Dragon Ball Super Mortal Level Explained!

Dragon Ball Super episode 80 aired on February 26, 2017 brought up a new concept. The concept of Mortal Level for the Universe Survival arc. The 12 universes are evaluated and ranked in accordance to their respective mortal level.

ZenOh Sama evaluating and ranking the universe

Daishinkai Sama mentions that low mortal level is not good for any universe. According to him Universe 1,12,5 and 8 are the ones having mortal level above 7, which is acceptable.


Calculating the Mortal Level

There was no clear explanation about how ZenOh sama evaluated the mortal level for each universe. Daishinkai Sama also mentions “The average level of the mortal inhabited stars of universe 7 is 3.18.”  This justifies that mortal level might be some average of the mortal actually living on the stars and not just any living creatures around the universe. This might eliminate creatures like Kid Buu who din’t actually live on any planet/star in our universe.

Universe 7’s mortal rank














Beerus is angry at Supreme Kai and states “…its pointless unless mortals develop their planets level on their own.” Considering this it is safe to assume that Supreme Kai of every universe is not only responsible for the creation of the universe but also the development of those mortals.

Beerus blaming Supreme Kai

Also it is safe to assume that the Mortal Level is attached to planets/stars of the universe and not directly to any living organism in that universe. Both Daishinkai sama and Beerus mention in their respective statements about level of the planets the mortals are living on.

Daishinkai sama also mentions that those universe having mortal level above 7 are exempt from entering. This means that the Tournament of Power might have only 8 universes participating out of the 12. Although I am certain that certain turn of events might cause the remaining 4 to compete as well.

Universe 1,12,5,8 exempt form entering.



I think this whole mortal level concept is actually quite interesting. This concept clarifies the reason behind the destruction of the losing universe. The excitement for this Tournament of Power builds up further the declaration that it is the sole chance to save you own universe.

The Universes having low mortal level were anyway planned to be destroyed. This tournament of power will provide a lifeline to the winning tournament. Also, there is nothing mentioned about the twin universe of the winning universe as they are existing in pairs. This might give new twists to the whole plot.

Calculations of mortal level and the involvement of remaining universes might be explained in the further episodes. So stay tuned.


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