Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power Rules Revealed!

Dragon ball super episode 81 aired on 5th march 2017 disclosed the rules for tournament of power. The most awaited aspects for the current arc were the restrictions and rules. Confirmation of these rules happened after the conclusion of the Zen Exhibition Matches.

The Rules for Tournament of Power.

  • The Stage will be built in the World of Void.
  • To win, one must knock the opponent off the fighting stage.
  • If your opponent collapses on the fighting stage, drop them out of the fighting stage.
  • Weapons other than techniques should not be used.
  • One cannot kill its opponent.
  • Flying skill are nullified in the world of void.
  • The time limit will be 100 taks.
  • It would only be one Single match.


Rules to WIN the Tournament Of Power.

  • At the end of time limit the team having the most members left on the stage wins.
  • Also with time left and only one warrior in the stage, that warrior’s team wins.


Basics remain the same

A clear picture can hereby be viewed for the tournament of power. With the rules set a clear understanding of the matches can also be made. The basic rule to win is the standard Budokai rule which is to put your opponent out of the ring.

The very second rule of the Budokai championship is modified by a bit. Here when an opponent is unable to battle and collapses on the battling stage, dropping them out of the stage is necessary. Now this is interesting since if someone just collapses out of exhaustion and luckily no one send them out of the stage, they are still in battle. Consider the end of time limit and as the winning criteria and the rules suggests, this unconscious member might count as the one still on stage and in the fight.

Newly added rules

Also the use of weapons like sword and guns is restricted. This clearly restricts the usage of the secret needle Frost used against Piccolo, Goku and Vegeta. So as per the rules, only martial art techniques will be allowed.

One important factor is the nullification of flying ability. Now we know that Dragon Ball is all about energy blast techniques, wish granting dragons, awesome fights and flying. Videl also learns how to fly from Gohan. In fact for the Z-fighters flying is a pretty normal thing. Now this ability is nullified in the the world of void. This might bring about major turn of events.

Tournament of power shocker

The biggest shocker comes when Daishinkai sama mentions about the time limit for the tournament of power. He mentions that the match will go on for 100 taks. Whis interprets that 100 taks will be about 48 minutes according to earths time. Whis hereby says that it might take a really long time to complete all the matches.Now Daishinkai sama fires another shocker — there will be only a single match.

Yes! All the participating fighters from the 8 universe will be on one single ring pitted against each other. Our assumption in the previous article about only 8 participating universe was justified when Supreme Kai mentions “Eighty warriors from eight universes in a battle royal.”

At this point Daishinkai sama looks really creepy and says that there would be one big stage! Now that the rules are revealed and all the criteria are specified, the tournament of power is all set to blow the viewers minds.

Come to think of it, we might just witness another incidence of 48 minutes consuming roughly 15-20 episodes for the series. With this we can refer to the Frieza saga where he was about to destroy Planet Namek in 5 minutes which roughly took almost 12 episodes of that saga.

Winning Strategy

The simplest way to win is throw your opponent out of the ring. Yes, just throw them out. Since ability to fly is nullified once out of the ring there would remain no chance for the fighter to come back to the fighting stage in this tournament of power. But this needs to be done before time runs out.

Another way is to fight till the end of time limit and have maximum fighters from your team on the fighting stage. Simple as that. But the fights will be the best part.

Effects of these rules

This rules and regulations are new and somewhat shocking for all the Gods. Since almost all the other universes have never had any martial arts competition, this rules might not be a big deal for their fighters. Although for Universe 7 things might be a little tricky since we have fighters like Vegeta, Majin Buu, Android 17. These guys have a sort of weird nature.

Gohan rightly concluded “Power alone won’t be enough to win this. Tactics will be an important point.”


There is still no clear idea of what would happen to the twin of the winning universe. The rules are clearly specific and designed by Daishinkai, there would be not blind spots in them. Although things wont be going this straight. Surely some of the warriors might have a difference in opinion. Secondly, it would be interesting to see how different warriors will interpret the rules to get the best of them to help their universe survive.

Goku hereby is really not concerned about the destruction of the remaining universes. Is this just his plan so with Zen Oh sama and Daishinkai sama so that other warriors would fight to their fullest? This could be possible since we are talking about a guy who once hired the greatest assassin in Universe 6 to kill himself just to fight with one of the strongest beings he knows.

Next Episode brings up the battle between Goku and Toppo! With every episode the tournament of power is closing by and there are many more revelations to come. Many interesting characters and many interesting fights.

Behold fanboys and fangirls, dbs is bringing a really big arc and taking it slow paced with some new intellect in every episode gives this arc a really good grip. Stay tuned!

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