Weather report in Hyderabadi


We all know how a Hyderabadi slang sounds. It is fun and blissful to here and we all got this share of knowledge from our friends or from movies like “Well done abba”.

We have brought for you an epic Weather report in Hyderabadi. The expert reviews by this local news channel reporters in Hyderabadai  are gonna crack you up!


Hyderabad is know a part of Telangana state and Hyderabadi Biryani is what we all love! This makes no sense though I am typing…I should stop now..

(This video is from the local channel REAL TELANGANA and this thing is funny! )


Mukul Pathak

Mukul Pathak

Witty, Sarcastic, ComicaFAN, Innovative, Maniac. Co-founder, Pikapost Twitter - @iamMukulP Instagram - mukulified

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