What Kind Of A Friend Are You?

If you have started experiencing life, you will notice one thing about it. No one can be totally self reliant on this planet. While even the trees and flowers need to be watered. All those people who take up the role of helping you in your life have different names. Those on whom you relied the most are called as friends.

Riding on an epitome that love conquers everything. We were taught that everything on which love casts its shadow turns from a stone to a flower. Centuries have passed since we are celebrating this greatest quality of mankind i.e. ‘LOVE’. With new versions and celebrations of the same coming up every year. It was not just the celebrations but also the meaning that people gave to this quality that has changed over time.

From best friends to just friends the gap was like that from the earth to the sun. Friends are the ones who stand by you during your difficult times, this was something read and believed once. The current scenario says anyone who supports by you even when you are wrong will be a very good friend. The helping or not helping or the selfless nature doesn’t stay by much. The categories that are well versed and that stay around in our society are as below.


Best friends

On my talk with people in and around, the count of best friends can vary from one to ‘N’ numbers. This depends majorly on the person. There are also many who don’t have any. Still they are happy and contempt. The method of choosing best friends have got certain rules. Even you must have certain qualifications to designate the same position . Being best friends gives a license to troll around, mock in whatever way you like with your bestie. But being mocked by saying, “See there goes your bestie! ” is a way altogether different term.


Good Friends

Good in the sense they share a common factor of interest. At times it can extend from reading, writing, trekking to deep sea studies. These friends are the most required ones since they are very handy and their presence gives a lot of pleasure and happiness. These friends may be met just seldom but still they stay good.

Childhood Friends


As so went the list, came the criteria of friends. Anyone not so close, not so known, not even met can be friends. While the E-messengers serve the task when people become friends even without meeting. Thanks to Facebook, WhatsApp and all messaging apps. Making friends would have been so difficult without them. Friends have got no major bonds in certain, they are there until they want to stay around.

School Friends

Just friends

On a very happy note I would love to mention, the just friend criteria has eradicated the status of an enemy from the society. For the time has come anyone towards whom you have dislike are just friends. When being just friends you can stroll around by. When it comes to references we have seen mostly the use of ‘We Are Just Friends’.


A Friend and friendship are two words which adores its meanings according to circumstances. Changing life patterns must have given them the prestige to have this quality. We have lost the honest nature of ours somewhere while being transformed from realistic to digital life. Whatsoever it may be said, it will always be shrugged off with a smile ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’


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