rumour of the inclusion of a tracking chip in the notes went viral on social media and WhatsApp hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation plan.

The security features of the Rs. 2,000 notes include latent images, coloured strip security threads, watermarks and several other features.

 We hope, if this was true, would have been  even more legendary.


Mukul Pathak

Mukul Pathak

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