I Wish I had Never Grown Up

As I opened my eyes and for the first time cried,

Delicately in my mom’s arms I lied.

My existence came into place.

Happiness could be seen on my family’s face.

Years jumped by and rolled.

From a baby into a young kid did my nature fold.

Innocence poured out from each word i uttered.

The joy of childhood mischief, on the top always fluttered.

Life I took as it came per day.

Who was bothered as I managed to keep tension away.

As a young girl I grew up and there came a twist,

Life got restricted into a hand fist.

Boundaries were laid at every step taken,


For every action , why was i mistaken?

The more I got to know the world around me.

Like hungry hounds, they killed my mind’s purity.

My goodness forcefully they snatched away.

Blunting me that it doesn’t exist in today’s day.

I was forced to pick the harsh world’s policy,

Truth; Commitment; Trust and Kindness seemed to be deleted from their dictionary.

My heart lost the battle against my mind,

And genuinely nice friends became rare to find.

To a person had I never harmed.

Until it seemed to be my foolishness, I got alarmed.

I am not that bad as much they always pointed out.

Circumstances made me one and the future is still a doubt.

Deep inside lies the real ‘me’,

I wish the bounds surrounding it, could someone please break free?

At the end of the day, I am occupied with guilt,

And my conscience stands on ground unstable like silt.

What have I let myself to be?

The world that attracts outwardly, in reality has a different story.

I feel like running away somewhere.

The world’s unpredictable commands are difficult to bear.

I starve to go back and relieve my childhood’s each day.

Where to laugh and smile , I didn’t have to pay.

And again could I have a perfect sound sleep listening to mama’s song ;

I wish that my childhood would have stretched long.

God! Please give my peace and happines back to me;

Because today I suffocate living as a person that the world has made me to be.

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