How Parting Off Causes Awe

Life is a game full of challenges many say. Many say life is full of complexity. I couldn’t truly figure out what life is full off. Recently I knew how sorrow stricken one would be when it comes to parting off. The fear of parting off is eventually the greatest pain but with time we all must move ahead in life is a bitter truth that contradicts everything.


During the last days of schooling no one feels how it would be on the day of farewell but the day farewell is we all are moved by the way life parts us off after bringing everyone together for a decade. The farewell days stays alive forever. Fighting all years and living together through different stages of life, when it comes to say good bye we all have the same emotions running through our hearts. Smiling at each other with a disguised look we worry for no reason even when we part off. Just with the hopes of meeting again someday but unknowing  where, when and how.


The time I was most troubled was at the time of my sister’s wedding the time she bayed good bye and was to move out with her in-laws, my heart kept pouring heavily. All memories flooded in to my heart of how we had spent all life together and even the days before marriage. Times when we couldn’t keep away from teasing each other and everything and everything came in to my mind. I saw tears in almost everyone’s eyes some hiding them some unable to. For even my sis had to yell a thousand words but had to resort herself to her tears which said much more than what she would have wished to have told if she would have yelled then. Things further went wrong when all we cousins departed back to our daily schedules and routines. Life had bought us together for a few days gave us all Joy for an entire lifetime and again parted us all away and gave pain for an entire life.

Parting off- Good bye!

The greatest of pain are those with whom we just short-lived some moments. While travelling we don’t just get across the globe but also get along with people of same and different tastes. Making friends sharing experiences we get the life’s greatest feeling of having the world’s best people around. With moments not lasting more than two or three days; everything ends just when our journey along the way ends. The awe of parting off is laid off with hugs and smiles. With hopes of meeting again in one another journey somewhere someday we move on in life. Now a days Technology keeps everyone so close but it wasn’t the same about 10 years back. The only way we could stay connected was through some address over which letters could be sent, Which was never permanent for migratory birds like us. The hopes of meeting again and the memories of the moments shared together are the only joy that remains all life and over which we seldom smile with memories pouring down.

Even while leaving an organization after working for it for years, we are bound to miss the everyday hectic schedules and deadline we faced at our office cabins once. The lunch time gossips and the evening tea all will never be back hurts more than anything in life. The same happens when death of ones near and dear ones happens. We cannot withstand the pain the sorrow gives us. It is the same when someone even goes away far for years, when friends leave states after their education and go in trace of jobs. Everyone moves in Omni direction what stays back are the memories of having lived together some beautiful moments that we will cherish all life.

Now that’s what many shrug off with a smile. That’s reality we know it too. All we wish is to have a life with everyone close by which is but again a contradiction to life. No stays by is very true. Every time  everyday trying to figure out ways to have a better life. We forget many things in life . Only when the memories come flooding the nostalgia we create stays by for some moments. Thereafter everything gets back to normalcy. That was a short journey through life.


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